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Re: CLEANSE IDEAS for PARASITES needed STAT! by UserX ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/18/2011 1:08:45 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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ps It used to be that when I could feel the butt itch, I could squat over a mirror, find the worm and smash it. That would get rid of it. One time a worm fell out of my butt onto the mirror and laid there wiggling. I kid you not. But for the past few years, whenever I look for the itch critter, it is inside the hemorrhoid vein! The vein is purple and protruding. My skin is transparent enough that I can see inside it, and there is a little white worm wiggling in the vein! There is no way for me to get the worm out of a vein. Even if I had a doctor slice the vein open, the darn thing would probably just slither on up further out of reach. That is the other thing that started happening after I began to get a mirror and smash them. They started slithering up inside of me really fast when I opened my butt hole to go after it. At first they were suprised about this and it was easy to get them out. But they are smart enough to run from certain death. If I try to take a big enough dose of anti-parasiticals to kill them all, my kidneys go haywire. I get bad ringing in my ears, start peeing blood, and get a back ache. Not to mention the dizziness and paranoia. So I keep treating the itch when I feel it. I do an enema, then insert garlic cloves, anti-parasitical essential oils, diamotaceous earth, and/or sulphur powder. They wiggle like crazy and run away when I put that stuff in my butt. They hate it. But I worry about what kind of damage they are doing further up inside of me. So then I take a dose of dewormer and hit them from the other end. My concern is that a lethal dose for them would be a lethal dose for me. But maybe I'd rather trade this body in for one that is not susceptible to pinworms, they diminish the quality of life so significantly.

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