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Re: update by moderator5A5 ..... Christianity (Biblical) Support

Date:   11/10/2011 7:28:01 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Dear Grace,

I can appreciate your great desire for spiritual growth and I rejoice with you that you are having breakthroughs in your faith.

However, I had asked you to explain to me what exactly it was that you found objectionable, and thus far you have never responded to me directly.

You may wonder who I am and what right I have to come asking you these questions, so perhaps I owe you an explanation myself.

Although hardly anyone ever hears from me anymore, I am never far away.   This forum is my baby. I have been with it since the very beginning and have seen it go through enormous periods of transformation.  Sometimes it has been a hotbed of grievances and dissent, and action had to be taken to keep it from becoming an outright debate forum.

Other times, it has gone through long periods of hibernation.  It had gone through perhaps the longest period of being dormant when Vektek, her husband and a little later Refreshed began posting in it once again. For almost 3 years they have used the forum to share music, videos, sermons, articles and other things that inspire and encourage their faith.  They kept this forum alive even though there have only been a small handful of other posters who swim in and out of the forum.  Overall, it has been peaceful here, and although there have been some disagreements, nothing that I, in my great love of freedom of speech, see as a reason to do away with.

A forum such as this can only be or beconme what its posters bring to the table.  Here is one place where it is easy to say "the difference begins with me", because it is a small enough world that any individual input is noteworhty.

I would imagine if someone thought that mere videos of songs and sermons or cut and paste from other sites is not enough to make personal connections, then they would start by reaching out and becoming the change they want to see.

At any rate, I am open to suggestions and if someone feels this forum can become something more than what it is, then so long as there is actually something that I can do about it, I'm willing to work with that.  But I need suggestions and people willing to commmit to implementing their vision.  --Er, did I say vision?--  Isn't that the thing that people perish if they haven't got?  But vison has to be shared in order for others to catch it and run with it.  Mere complaining about what a place doesn't have and walking out does not help to implement a vision, especially if the others involved have no idea of what that vision is.

A good leader, thinking of the way in which he/she can best serve God and fellow man, shares a vision that  benefits everyone, helps others to come in to it, and strives to be the catalyst that elevates and edifies himself as well as others.

Perhaps before leaving because of not finding what you were looking for, you can all share what would make this place a place of true ministry.  And just in case any of you reading this are not aware of it, this place, in my mind, is a ministry, and a responsibility before the Lord.  It is a separate island within Curezone, and if you don't see that, then it is perhaps because you don't know of the battles it took to secure this safe haven.   He has given us this open door, all the enemies who once accosted this forum relentlessly have disappeared.  They were made into a footstool for us that we may express our faith freely.

Now, what will you do with that?


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