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garbage in....garbage out.. by fungihomeworld ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   9/28/2011 6:26:32 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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..just playing a game of "connect the dots"..or rather..
follow the bouncing particles as they run from the
tap ...everywhere.
Note that the yellow and red particles arrive on
the same bus as the "crystal" particles.



Hey, lets put out a "trap" and catch a whole bunch of particles!

Well..ok, we could just catch the particles in the BRITA/PUR filter..

..Of course, the filter doesn't stop all that much..
here's a huge colony of...whatever fibers growing on
the water valve of the Brita pitcher.

The Big Berkey filter with it's two HUGE carbon
bricks was defeated by the particles ...they manage
to make it to the "clean water tank".
..another X in the "expensive failure" category.

The "Crystal Quest" "five stage filter"..another
expensive and useless brick. The TDS meter indicates
that the tap water is entering at 330 ppm...and...leaving
the filter at 330 ppm. The filter is doing precisely..nothing.

OK, we'll just use bottled spring's clean...

...or..perhaps not.

DISTILLED Water then, that's the's gotta' be clean.

*dayum, Vern, that critter looks like it's gotta' warhead on it..

Ok, time to stop horsing around. Hook up the Home Water Distiller...expense be damned..gotta' get some CLEAN water!

..umm..not this way..too much of the crap in the boiler
is getting lifted into the condenser with the steam and
ending up in the "clean" water tank. FAIL.

Portable reverse osmosis system then..

...been over two months now..and it's still dropping the
330 ppm tap/sewer water down to about 14 ppm. [..that's
better than 95 percent filtration of ionic particles)..and
it seems to be about the same rate for the non ionic crap
that the meter can't read. This seems to be a winner..

*Water filtering problem appears to be more or less
solved..still not getting ALL the particles..
still a few visible in the test glass.
Perhaps another pre-filter or another finishing filter
could be patched in to push the particle count closer
to ZERO.

...more tinkering needed..but it's obvious that the
RO water is helping the mOrg smitten. Far less invaders
going into the mammals...means that much less load on
the immune system. Maybe the White Army can now get
their act together and push back with SOME enthusiasm.

*end the long winded tale for today...



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