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THE FUTURE by MH by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   9/29/2011 9:12:56 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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With the food spray will come a huge variety in the biggest herbal "kit" ever for those truely interested in learning / supplementing with the best of the best herbs.

Along with that same line of theory, I plan on making a huge herbal spray kit, that will take Herbal Spray I and come with all the ingredients to make most every herbal spray I have made to date and + some.

The Kit will enable a person to custom make their herbs day by day based on their needs / desires of experimentation. Basically consuming approx. 2 ounces of herbal liquid that taste "yummy" daily along with a daily herbal spray for the skin. Both of which can be custom made as strong as a person desires and treat the blood stream to plant minerals few on earth have ever consumed.

This may sound complicated, but actually it is a method of "simplicication", enabling each person to be their own herbal physician along with Book I teaching, etc. ideally a human should be medical free all their life with the exception of accident that is too big for them to control.

All humans should be able to handle minor broken bones, all sickness and have no fear of dieing a natural death.

I think people would have fun custom making their daily 2 ounce drink that would have all the herbs anyone with the most advanced knowledge of health on earth could want.
The herbal sprays still amaze a few people, one person we know that resells our products has a friend that has a m.d. friend that used herbal spray III and was blown away and has been buying cases ever since, not having a single clue what he is consuming, giving away, selling to his patients...because he never learned of anything so powerful in medical college........because the smartest people on the planet often choose advanced medical, but they are all screwed by their owners of these colleges as the students are mislead and dumbfounded as they are taken away from Nature and down a dark / wide path of drugs and poisons.

I plan on simplifying the herbal sprays......making it so each person can create their daily spray as they self-experiment......because I know no one has truely experinced what the herbal sprays can truely do.....because no book exist that explains, no book exist that tells how much and what to very few self-experiment and experience the miricals.......of life.

Having "base" solutions that you custom make your own desired product would be the supreme wat of "learning".


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