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Need Help: Candida, Metals, FMS, Digestive Issues, etc... by petluvr10 ..... Gastroparesis Forum

Date:   9/16/2011 3:14:16 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I have been dealing with candida for longer than I can remember (having a MRSA infection treated with IVBP Vancomycin in 2005 only served to expontentially compound the issue!). I also have severe heavy metal toxicities and debilitating GI issues and food intolerances (as well as FMS/CFS, IBS/IDB, GERD, severe gastroparesis and early satiety, low wt, osteoporosis, hormonal/neurotransmitter imbalances, hypoglycemia/insulin resistance, hypothyroid/adrenal fatigue....)

My Chiro is going to have me start Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I'm kind of nervous to start it, for I've read that it is quite strong and produces some severe side effects. I'm also underweight (thanks to the GI issues and food intolerances ), so I cannot afford to lose weight. However, all the issues I'm dealing with make it impossible to gain weight due to the malabsorption it causes, as well as the gastroparesis, constipation, GERD, no appetite/early satiety and repulsion to food.

I've tried nearly EVERYTHING to get the candida (and possible lyme) under control, but nothing works. Thus, my chiro wants to try this route (I also read it can help with certain metal toxicities too, among many other issues!).

Any thoughts about how I can maximize my treatment while taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ?

Any supplements I should take with this and any that I should avoid?

I have read about people taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement in capsules... how do they do this?

What should I do about my diet? My Chiro recommends a 40% protein/30% carb/30% fat diet. Any suggestions as to what to eat in terms of meal and snacks (I have a limited diet and cannot have dairy, red meat, wheat/gluten, peas, most grains except for rice, fruits, and sugars.

How long do I do MMS? What is the general protocol?

What supplements do I do AFTER the MMS?

Should I continue the MMS at a "maintenance dose" and if so, for how long?

Any thoughts on Probiotics during this treatment?

I am currently taking:
-vit D (2000-4000IU)
-Magnesium Malate (for FMS)600mg Mag Malate + 3000mg Malic Acid
-Thorne Cortrex (adrenals)TID
-Biotics GTA Forte II (thyroid) TID
-Biotics Iodine drops (150mg)
-Biotics Meda-Stim (thyroid)
-Standard Process Tuna Oil (4 caps)
-Aloe juice (3oz)
-Vit C 2000mg
-Lifetime liquid Mag/Cal/D (to help with BMs)
-and for meals/snacks: 1 Renew Life Digest Ultra, 2-3 Biotics Betaine Plus HP (HCl)

I really need help.... Ive tried everything and am praying this helps, for my quality of life is beyond sucky. :-(

Thanks in advance!

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