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mY 12 YEAR RESERCH REPORT--human mange, not scabies, each American should read by michellekansas ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   12/2/2011 11:50:58 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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human has mange, when they're allergic to anything, that their skin opens up to mange mites, or dosomething to wake up huge amounts of sleeping mites in the body.
I took some estradiol ---women steroid, then I was attached again. And many times my method are working, then one little mistake, I awoke more of them, or They flourish like crazy. I'm having it right now. I've got it, and did not know it's it, because it has all kinds of symptoms. I made one mistake, that made my skin ph change, or dry then grow like crazy.
regular scabies are easy to treat.
The most important is when you do anything working, try to keep the skin moist, and not harmed, no scratch, only gently rub , masage is good.
use enzymes to disolve their reproducing ability.enzymes are also for your body. If you suffer too too much, using 2% baking soda soak, after 15 minutes or so, add live venigar to raise it's PH to around 4.5(around 2% or 3% venigar too) the water will bubble like crazy, you will feel hot, and the itch goes away with the heat it produce, you'll have some time of sleep, depending how much mites you have, the more you have , the faster they re-produce.during the day, they re-produce not as fast as night. They basically sleep, unless you have too much of you don't feel intense itch.If you feel a little uneasy, it's the beginning of reproducing. During the day, you should moistralize the skin with aloe juices, very often, a little before you itch.If you itch every 3 hours, apply aloe and acv alternatively every 2 hours. use anything that restore your skin healthy and moist. You'll feel more itch when you're moist, but it's the best for oyu to have ability to keep on fighting.
About years ago I took elimite cream , ivermectin from doctors, and it worked, and the cream worked,not ivermectin that make me unable to bear children. The cream worked is becasue I took baking soda bath, and then apply essential oil on myself, they moistralizer.BS works, but it destroys the better do anything to bring the ph back to very sour. dogs and babis have ph of 7, so easy to get it, adults get it because you have allergy to things in the air.
I made mistake, and I have to use baking soda to soad my vagina, so it bleeds, and swollen, venigar does not kill as fast, they reproduce fast. I did not sleep whole night. took 2 bs soak followed by regualr acv, then I add a little bit organic to have the enzyme., or I use a nozle to apply some in it, to save money. organic is expensive. I did one midnight, and one 7 am, , got my just now, apply organic acv on my skin, put small aloe meet in my vagina(apply juice in is also good, I'm in pain, even nozzle hurts me, so I just push aloe's so juicy, it does not hurt. wash the nozzle with organic acv to sanitize it.
I have itch down there, so I need to apply o-acv right now, can't, some aloe juice, since it's bleeding inside.I'd rather let them grow a bit more then let my skin be hurt more. too aggresive is not good, they dig deeper. Last time I put olive oil and acv on my whole body, then ran into my vagina, and make polyps in there as their home because they dig deep. on skin they form nodules under dead skin, so keep the skin untacked other than the bite spot. Their bite is way smaller than you tiny scratch to make a deeper home for them. I was born small, my skin thin as baby when my daughter is off to college.this year. teen hormones just made then grow more, so she has acnes, and she is using benzol peroxide, which harms the skin more than kill them, because t reproduction is way faster and deeper.
I figured out a immune system rebooster plan, I'll not disclose, since it's not provided in US, and I still have to practice on it, see if I could permanently avoid re-attack.
So far, take care of your self, my method will do you good, you'll not suffer so much and long any more.
many women have candida, and never get cured, because this mite live in ther, make wounds for candida to flourish!from scale of 0 to 4, my candida is 0.5, doctors never knew I have it. never figure out why I can't have sex after my period, pain and get sick after wards, now all clear. Women in all USA should know this,lots woen are under steroid /allergy meds that norish them, but you can't feel, becasue the skin grows too fast for you to feel, but if you ever stop! God can not help us!!!! many women end up taking anti depressants, because they're mentally crushed. I have broke down a few times!!!my family suffer from my break down. But I have a mission:
I have suffered, you'll not baby! the children of mine, the children of yours, yourself. wonder why some of us can not bear children, now you know why.
I got to run a little.I don't know if sweat will nourish them, but sweat is good for the skin to revive, I need more reserch on sweat, but as principle, if benefits is more, it's worth doing it. acv hurts when you have open sore, but have to, but I'll wait until I sweat, so aloe will be rubbed. I did 100 push ups with knee on the sofa, so the juice will go deeper, and I don't feel itch after that.But still I need to run to take care of myself. I need to stand no matter I succeed or failure hurts me so.
Because I love you, America,I love this land, I love the so kind people on it, and God loves me, I know.
Tears. Your love keeps me going under such hard times.And I feel for your pain and itch, and your love for children, your loved ones.

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