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Re: Sublingual Administration of MMS to treat Candida by Esstee ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   5/25/2011 9:49:18 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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RE: I also believe that the Candida has entered my bloodstream, so I think that is where I need to target the treatment. Since I cannot perform and IV on myself, I think this is the next best method.

I think self medicating and diagnosis is nasty business imo.
And I would strongly recommend you seek out a qualified health practitioner for help.

Also, there's alot of ad-hock information written and floating around on Candida overgrowth and its very easy to get mislead. One such example is where people encounter the effects or toxins produced by the condition and draw conclusions from that. The problem is however, where the Canadida in-itself is a transient condition which will usually mutate into a host of other problems. And so its very common for people to treat the Candida only to end-up starting all over again.

Which is likely what the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement could do also(treat the symptoms), leaving the cause unscathed.

Anyways, all this to say that I think you'd be best to try and determine the cause of your Candida overgrowth and then focus on healing yourself that way. Otherwise, you may find yourself on an endless roller-coaster of treatments. And Miracle-Mineral-Supplement really isn't the type of product you want to be taking for the wrong reasons imo(very abrasive).

Hope this helps.

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