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My liver my dyskinesia my pancreas? 11 flushes in by starmelt ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   9/24/2011 8:37:40 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I stopped doing the flushes so often. after flush 11 noticed my bile pool took weeks to get back to " normal".
been having gb symptoms for 7 years never nasuea really.
now throwing up even when I dont eat, not even able to keep down water for 2 days. ( dangerous with no thyroid ). Everytime Id turn my head from side to side even laying in bed the room would spin, try to stand up and would just start heaving to dry heaves, slight fever , blood pressure severe drop when standing ( adrenals), chills. wth the flu? It did coincide with a headache. my biggest symptom witht eh gall bladder is cognitive impairment very blurred vision memory loss, and uncontrollable migraines.

I felt ok for half a day now its back a bit. I couldnt even hold down fresh juiced greens. I am hoping this is just the flu. How can you tell that its the flu and not some crazy new symptom with the gall bladder. I know when I have tried to eat I sense very strongly the digestive part of me is not working, I feel it. Hmmmm. after a day of dry heaves I passed some stones. odd.

going to try , if I can make it that far, bio identical hormone pellets, some say balance the sex hormone and it helps the hormones created in the duodenum , which secrete into the gall bladder..

not had pancreatic pain in months..

or is my pancreas sick>? the scans looked normal. the lab corp blood biopsy came back on the liver all good but the high cholesterol and low Sugar ( typical for gb)

my body says dont eat. but it says dont drink. not good.

I am SO thankful I still have 10 lbs to spare ...

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