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Can I grow new teeth in my 50s??? by China49 ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   11/5/2011 4:43:28 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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OK this is a tough one....


Multitude of symptoms for 5 yrs...probably due to strongyloides. Tooth decay , constant cough, IBS, Rashes, etc.
have been on a parasite cleanse, liver cleanse for 1 yr now. After having a diagnosis of strongyloides from Trop dieseases hospital, I have had three lots of treatment for stongys.
6 months ago, I suddenly got severe pain in gum/bone above a root canal,Upper right 7, spread above neighboring tooth too, upper right 6. dentist gave me Antibiotics and put in peridents around UR7. 3 months later, pain still there in bone, but no tooth ache. developed a puss weeping sinus above UR6. Coninued to weep puss for 3 months even though I had multiple course of Antibiotics . Dentist unsure of course of infenction so he sent me to Peridontist! X-rayed and inspected and announced UR6 had to come out by surgical extraction. three weeks after extraction healing well but got a sharp protrusion on edge of gum. Surgeon inspected and said probably bone fragment in gun and it would gradually come out.
Accepted this but two weeks later it looks to me like I have a tooth growing thru. two points are visible and it just looks and feels like I am teething.
Now is this possible? I am 58 yrs old ! I have had both my baby tooth and adult molar. Can one grow another tooth? its very slow...making very little progress over a month..probably no more than 1-2 mm.
I know this is most unlikely, but it does not look or feel like a bone splinter.No pain now or infection, but I am still on Amoxcillin.....
is it possbile to grow a new tooth at my age?

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