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Re: Doctor Says Its Eczima, Not EC by #145078 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/22/2011 10:55:49 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Thank for the update. I have to agree that he's a quack and recommend not to use the Vaseline or Aquaphor. It will not cure you.

Because of the cyclic nature of this disease, your lips may have been good, bad or very bad during your consultation, leading to his assertion of I've seen worse. Also, the term "exfoliative cheiltis" is not an accepted scientific term (search every major peer-reviewed medical journal and you'll only get 7 results from the last 30 years, all of which were from researchers which low acclaim.)

I believe he's seen other lip disorders (probably eczema) that confused him. Any doctor, that knows anything about eczema, knows that it leads to uncontrollable itching of the affected area, which I doubt anyone has experienced for a prolonged period. Only very, very mild cases will be associated with no itching -- what we have isn't mild.

The following links showcase disorder way worse than what you or I may be suffering -- examples he may have seen. Searching for the types of cheilitis will lead you to more examples.

Now, what should you do?
1) Document (written and photographically) your complete cycle. Now, carry that with you or send it before hand when you meet future doctors, so you two can instantly weed out wrong diagnoses.

2) Make sure you write down every prescription you have had in the last 5 years. Doctors know by heart the drug recalls and those with heavy side effects. Also, you don't want to try the same thing twice.

3) Finally, get referrals. Your family doctor is a general practitioner. His sole purpose is to send you to the right specialist (ENT, derm, dentist). Those specialist will send you to respected doctors in your general region (those usually tied to a university).

From my experience, university guys will never give up on you. Let's just say I've tried a lot of things and still have a long list to go through.

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