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Re: Wow no more alcohol for me by #134745 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   6/6/2011 4:35:43 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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hi,well it's out there now and it's just something that you'll have to live down ,notice i said may get those looks for awhile but it's just like every other embarassing moment ,it will more than likely blow over after a awhile.some may still remb and approach you about it,so kinda be prepared ,if they happen to do that more than likely it will be out of love and concern.Now you may be going through it ,but you're not alone, although it may seem that way.have i had thoughts of suicide..yes but that was mainly in the pastthe the thing is you don't give into those thoughts ,by believing that one day this will be like a bad dream ,a thing that happened that was controlling but now has no more control in your have to believe that you weren't a mistake or some accidental merging together of chemicals or that you've come from animals.but that you (like all humans) are created beings, that we have purpose for being on this planet and because you're still alive that there's still a chance(with life comes opportunity)of you or someone else finding a cure or at least what will suit you best so you can live life until one is found.but once you do find out what works for you..don't forget to let those of us that are still fighting to be free or at have some resemblance of a life what you did or what's working because like many have said :we're in this battle together -together we stand divided we fall.So let us help one another by being there for those of us who are battle weary and ready to give-up.I say to you 'don't give up because you fail only when you're knocked down and decide to never get up again .i say you will live ,go on and find what works for you and a cure will be found soon that those that come after will not have to battle as we have but only enjoy the spoils of those that ,waged war,were humiliated ,may be cried at times but eventually their hands were raised in victory .i pray as a christian that we all can raise our hands soon and thank God that when we wanted to and tried to give up ,he continually springs hope in us of a better day and that hope and strentgh gave us the ability to stand in the face seemingly defeat and conquer what has been trying to conquer and destoy our lives.may God help us all on our journey and give us the knowledge and wisdom we seek and most definitely need . be encouraged and don't forget you have people that understand and know how you feel being in this battle also,who are compassionate towards you and share in disappointments just like you do everyday.but also remb a change , a cure is coming but how will you know that if you give up on the fight?

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