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Currently suffering HORRIBLE pain, PLEASE HELP! by Shanimal ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/20/2011 2:15:42 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'm no stranger to pain, I have many painful conditions and rarely complain. Right now I'm in so much pain it scares me. I've known I've had parasites for awhile now and I'm currently on day 12 of Humaworm. I've been seeing the results in the toilet so I know it must be helping some. Although I'm not sure what parasites are infecting me I have my suspicions of of flukes and tapeworms. I know they are throughout my whole body. First I'll share some background info. Exactly 1 year ago today I was hospitalized after losing all sensation and function of my left leg, foot and toes. I was given very high dose IV steroids for 7-10 days without improvement. In the hospital I was diagnosed with MS. Upon follow up at my neurologist's office I was told I actually had a much more serious de-myelenating disease called Devic's disease aka NMO (NeuroMyelitisOptica). Among the reasons for this diagnosis was the long parallel lesions along my spine and small lesions on my brain and C-Spine found on MRI images. It was described to me that Devic's differs from MS in that it attacks much quicker, more brutal and frequent attacks causing blindness, paralysis, contortion and death. In my case he stated (as if he were giving me the good news!) that I could possibly have 12 more years to live. A year ago I was 31 and my kids were 8, 5 and 3 years old. Very difficult to accept that I would leave my kids so early and become blind within a couple years. I sought a 2nd opinion from one of the best neurologists and only doctor in the US specializing in NMO, who is in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. I made the trip from my home in Florida to JH where he examined me, reviewed my case and determined that it is NOT NMO! However he doesn't know what the long parallel white matter on the MRI of my spine is. He even staffed my case with a team of top neurologists and radiologists at Johns Hopkins but the spinal lesions are still unidentified. My lower left side remained paralyzed and I was in a wheelchair for 4 months. Throughout all the neurological problems I was also suffering from debilitating stomach attacks leaving me bedridden & bathroom bound for about 4 days at a time. The stomach attacks had been ongoing for 3yrs at that point and went from occurring approx. once a month to only a few days in between attacks. I had to put the neuro problems on the back burner and focus on my GI issues. After numerous tests and negative results I had a CT w/ & w/out contrast of my abdomen. Only thing that came back of any concern was multiple calcified nodules (I think they called them nodules) of one lung and lymph nodes. The radiologist wrote presumably granulomas. The day I drank the contrast for the CT is the first day I began to see evidence of parasites. The contrast drink really aggravated my stomach, thought I'd have diarrhea but instead only forced out a small sac containing what looked like sesame seeds. I believe the "granulomas" are a result of parasitic cysts that calcified from the high dose IV steroids. I now have them everywhere including my skin, sputum, nose & ears. The skin ones have been so painful they ooze sticky yellow & continue to produce seemingly endless larva. I cough out what looks like white and clear larva- sometimes strands that look like a long worm. The sputum contains eggs that look like orange crystals some are even the shape of brine shrimp. The big problem right now is my right ear. They've been coming out both ears but now the skin on outer part of the right ear hole, all around and into the opening is very painful hardened and swollen w/ a thick crust like a scab & oozes sticky yellow and the orange crystals. I was able to scratch out of the skin around the ear opening the same things that come from the skin lesions. They are tiny off white & clear w/bright orange & white crystals, flat w/ thin straight edges and what appears to be a head is flat and the shape of the top of a heart. The opening of the ear canal is now almost completely covered, I could barely fit the tip of a Q-tip in it. This began Thurs evening and has gotten so much worse despite using antibiotic ointment, tea tree oil and other topical remedies. The pain & pressure goes deep into my ear canal and into my jaw, neck, glands and behind my ear. It's so painful that I can't speak or chew. If I bend over the pressure & pain rushes to these areas. If I didn't know first hand how the ER doctors will respond to my mention of worms I'd already be at the ER. I have a high tolerance for pain but this is really bad. Normally I'm of the belief that with parasitic infections things must get worse before they get better. Reminds me of a really good facial that draws out all the impurities and at first leaves the face w/ a major breakout but within days ends up better then ever, clear soft and rejuvenated skin. I don't know that this situation w/ my ear is just die off though. It seems pretty extreme. I'm afraid that it's an infection possibly from the waste,toxins & germs carried by the parasites & that it could spread throughout my body. On the other hand I'm afraid if I go to the ER they will put me on steroids again which could cause them to disseminate further & be deadly! Does anyone know if flukes can make their way to the skin? Strangely enough I happened to see what looks like a sesame seed (egg) come from one of the small worms from my nostril. I've also seen many sesame seed eggs inside of what I think is flukes in BMs. Any ideas of what I may be dealing with? Does it sound like the flat straight edged worms/larva in my skin could be cysticercosis (encysted tapeworm larva), flukes or Strongyloides? I understand that many people on here say it doesnt really matter what kind of parasite we have just as long as theyre coming out. Not knowing causes increased anxiety especially wondering if its strongyloides as i recently learned its considered a terminal illness. Plus if its neurocysticercosis its important to get diagnosed and have surgery. I desperately need some thoughts or suggestions. Prayers are very much appreciated too :) The pain in and around my ear is becoming intolerable!

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