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Re: I cured my body odor by thatdude ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/7/2011 2:57:12 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Atlanta, thanks for the quick repsonse

My previous symptoms:

I had a musty smell coming from my anus. This smell would soak into my clothes and make the smell worse. Some degree of smell was always present, but cheese, coffee, too much food would make it worse. Also the smell would increase when i had to produce a bowel movement and afterward as well. I've had problems with incomplete evacuation for some time now, and that made it worse.

I took western botanicals Colon Cleanse and colon detox for a while and that helped to a degree. Nothing comes close to our method, because the smell is now gone.

I don't get any reactions from people at all anymore. I used to always get reactions when i would drink coffee, eat alot of cheese, or take a larger dose of my prescription of adderall. Coffee still gives me leakiness, but there is no smell associated with it.

This method has me surely convinced that we had some type of infection in our sinuses. My guess is bacteria was harboring in our sinuses, and would be carried into our digestive system through our saliva. This bacterial saliva would attatch to any food we ate. The food would dictate the degree of smell based on how the bacterial saliva reacted to it.

Since a saline nasal flush with Grapefruit-Seed-Extract cured our symptoms, I believe we are not far off with our hypothesis on the cause of our smell.


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