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Re: link to informative reading??? by kooch ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/8/2011 1:53:21 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I was exposed for just over a year and a half or so i think ? hard to say. i had my own place and then moved in with my girlfriend. then moved out (and broke up) due to mold but then STUPIDLY moved back in (for love) before the real count was revealed. MY BAD! incidentally my X's X boyfriend developed thyroid cancer for the 3rd time while he lived there... not surprising. We broke up again because my girlfriend just COULDN'T believe that we had mold even AFTER the tests came back. i got 2 certified exams. she even paid rent while she was living someplace else because the landlord MADE her and is claiming that it was her negligence which contributed to the building's poor environmental quality. i'm the son of an architect so i KNOW what water damage looks like.... i will NEVER step foot in that place again... or go near that woman until she is living some place else.

we had a spore count of 1 for stachybotrys but because it is a HEAVY spore it was indicative of a serious infestation below the house( this was an AIRBORN count). we did have it there though. they had to replace the studs that held the place up and a lot of other wall areas but they haven't come close to doing the job right. there is a unit above the one i lived in that had a TERRIBLE water leak that kept happening over and over and he finally got it to stop leaking, but did NOTHING for the water damage.

the aspergillus count in the kitchen was up at 1200 and change - the bedroom was around 256 or so and the base count was 19 so we had significant counts - but i hear that they get up into the hundred thousands :( death! what were your scores?

my x GF was entirely unaffected, but the puppydog, cat, and i were all producing soft phlegmy green stools and (malabsorption) the cat had huge cyst removed from her ear ... she is living back there again and i shudder to think... it was "fixed" by the landlord but i know how much is wrong with that place. the guy is EVIL! he was BEGGING me to sue him on the phone telling me i wold lose after i FOUND the crud for him! telling me i needed permission to get the test performed ? ? ? F U DADDY!

do you recommend me tossing all of my clothes and beloved books away??? considering the spore count that is??? i guess i should but it would mean trashing YEARS of vintage childrens book searching and many many MANY new books i paid a lot for - perspective right??? that stuff is in storage and i'e been out about a month and a half now - UG


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