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Re: TPCS Iosol formula? by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/29/2011 1:33:01 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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one thing you have to remember is a lot of the people who find there way here are sick at a demonstrable level....that is an overstatement but there is some truth to it.

My Dad takes 50mg of Iodoral and he has no detox at all. And I have several friends/clients no detox and some significant improvements. Brownstein says only 5% of his clients have detox symptoms. Many people here find there way here because they need support in figuring out their person health challenges. My Dad would never bother coming here because what is the point, for him? So you do have a population segment here.

You may have detox no matter what you take. You may have none. You may have some for a short period, or you may have it for a long time........some form of Iodine may work for a short time, and then not as good.

I have a friend I told about Iodine and she went out and bought Iosol. It seemed to really work for her. I don't know how much she was taking and if she still is now. She ended up working with a doc and taking some T3 only because her Reverse T3 wasn't working...or something like that. I wondered if she ever took enough Iodine to get on top of her other halides.......

My one concern for people is they that they never eventually get their dosage up high enough or they don't take it long enough to get the other halides down. It took brownstein 4 years at 50mg of Iodoral until his bromine level dropped back down. My bromine has gone up each time I have tested over the past year.

This is one reason I will continue to preach that I am a fan of people testing for their bromide level at some interval. Some can track their symptoms well enough they don't need to, but some of us aren't very sick or symptomatic and some of us are really complex and tracking bromide may be useful so you don't just get bored and let the iodine go or you keep your dosage so low that you never make a dent in the other halides.

sorry if I am going off on this and it isn't really answering your question.........

they seem to think they have some superior form of Iodine from the little I have read and that always makes me suspicious. But what do I know. I just know that a lot of people here have gotten huge benefits from Lugols idoral SSKI and magnescent forms and we don't see as much Iosol
..for whatever thats worth


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