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Re: Lyme disease revisited by DeadPoets ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   8/22/2011 8:24:31 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Show me proof that it can be passed that way. †Being that there are no definitive lab tests that can prove the presence that is going to be pretty difficult. †But I will be waiting for your evidence.

James, you don't always need a lab test to know something exists.

I work with Lyme patients on a day to day basis.† I can't tell you how many mother's have unfortunately passed borrelia onto their children. (confirmed through blood results and devastating symptoms)

Lyme is arguably the most controversial disease in America today.† And just because the CDC ignores it or you haven't read some "evidence" - doesn't mean the truth doesn't exist.

You will find out in due time.† In the meantime though...

Here is a link showing Lyme passed during pregnancy (read entire document if you have time)

Here is a link showing spirochetes found in semen

Here is a link showing you the disconnect between these idopathic illnesses and Lyme

Just because you lack the knowledge of the diagnostic tests this does not make me wrong. †And the fact that you are applying viral conditions such as MS and ALS to a rare bacterial infection is what says it all .

You're losing so much credibility if you think Lyme is "rare" and there isn't a connection between Borrelia & MS/ALS/CFS.

Ironically enough you confidentally say MS and ALS are viral conditions as if THIS were a fact.

And if studies do show a viral connection I understand why.† As I've explained - Borrelia is at the root of it all suppresing the immune system and allowing these viruses(and other bacteria/parasites) to become active and do damage.

While you continue to wait for the next peice of "evidence" and/or "proof" from some phony CDC report or from a long overdue scientific study

...I'll continue working with chronically ill patients on a day to day basis and discovering the truth for myself.†


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