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Re: Lyme disease revisited by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   8/23/2011 1:48:04 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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 Show me proof that it can be passed that way.  Being that there are no definitive lab tests that can prove the presence that is going to be pretty difficult.  But I will be waiting for your evidence.

James, you don't always need a lab test to know something exists.

There is a big difference between assuming something and proving something.  Look at all the people over on the "Liver Flush Support" forum claiming they are passing gallstones up to the size of baseballs, which is simply impossible.  And like you they swear up and down that they are right and that anyone challenging their claims are simply wrong.  Yet when you read posts from people that actually sent those big blobs to the lab for analysis it has been confirmed over and over that the blobs were soap stones.  So sorry, but I am not going to take someone's opinion as evidence.

I work with Lyme patients on a day to day basis.  I can't tell you how many mother's have unfortunately passed borrelia onto their children. (confirmed through blood results and devastating symptoms)

Lyme is arguably the most controversial disease in America today.  And just because the CDC ignores it or you haven't read some "evidence" - doesn't mean the truth doesn't exist.

Just because you claim something this does not make it true.

You will find out in due time.  In the meantime though...

Here is a link showing Lyme passed during pregnancy (read entire document if you have time)

Lot's of evidence against your claim.  Did you read these quotes from your own link:?

"Here we can only speculate that the Lyme might have been responsible for the birth defects, as these same types of problems can occur in non-Lyme situations."

"Williams and colleagues conducted a study in a Lyme-endemic area in New York of umbilical cord blood. Of 255 infants tested, 10.2% had detectable antibody to the Lyme spirochete. Of 166 infants born in a non-endemic area, 2.4% had detectable antibodies. The rate of birth defects did not differ significantly between the two groups; however, the first group tended to be of lower birth weight and smaller for their gestational age, and tended to have more jaundice. The authors concluded that these differences were not significantly different. "

"The conclusion was that healthy women who test positive for Lyme are at no increased risk for miscarriage."

"In 1988, Carlomango studied 49 women who had either a 1st or 2nd trimester spontaneous abortion. Six (6) of them (12.2%) tested positive, compared to 3 of 49 women who delivered at term. The authors concluded that there was no statistical significance between the two groups."

And so on and so forth.  Note the pattern of NO definitive evidence linking actual Lyme infection to any of the disorders.  And when they do attempt to make the link they state the babies are either born dead or die shortly afterward.  So how did you and your two brothers survive based on the claims about Lyme causing so much damage to the fetus?  In fact, if you actually read your own link you would have see that it is full of speculations and contradictions.

Here is a link showing spirochetes found in semen

Again, you need to actually read the links you are going to post.  This is from your second link:

" Whether or not further clinical studies with a larger statistical group will support the hypothesis of sexua| transmission remains to be seen."

If you know what a hypothesis is then you would know why the link was worthless as evidence.

Here is a link showing you the disconnect between these idopathic illnesses and Lyme

This is a sales site, not real evidence of anything.

And again, if you actually read your own link you would have seen all the contradictions.  For example, how one researcher only found an 80% positive test rate for Lyme in ALS patients (keep in mind though the high false positive rate with antibody testing).  Then there is another researcher who claims a 100% positive rate for lyme in 150 ALS patients.  Yet they mention the other researcher that found ZERO traces of Lyme in all ALS patients tested.  But here is the real kicker:

"European University Medical Center studies have proven the Black Mold Trichothecene toxin causes brain cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, destruction of Chondroblasts [cells that manufacture cartilage], gastrointestinal lining cells and interferes with RNA-DNA replication in all cells."

So wait, here you have been claiming all along that Lyme bacteria was responsible for MS and ALS, but here according to your own link they say that MS and ALS are caused from a black mold, not Lyme bacteria!!!


Just because you lack the knowledge of the diagnostic tests this does not make me wrong.  And the fact that you are applying viral conditions such as MS and ALS to a rare bacterial infection is what says it all .

You're losing so much credibility if you think Lyme is "rare" and there isn't a connection between Borrelia & MS/ALS/CFS.

Not losing any credibility at all.  In fact I would say gaining even more credibility as I go through your own links showing the various errors and contradictions.  This is why I started this forum.  To review and clear up the various wild, unfounded claims being made about various diseases.  Like Hulda Clark's claim that parasites are the cause of all cancers.  Or the claims that acidity causes all disease, or emotions, or...........  Your claims are simply being heaped on top of the BS claim pile with the rest of the unfounded medical claims.

Ironically enough you confidentally say MS and ALS are viral conditions as if THIS were a fact.

And if studies do show a viral connection I understand why.  As I've explained - Borrelia is at the root of it all suppresing the immune system and allowing these viruses(and other bacteria/parasites) to become active and do damage.

Should I start a list for you of all the various things other than Lyme that can suppress immunity?  Again, your claim is not evidence it is an assumption.

While you continue to wait for the next peice of "evidence" and/or "proof" from some phony CDC report or from a long overdue scientific study

...I'll continue working with chronically ill patients on a day to day basis and discovering the truth for myself. 

If you consider unproven claims that are contradicting each other the truth so be it.  Most people come here for substantiated facts, not assumptions  and contradicting claims being presented as evidence.
Do me a favor though.  If you cannot come up with any real proof of how widespread you claim Lyme infection is then take your claims somewhere else.  It wastes too much time going round and round with you trying to get you to present some real evidence to your claims.


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