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Re: Out of options, reaching out by #107689 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/6/2011 12:11:37 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Skin rashes and dandruff are the kinds of things that are cured by urine therapy.  It took me several months to take the plunge but when I started UT my athlete's foot problem of many years was gone in two weeks, my scalp for which I was seeing a dermatologist cleared up and I no longer needed to make dermatology visits.  Have been doing this for a number of years and had many other benefits and will keep using UT as long as I live.

IF you try it, go slow.  Start with no more than a tablespoon a day as it may cause diarrhea at first but your body will adjust.  I can now drink as much as I wish with no ill side effects.  Also the taste smoothes out after a couple of weeks.

Here is the authors summation of UT as written in the book "Urine Therapy, Confessions of a Mad Pee Drinker"  From Amazon.

Product Description

Urine therapy seems downright gross but it definitely works! Here's my two cents worth of input from my four month trial with urine therapy. Urine therapy 'cured' me of chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, dandruff, depression and bad skin. What can it do for you? Some say that drinking ones own urine is THE cure for every disease. I don't doubt it. Here you will read about my personal experiences with all the above chronic ailments and how I cured myself by ingesting my own midstream morning urine. Who'd have thought that all we need for excellent health and wellness, really does come from within our own bodies? What better mode of self-improvement is there?

I do not recommend this book, am simply including the product description to show just some of the things that UT can do.  "Your Own Perfect Medicine" is another good book on the subject but again - don't buy it for what it tell you it is expensive and you can read the important chapters on-line at this CZ site:



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