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Re: 'Alien Race' TV Show - Hybrids! by #125342 ..... Alien Abduction Support Forum

Date:   7/25/2011 4:19:31 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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precisely!! and really if we are still masticating on roswell...yawn..the producers documentary writers etc in the industry are still clearly blowing off dust and cobwebbs from old material and recycling same ol same ol....yet theres enough new material out there to create a serious and effective documentary...that would reach and resonate with thousands...the media guys are most certainly and definitely looking at a topic area and gift horse in the mouth.. ..this is surely a topic of sophisticated serious consideration..which if done in the sensitive manner with genuine experiencers contributing would be an astounding project and programme!!! ... there was somone here, a genuine experiencer studying film i think..maybe it's matter of patience and natural unfolding in a cosmic preordained type of manner where and when all will be revealed! for the skeptics and out and out right disbelivers i guess it may need to be a gentle transistion..for actual experiencers it really can and does rock the soul..we don't laugh and doubt soldiers who return from the front line, released prisoners of war..air traffic survivors..or individuals who are kidnapped and forced to live in a make shift shed at the bottom of the garden for 20 years..the same goes for genuine experiencers too. theres a programme called britains got talentand maybe the states too..not all people with talent who could enter come forward but alot of deluded ones do, perhaps it's the case with this show? i haven't seen it.

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