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most shampoos have anti-mites meds, good to build drug resistence by michellekansas ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   12/2/2011 12:56:45 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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many have a lower dose of elimite ingredients, that's usually used for lice. We're using it everyday. As long as you stop to use that brand, you grow mange, and can not be cured by med. Many use essential oils, guess they feed on them, grow with them ,how can you kill with them!The survived ones are superbugs, can not be defeated!
I know exactly what you need to do, since worked on me, I=My head never itchs any more, just a few spot when I have mange, my neck, the most vonerable one, now is intack. I did not treat my lower part after shower, so any where away from hair now suffers. I treat my lower hair also, no wonder this time, I only have for arm, and lower leg mange.
I intend to apply for a patent for my findings, If I get money, money goes to, my favorate, and other web-sites, and all people who have given me ideas. And the money will be paid to peeople who reserches like you.So we could be better supported. That's why I'm not disclosing here. You'll do just fine with all the infos I gave you already.You'll not suffer too much and too long any more, and you'll learn how to not get it at all.
We're fighters, and I love you for that. If I ever helped you, let me know by any means, so we could do this better! bigger, benefit more people. I don't mind live in a small place, eat normal stuff I made myself, which supposed to be healthier, but if you don't know it, you're eating poison while you're eating the good stuff, all things have good and bad with it.
Time for my skin aloe, and ACV for my private. I feel itch.

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