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Re: sharp head pains with albendazole! by steps ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   12/2/2011 10:28:05 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I have been on meds for a year and a half on and off.
I rarely see any flukes, pins gone, roundworms ..haven't seen any in a few weeks, now I see a few tape progs but very little.
something crawled up my neck a while back and these are the larger worms that made it to the head.
I am battling very large worms in my muscles..when I drink the peroxide it reveals the scary.
I have been taking alkav6 for 6 weeks and I firmly believe that it has assisted me beyond belief..the drugs for 12 days has finally worked very well for the colon.
I have something alive in the lower colon next weekend is the only free weekend to try the castor oil 100 ml ... to see if I can get that monster out and who knows what else.

I am switching back to nasal peroxide washes and will begin to drink some as well ..never made it to the month therapy as suggested..I think here i made a mistake by not following through with the peroxide protocol.
Peroxide does kill roundworms..I killed many using this..I am not listening to anyone anymore as far as scare tactics using is ozone therapy and very promsising as well as alkav6 for the immune system.
How do I know it works...I see my body transforming miracuously before my very own nails healed, may hands, my liver spots , and a strange raised wart looking thing on my chest is going down all with in 6 weeks of taking this alkav6.

The brain videos are very easy to find..too long to provide the links.

Type in brain sugery parasite cyst...then you will see you -tube videos and click on those..there are several..keep looking.
If you have time provide it for us..I must get busy. Will begin prazi on Monday again.
Keep taking the albendazole and try the nasal peroxide wash.

Take turmeric with the albendazole..yes it is in caps too or get it from Mountain Rose..wear gloves to make the caps..stains the fingers and nails if you don't.
Best herb there is on the planet besides myrrh and neem too.

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