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follow da money: pharmaceutical companies support iodine!!!! by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   10/31/2011 10:19:53 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 I see this study:

is already being attacked by a poster on the iodine forum claiming "follow da money re: pharmaceutical companies support soy!!!!".

How stupid does this person think people are?  This person found ONE site reporting the study, the American Association for Cancer Research.  Since this one association is only REPORTING the study, but is backed by pharmaceutical companies they are claiming soy is backed by the pharmaceutical industry.  Then to make things even worse they also imply that the Natural Products Marketplace is also in bed with the pharmaceutical companies since they also reported on this study.  How ridiculous is this?!!!  So now anyone who reports on any study that is reported by anyone else linked to a pharmaceutical company means that they are all in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.  Give me a break!!!

Again this study was only reported during a symposium conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research.  The study WAS NOT conducted by them.  Here is a link to an abstract of the study that was conducted in China, not in the US.

Using the same ridiculous reasoning we can conclude that the pharmaceutical companies support iodine!!!!  Just look, the American Cancer Society mentions low iodine can increase thyroid cancer:

And look, the ACS is one of the top ten non-profit health organizations that receives funding by pharmaceutical companies:

"The top ten health-based charities (as ranked by revenue) that accept money from pharmaceutical companies include the American Cancer Society; the American Heart Association;"

So the poster was not only deliberately trying to mislead the readers of Curezone, but this poster also clearly showed a complete ignorance to the subject at hand.  The study discusses the phytoestrogens in soy that were reducing the risk of breast cancer.  The anti-cancer effects of phytoestrogens have been known for a very long time as they lock up the estrogen receptors preventing stronger estrogens, such as those produced by the body, found in meats and dairy, xenoestrogens, etc. from latching on to the receptors.  By blocking these receptors the phytoestrogens prevent these stronger, cancer-causing estrogens from latching on an having adverse effects on the body.  
And these phytoestrogens are not just found in soy.  They are found in ALL edible plants.  I have posted on this before:
So if the anti-soy proponents want to claim that soy causes breast cancer due to its phytoestrogens then they would have to apply this claim to all edible plants.  Especially flax seed, which is almost 4 times higher in phytoestrogens than soy.  And since animal proteins, including muscle meats and dairy, contain estrogens that are hundreds to hundreds of thousands of times stronger than phytoestrogens then these foods would also need to be avoided.  So they should stop eating all animals and plants if they want to avoid breast cancer according to their own misguided reasoning. 
This is a great example of why information on Curezone needs to be researched and verified rather than being blindly accepted.  There are just too many posters like the one who posted the ridiculous claim that the pharmaceutical company supports soy that post totally unfounded assumptions because they have an agenda, or simply don't know how to research the facts before posting their ludicrous claims.  As people research the real facts though they soon find out who cannot be relied on as a source of information since they post unfounded claims instead of real facts that are easily found with a little basic research.


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