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Re: Well, I wound up in ER after the Flush... by #132242 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   8/21/2011 2:10:58 PM ( 6years ago)
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I agree that you should look into your diet.

What happened to me was that during the Liver Flushes my body did an about face and i had to switch back to high carb diet from the meat/fat diet that i was on prior to liver flushes.

After a very successful flush the liver will be ready and willing to store more glycogen. So I would recommend you reconsider your diet. A good starting place is... what does your body want?

I think you are being too restrictive, at least for the time being. Not sure what happened to you but it almost sounds like a severe hypoglycemic reaction.

The Liver Flushes are serious business and you can release some dangerous poisons from deep storage, so anything is possible. You may have shifted some more stones from deep inside the liver, or stirred up a rats nest of flukes, or perhaps had some residual toxins left over in your intestine after the flush. One thing though is that it seems obvious that your episode was related to the last flush.

Some of this you just have to feel your way through and let your body be the guide.

According to Andreas Moritz who wrote a book on the flushes, meat(or corpse as he calls it) is the single worst food for the human body. Don't shoot the messenger, but he does have a lot of experience. He is also pro saturated fat in the form of ghee via his ayurvedic training.

Maybe you could learn a little bit about ayurvedic medicine and see if any of it resonates with you.

Next time stay close to home for a few days after your flushes!!!!


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