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i need some help plz by #140147 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/5/2011 11:42:46 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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first off i suffer from bad Body Odor like everyone else on here..i've been told that it can smell like feces at times or compared to garbage,etc... something stink cuz flys,mosquito's and other bugs are drwan to me like "flys on shit"..but i really dont think that the smell is coming from my anus its coming from my pores all over,especially my chest,face & head area's,i mean fresh out of the shower i get on the train & its a 2 headed monster not only do i smell bad but i smell sooooo strong that it smacks pple in the face as soon as they get on the same subway car as me..
i've been to (gastroentologist,endocrinologist,etc)..i always thought for 2 years now that i had tmau cuz i've smelled bad since the onset of puberty like 11 years old but someone explained to me how rare that is and its ginetic so now theres a posiibnility it might be candida

i conducted a coconut oil deto recently for 3 days & unfortunately i did'nt get any relief from my b.o, but my problem is i have no other health issues execpt for very sensative skin that breaks out alot but besides that i appear to be very healthy except for this evil odor thats pumping out of my pores day & night....

so i ask you other sufferers what do you think i have ex:candida,tmau,bad liver,etc... what could this possibly be cuz im running out of possible causes for this thing..
if u can plz respond, thank you & god bless...

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