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Re: Pregnancy by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   11/4/2011 6:17:26 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 As I've said in other posts, we hope to get pregnant in the next few months. I read something that concerned me. A study showed that some babies may suffer from mental retardation due to infections at birth, hypothyroid or metabolic syndromes, such as hypoglycemia. I have an internal staph infection that has not gone away with the pau d'arco, chap, andro mix (any other suggestions for the staph?),

Where exactly is this staph infection?  And how are they diagnosing it?

hypoglycemia (managing it with chromium 200 mcg 2x daily and magnesium malate, but still have symptoms)

Remember that there are different forms of hypoglycemia.  And the hydrocortisone can contribute.

and still have antibodies in the 1000 range causing hypothyroid (managing with Armour). I'm working on decreasing the antibodies and working on the adrenals but am on hydrocortisone still.

The hydrocortisone is probably contributing to this as well.

My goal is to be off both meds eventually, but will probably be on both during the pregnancy, as I'm 30 and don't want to wait too much longer. What are the risks given the above information. In what cases would you say cause mental retardation or other birth defects?

It is known that B6 deficiencies can cause neural tube defects.  And of course radiation and mutagens can also do this.  Then there are hereditary birth defects.  But as far as how things like hypothyroidism or other nutritional deficiencies go I have never seen any real strong evidence to these causing birth defects.

I'm also taking TMG to help with my absorbtion on minerals. The mineral absorbtion could also cause problems, right?

The biggest problem would be while pregnant and breast feeding as this can drain your own nutritional reserves.

How quickly does the TMG begin working, and can I continue that while pregnant?

TMG has numerous properties since there are over 4,000 methylation reactions in the body.  Many of the benefits start out right away, but as far as stomach acid this will take longer.  How fast though is dependent on other factors such as your zinc and B vitamin levels since these are also required for stomach acid formation.

Yes, it is safe during pregnancy.

I take glycine at night to sleep. Can this be continued during pregnancy?


What are your thoughts on somewhat quickly getting my body prepared for pregnancy given my health concerns?

I think you will solve most of the problems by getting of the hydrocortisone.  

Nettle leaf would also be good to support your adrenals, thyroid and to supply a lot of nutrition.  Alfalfa herb is also an excellent nutrient source, and both can be taken through the pregnancy.

Would your New Begginings help with PCOS?

I do recommend this.  

Can this be taken while pregnant or prior to trying for a few months to help with the hormone levels?

Not when pregnant, but prior to is OK.

I also have candida/stomach issues that I am trying to manage with kefir, flora garden, and L-glutamine. Can this all be taken while pregnant?

Yes, these are fine during pregnancy.

My holistic Dr. recommended loading up on nutritional supplement before and during. I know your view on over feeding the body synthetic vitamins so what would you suggest?

Natural sources of vitamins and minerals are much better than the synthetics.  Get most of your nutrition from diet, and the herbs such as nettle leaf and alfalfa herbs can be used supplementally.  Red raspberry leaf tea is also recommended throughout pregnancy for nutrition and to help prevent miscarriage and to ease birthing.


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