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P / W ELIMINATION Testimonial by coatzalcoatlx ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/1/2011 4:29:19 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Having used the LBB and Dewormer products for as long or if not longer than anyone here aside from MH, here are my observation with the PWE based upon my own use and those around me.

I have been using the LBB for the last five years.
During that I time I have seen extensive cleaning.
With herbal products I have seen much in the way of worms/parasites released. This continued over many years even untill as little a 3 months ago.
The LBB seemed to work well for the first 3 years.
The effectiveness began to taper off after 3 years.
At that stage I tried upping the dose, and at one stage was taking up to 24 LBB/day to get my bowel to move.
When at that stage I realized that the progress I had made was probably ending and the success I had from the LBB had reached its peak, and was in decline. (Diet was as close to Fruit and Raw Veggies as one could get at that stage)

As the effectiveness of the LBB declined I would use a half a quart of distilled water enema to keep my bowel moving.

This I was doing for the last 18 months, untill the PWE came out.

When taking the PWE, I noticed another bout of worms emerge.
I didn't trust the PWE completely at that stage thus would use an additional LBB or two with the PWE to get the bowel to move. Since found it entirely unnecessary.

Over the last three months, I have brought the dose of PWE to 2 capsules 3x per day, and the bowel is moving daily LIKE CLOCK WORK. ONCE A DAY, around noon.THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

The stool is well formed/shaped. There is no mark on the toilet pan, telling me digestion has improved.

I have colour in my face again for the first time in years.
My skin looks healthy/glows.

I have grown in my chest by one shirt size. My weight has moved to 154 LLBs. (doing mild weight training, and martial arts training...nothing hectic)

I am amazed to see my body changing shape.

After a five year struggle, I would say that my bowel issues are about 95% healed.

The LBB did the initial cleaning, and the PWE has completed the work.

My wife started taking the LBB in December, and for the first time in her adult life came of conventional medicine designed for special cases to move the bowel. She had been in and out of hospital for years with bowel issues. Fortunately they never cut anything out.

In the last 6 months, she has never had to touch that medication again.
Her bowel moves and clears.
In the last 3 months she has taken the PWE, and is now using 2 capsules 3x per day and her bowel us functioning entirely normal. This is miraculous based on where she was coming from.

When combined with the plant fats she is releasing large amounts!

I have even begun a few experimental minded beginners on it, and they are reporting spectacular results.

MH The PWE is by far your best herbal products. Please do NOT discontinue it. I understand the impracticalities of making it, but its worth the effort.

In comparison the LBB formulae, is like a bulldozer, gets the job done BUT the PWE is like precision surgery. Elegant and precise.

Please also think about making another batch of worm lure. Its the best way to end a fast after using parasite products.

Best Wishes.


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