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What to take for high cortisol? by Vegeta ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/26/2011 10:48:01 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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So far I know of the following to lower cortisol by a noticeable amount:

Phosphatidyl Serine (Doctor's Best Brand, VCaps) (between 300mg ~ 800mg) <- started taking this last night at 200mg before bedtime, will increase as needed
Holy Basil <- what dosage?
Zinc (50mg, no more due to immune system suppresion at higher doses i.e 100mg) <- works but with only slightly noticeable effect

I've gained about 20lb (much on my thighs and belly) in the last 2 months which I believe is due to high cortisol and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) due to insulin resistance. I'm urinating a lot, have nasty headaches that painkillers can't fix and feel hungry most of the time even after eating though I don't have a blood glucose monitor so I'm guessing here.

My thyroid is fine, I only get elevated TSH when I'm sleep deprived or severely stressed.

Any advice you can give me fellow Cure Zoners regarding how to control high cortisol and high blood sugar as most of my knowledge is about LOW cortisol.

Is chromium picolinate the most effective supplement for blood sugar control?

I'm taking 2 Jarrow Ashwaghanda caps in the morning to help normalise cortisol and blood sugar. Started taking these last week. So far, no effect. I took it before bed and couldn't sleep AT ALL!

I've also stopped taking Vit C, B5 and Pantethine as that is causing my adrenals to pump out even more cortisol I think.


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