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SECRETOR STATUS - Re: Where are the Raw Meat Eaters / Raw Paleo people in Curezone? by joejac ..... Raw Food: The Raw Omnivore Diet

Date:   4/23/2011 11:53:46 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hello VX, nice to hear from you, I am glad you are feeling great!.

I was also away from this forum. I am still doing the Primal Diet from Vonderplanitz. I got better, then I had to return to Spain, since my mother is suffering a lot and she is facing a terrible situation here with the Social Security (SS) You can not imagine how bad are these guys. Anyway that situation caused me a huge stress because she was cheated with a terrible contract in order to receive assistance, I was not here, so I am realizing that now, and breaking my head with lawyers to figure out a workable solution.

In Spain I was able to test unsalted raw milk, cheese and butter, but those caused me a lot of troubles, candida soared, probably due to my non-secretor status. I suspended dairy and I followed Primal Diet as when I began with it where I live, in South America, where raw dairy is not available, I am using a lot of blue fish, and now I am feeling better again.

But I noticed that with raw dairy I was stronger, I increased weight and my joints did not sound, but after 6 weeks I began to have my old problems:  to loose appetite, decrease my number of raw meat meals (fish, cow, chicken, turkey) a day, from 3 to 2 or even 1, I get indigestion, heartburn, insomnia and candida proliferation (by the candida spit test). I suspended raw dairy and in 2 weeks those problems disappeared, but now my joints sounds again and I am not so strong now, but I can sleep and that makes me happy :)

My question now, is this:

Is there a way that we can indirectly measure the secretor/non-secretor status at home, like we do with candida that we use the saliva home test?

I want to make some experiments but I can not afford to do a lab test every month or so in order to check that status.

I am suspecting that if I can manage to eat raw dairy and to do a standard Primal Diet I would be a new and strong man like my grand father, who drank almost 2 litters of raw milk daily, of course he was also working hard all day, not sitting in front a computer like me :)

Thanks and Best regards.


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