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Re: tree iodine by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/7/2011 1:32:27 PM ( 6years ago)
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Tree Iodine Minerals is a mixture of pure tincture and concentrated plant minerals along with Olive Leaf & Oregano, the superior choice. -take a tablespoon daily

The tincture is nasty tasting- take a dropper daily




The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Book 4
A look at Iodine and human Health
Public sources with my comments added.
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H.
Iodine has been an issue in North America since the white man moved in. Our history shows everyone living in land and not consuming ocean products in their diets may suffer from Iodine Deficiency. The World Health Organization put out a two page documentary in the U.S. A. Today News Paper that the problem with America is that our children are lacking Iodine.
The article went on to explain that the mother to be must have enough Iodine and the child from conception up to age five must have enough Iodine or the math skills and IQ will be subnormal. They went on to explain that this is the number one reason ill health for American people today. This is not new news, the Iodine Issue was examined over 100 years ago and a French Doctor created an Iodine Formula. This worked well for many years and then scientist got the idea of adding Iodine to our white salt and the doctor’s formula eventually became obsolete.
Native Indians were known to travel to the coastal regions and gather ocean plants and dry them. They would then burn these plants and collect the ashes and take these back inland, knowing that something in the ocean plants improved their health.
I suggest most of the available Iodine information available today, is only partially correct. Most of the information is medical science based on chemical formulas called Iodine. These chemicals are not natural and are toxic. The Iodine in ocean plants? I suggest they only have Iodine because the ocean water has Iodine in it and the plants do not make the Iodine. This is a very small trace of Iodine and the plants filter the pollutants from the water. I suggest way less than .001% of the ocean plants is Iodine. These plants may turn the Iodine into a plant based Iodine, or they may just have Iodine, because they are bathed in it and the iodine may be on the outside of the plant and not something the plant has turned into “organic”.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Organic is a simple name for Plant Based. In-organic has minerals too large for human assimilation; these rock based minerals common in water and ground up rock or colloidal concoctions. Semi-organic minerals are rock minerals that have not been properly assimilated by plants, because the plant is not a natural plant found in Nature; these would be vegetables. Vegetables grow too quickly and are so man manipulated that the minerals are only partially turned into organic plant minerals and these minerals easily trick the human body and get into the blood stream, but then are too large to pass through the kidneys and end up being trapped in the arteries causing hardening of the arteries. Many of the water soluble rock based minerals also get into a damaged person’s blood and stick to the arteries and cause old age by rapid loss of circulation.
All synthetic vitamins are made from inorganic metals or semi-organic and as well, man made metals made extremely small so they can enter the blood. These all cause loss of circulation as these metals clog the arteries and are the leading cause for varicose veins.
I strongly suggest all vitamins are toxic, all colloidal formulas are very toxic, every form of supplement made with our being whole plants, can cause loss of circulation in the long run leading to premature death. If your supplement did not come from the tree or bush and in its whole state and not highly manufactured, then it is toxic to our circulation. Circulation is “KING”.
I do not know of a recorded source; explaining the scientific terms of “Organic” Plant Based Iodine. Everything studied uses the scientific synthetic Iodine. Money is not spent on natural supplements unless somehow, someone with money; can use the documents to make more money. For this reason, I don’t find anything written about the scientific values of using natural Iodine found in Nature.
I personally believe as the Bible states, that our foods/medicines are provided by the tree. I suggest the bush is in the tree family enough, because many bushes and vines can live a very long time with deep roots. I believe this 100% because the tree takes the minerals in the ground and takes a full year before these minerals enter the fruit. Then this fruit is ripened in the sunshine. These sweet fruits have the proper mineral proportions to make them so humans can assimilate them, thus making tree/bush/vine fruits “true” human foods; meaning they are our only source for “organic” foods.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
So in simple terms, if it doesn’t come from the tree/bush/vine, then it is not the “perfect” food for humans. The fruits from the tree/bush/vine also make the perfect medicines, their bark, leaves, roots, etc. are often used in herbal medicines. Wild Herbs/Weeds, Grasses, are also medicines because they often can be very old, with deep roots similar to the tree. Some herbs can be over 100 years old, such as the Ginseng plant can reach if left alone in Nature. Herbs are natural meaning organic. They are more medicines, because the best ones often enable us to purge our bad foods that have turned to accumulated mucus an attracted parasites and making gas. The best herbs are always those that kill parasites and aid the elimination organs.
All true human foods are organic. These foods come from the tree/bush/vine as stated in the Bible. These are our sweet fruits. Uncorrupted healthy children, love fresh picked sweet fruits. Fruits are man’s only true food. Man can consume the grasses when fruits are not in season and the grasses are very old and have the medicine effect as well. Many animals such as dogs and cats will seek eating grasses when sick, many authors have suggested the same for restoration of health to humans.
All bad foods are non sweet fruits. That is just a fact of life that each person has to take issue up with God; if they don’t agree.
Why are we mineral deficient?
Our air has all the minerals we need, including Iodine and all in the proper proportions. A truly healthy human with fully exposed skin to the sunshine, wind, cool nights and skin being subjected to all substances it comes in contacts with; has skin that makes all the true vitamins it needs and makes these inhaled minerals “organic” not unlike the tree does to minerals it absorbs through its roots.
Our air is loaded with water. Air with out moisture will kill all living creatures. Our air has the proper proportions of water/minerals to sustain life.
Why do we eat and drink?
In the beginning all creation was perfect. With every rotation of the earth and every shooting start and burst of energy from our sun, the earth absorbs more and more radiation. Plants show the results of this added radiation with
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
each new growth come spring, there for scientist study plants every year in an effort to foresee the future for mankind. Plants must adapt or die and so must humans.
As the earth cycle continues, all creation adapts. New species are not formed. All plants, mammals, reptiles, etc., etc. all adapt to the added radiation. So it can be said, that in the beginning radiation was balanced and all created things had long happy lives reaching long age and size.
As time has gone on, creatures adapted to each generation. This has lead to all creatures consuming more and more foods in an effort to counter balance the added radiation from the sun and universe. Just as the moon and planets alter the weather on earth, so are all life on earth is altered.
With every bite of food and water, minerals enter our body and this starts the problem of “balance”. We all know, when something is not balances, it will not function properly. Using the example of hormones, we all know this tiny substance can make a human happy and joyful or when out of balance it can wreck a person’s life. The human body must maintain balance to have health.
The doctors use synthetic drugs (metals/chemicals) to “force” the body to respond and their results are always temporary and eventually lead to more and more problems. Their method of forcing the body one way and another must be carefully done, because one way or the other too much can cause death and to the extreme, cause death in minutes. This is how they can use such toxic substances to force the body towards another direction and save the dieing person’s life, temporarily. What they fail to do, is reach a perfect balance. This is why they often change drugs. Often after an operation a person will be put on a drug and not do well as all and the doctor will try different drugs until hopefully some state of balance can be reached.
True foods from the tree/vine/bush are loaded with water/minerals/sugars. There are over 200 types of plant sugars and we do well on all of them and when we eat the whole fruit, we have the proper proportions of water / minerals / chemicals to maintain proper balance. These natural fruits well chewed with mixed saliva are always alkaline in the mouth before swallowing and need no digestion in the stomach and no acid production.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
All non-human foods and even worse, when mixed with other non-like foods all require digestion and stomach acids. These foods over work the organs of elimination and the blood stream must counter the acids created by the stomach by taking calcium out of the blood, all of which creates an imbalance and premature death or simple put, old age. Old age is a created disease if we die before 120 years of age. Caused by acid forming foods resulting in constipation all of which attracts a multitude of parasites.
So for these reasons, people eat and then they eat to counter what they ate at the last meal and then they snack to counter the way they felt from eating the last meal. Then they must drink and drink to keep the sludge moving.
Thus the wrong diet creates a roller coaster effect that never ends from the time mother takes us milk and feeds us non-sweet, raw fruits. Add to this harmful habits and the end results are illnesses and premature death; as well as having less than healthy babies.
All supplements are supplements to the wrong diet. So if we are not eating a diet of raw fruits from the tree/vine/bush, then the day will come that we must supplement this wrong diet. Add to this the chemicals we breathe and absorb from working with non-natural substances and these enter our blood and must be counter balanced as well.
No matter how we look at it, health is all about balance.
This is why we pick and choose from the hundred plus known essential minerals. We try to maintain a balance. We all know this is a failure, because people are dieing younger and younger as more and more chemicals enter our bodies from pollution and wrong foods/drinks. We are loosing the battle of maintaining balance. The parents are not teaching proper eating habits and children grow up toxic and then they must work with even more toxic substances.
All supplements must be organic plant based or they will cause an accumulation effect which equals loss of circulation. If your supplement is not a plant or is mixed with non plant substances call vitamins, I strongly suggest they all be pitched in the trash where they belong. Just because a bottle says I is vitamin c or vitamin B, A, E, etc. does not mean it is true, these manufactures use synthetic waste products and none of their products can ever contain a vitamin, because a real vitamin is the life of a fruit. This
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
life starts to leave the second you pick the fruit and within 7 minutes the vitamins have all left but the seed. The seed is a true vitamin if it is natural and not been dried in the sun or otherwise killed, because vitamin = life.
Just as our body starts to die the second our spirit leaves, so does the fruit start to die the second it is picked. Because the fruit has the proper sugar content and minerals all balanced, it will dry and still provide organic minerals and the seed will sprout new life when planted properly. So when you see any bottle say it has vitamins in it, “Don’t Buy It”!
The body adapts, but at what cost to health?
We adapt everyday, or we would die in our polluted environment. Medically they proved adaptation this way; they took a bird and put in a class cage with no outside air. It died in X amount of Minutes. They then took the next bird and had a method of removing it and introducing a new bird at the 50% mark. The new bird died immediately. It did not have the advantage of adapting slowly to the less oxygen environment.
In simple terms; if someone from 10 years ago appeared today, they would choke to death before they could adapt to the more polluted environment.
• Everyday of our life, we adapt to what ever condition we must, or we die.
This means if we are lacking proper minerals, then we have a body that suffers proper minerals and the body will adapt to this condition; we commonly call this old age or disease.
Too much food and wrong foods and all the things that cause mucus/constipation in the human body, all blocks the proper circulation and this simply means we suffer from lack of nutrition due to lack of circulation. This applies even if we supplement perfectly, because if the body packs circulation, the essential nutrients will just rot and become food for parasites.
Parasites once established, love real human foods. Once they have their home in the human body, they don’t like to die. As the diet is improved and the mucus clears out, much of the fungus will return to proper balance and large parasites will seek more and more human organs/flesh/fluids. As the body receives more proper nutrition and less and less waste products these
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
parasites will find it harder and harder to survive in the hostile human environment. Herbs help with parasite control. Learning their proper use, speeds up the return to health.
Parasites are survivors. They seek protected / congested areas such as the brain and pancreas. It takes allot of correction to clean out these last two strong holds and the human body can never be totally parasite free, but can be made parasite resistant for life.
Bacteria and Viruses are not like huge parasite worms; they live on our mucus and are easily starved back to balance. A bacterium in Nature is one. Over fed it becomes two, three, four, etc. until thousands of mutated bacteria are formed. I believe a virus is nothing more than mutated bacteria.
The solution for Bacteria is starvation, simple just eat non-mucus forming foods and these bacteria will return to one friendly form. It is suggested we need a balance of 85% bacteria cells and 15% human cells. Luckily human cells are large and we have the appearance of a human.
• Having less or more bacteria is known as disease or an imbalance.
If a person used metallic substances, drugs, etc. to kill bacteria/parasites, they achieve nothing. Dead waste is what bacteria/parasites thrive upon, so the more drugs used, the more the bacteria mutate. When so many toxins have been used to harm bacteria, soon the human cells have mutated to survive such poisoning. Eventually the Immune System must fight or loose the body. On the extreme, the Immune System sees the human cells as the enemy, because they are no longer human. These conditions are caused my too many toxic poisons in the body for too long of a period; the adaptation has went too far, too long.
Common sources of such toxins is drugs/vitamins/rock minerals/dental metals, etc.
Lugol’s Iodine
Man made Iodine is extremely toxic and carries the skull bone warning of death. It will burn human tissue on contact. It will kill all bacteria/parasites it comes in contact with, the bad with the good. It sterilizes.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Harry Hoxsey added Iodine to a herbal mixture and used it successfully in cancer treatment and has the best cancer clinic history in North America. It became so successful it took the Government to force him out of business; he was arrested over 100 times and I believe the most arrested man on record. His cancer treatment was the most successful. When he was shut down permanently by an American president / ama thugs, etc. he gave his nurse his formula and some money and she took it to Mexico and opened the first ever cancer clinic in Mexico which lead to the common Mexican cancer clinics of today.
The secret to his success was telling the near dead patient that they will be helped and loved; 100% opposite of the hospital treatment of being treated like a plague to be disposed of to the local dump.
His herbal/iodine formula was a lifelong formula, that some used for over 40 more years, even though they had a terminal cancer. The Iodine kills the bacteria and the Hoxey patients were told to change to a fruit/vegetable diet. This mean that the bacteria could not over grow, the Iodine kept it killed and the diet didn’t supply allot of food for the bacteria to grow on.
This use of powerful Iodine was never intended for anyone healthy, because it is toxic and sterilizes. I suggest Iodine is the perfect chemo agent, because it does not kill fast, it kills very slow.
The big mistake
People in fear of disease take Lugol’s Iodine and commercial Iodine as a preventative. They don’t understand they are taking a toxic chemical drug. They enjoy feeling better after taking Iodine, because it knocks down their bacterial/virile load and they feel stronger/better. They don’t realize they are sterilizing them selves slowly and the dead bacteria is only supplying more and more food for new bacteria; unless they correct the diet and remove the mucus from the body and even then, their body is out of balance, because Iodine kills all, not just the bad bacteria.
Commercial Iodine is a drug, if you’re taking it, you’re taking drugs and all drugs have side effects.
True Iodine
• We can’t live with out it.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Humans have the best health when they have all the essential minerals in perfect proportions. These all must come from the plant or simply put; organic source and not rock source. Rock source is commonly referred to as vitamins/drugs.
You will never receive true essential minerals in a non herbal capsule. If you have bottles of pills that are not herbs, throw them away if you wish to stop poisoning your family.
• Human food/medicine comes from the Tree/plant.
The Bible is a handed down book of information of our forefathers. They lived before the earth was polluted with poisons. If they appeared in our time, they would die instantly as the bird experiment proved. Should we learn from these superior humans with pure unpolluted minds? Of course, they had no ill motives, no products to sale. Their information holds true for the human race.
The Bible makes it clear, our food and medicine from the tree and the herb of the ground.
The Problem
The Bible is made up from a huge amount of world history, a cannon of the larger source. Simple put; x amount of pages were chosen from hundreds of sources to create one book. Today many bibles carry a patent. As we all know, a patent means someone owns that version of the Bible and many versions today exist.
Over the past 2,000 years, popular stories have been kept or added to the Bible, while not so popular stories have been removed. This process started wars 2,000 years ago and these wars have never stopped, all wars are based on the alterations done to the Bible. Most will say the battle has been lost now that the world has came under one government source.
God is not a double minded fool.
If God said; the tree and the herb was man’s food and medicine, then that is it. Perfection never needs modification. Anything stating that humans can eat anything but the fruits of the tree and the herb of the land, then the pope 9
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
added it and anyone falling the popes advice is following the pope and not God and most all catholic people call their pope; FATHER, referring to him as their God.
Regardless what any human thinks or doesn’t think of the Bible, the handed down ancient information proves out to anyone willing to self-experiment. Those who are sick know if they live on the fruits of the tree and the herbs of the land, their disease quickly goes away as the mucus leaves the body and the worms have no more food. Those taking the pope’s advice and eating anything and every thing suffer the consequences of worms or plague from the heavens above to those who choose their own path in life.
The Tree
Fruits come from the Tree, bush and vine. These are the only human foods; proven medically and by common sense. The best herbal medicines come from the tree and from the wild natural herb of the ground. Herbal medicines are used when we have eaten anything that didn’t come from the Tree/bush/vine.
• So does it make sense that we choose our Iodine from the chemical company or from the Tree?
If you agree tree, you will like this booklet, otherwise you will only get madder; as you know your health problems all started as a child being fed everything, but foods from the Tree.
The Bible has many things added and common sense would only seem that as things were added, so were things deleted. Another example; taxes. God has no use for money. He supplied our needs with the Tree. It is our food and our shelter. Our air is free, our sunshine is free and the Tree was freely supplies by God to all; in no way shape or form, would there be a need to create a thing called money. Money was created by those wishing to control others. God gives everything freely and the freer a man is, the more he can follow God’s Ways. The more he has, the more it controls him and then the governments control him via taxation. The Bible points this out to those that can ignore the added words that are designed to make the pope/government god.
• Health is as simple as returning to the Tree for your needs.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Who would not want to be totally free, having nothing, owing nothing and eating fresh picked fruits with your disease free family and nothing to do but enjoy the earth God created for us all.
We have moved from the ideal lands of fruit and honey. We live in hostile lands with weather that may not support year around fruits. We have used electricity and chemicals to prepare/preserve non fruits for our daily foods.
We have adapted to eating dead animals/fish as our foods. We mix every sort of food on the same plate. Is it no wonder our stomachs and elimination organs struggle and hurt. We have left the Tree behind as we have adapted to the popes advice and eat what doesn’t eat us first. We have shown God that we will do it our way, the worldly way. This makes us human, this brings Nature’s Wrath upon us.
Nature follows God’s Laws.
Nature is like the jury/judge/executioner.
Nature is perfect science. All science that can be repeated over and over perfectly, proves Nature.
Nature hands down judgment for every crime, instantly as the crime is committed.
We consume a deadly poison, we die. The next person does the same, they die. Nature does not alter; it was designed by a perfect creator.
Humans and all life forms adapt to a polluted world, but Nature does not change, it does not adapt; it hands down judgment to everything that seeks to change perfection.
Nature Rewards
When a child asks of his father, his father gives in love for his child; so it is with Nature. Those that obey God’s Laws are rewarded, just as those who seek wickedness are justly rewarded with trials and torment. Luckily, we can live many years against God’s Laws and once we return to righteousness, it does not take as many years to repair all the damage we brought upon our
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
selves. We normally feel better the day we start obeying and some such as Dr. John R. Christopher suggested it never takes more than 7 years to completely rebuild a new body. Some great MDs have written that we rebuild our body with each new breath of air. As long as we don’t harm our body, our air will rapidly supply the oxygen needed to make new healthy cells that create a new body.
Health is not as simple as taking a few supplements. Health is a way of life. Its path takes one to God their creator, because if we live against the way we were designed, we are lost in finding health.
• Health is a result of Peace with God.
Iodine, supplements, foods, etc., etc. is only a small portion of total health. So many people only seek supplements for their true illness; living against God.
Each person must make their peace with God their way. We come into this world along with God and we leave this world alone with God, we are responsible to God as one. God knows all we have done. God is our teacher, our father.
The popes system to make him god in exchange for worshipping him and giving him your tithes makes for a life that everything is OK and we can do as we please all our days and have peace that the pope will stand between us and God at our death and make it all OK. Nature proves otherwise, this is why the rich people are sick and die of their sickness and why they seek drugs and NOT GOD.
Only God gives life, peace and happiness. He gives it to those that ask and obey his creative design for mankind. Sickness is a result of living against Nature and why the Bible says we alive today are a living result of our past 7 generations sins against Nature. We suffer in health what our forefathers have sewn.
Only we can stop and start obeying God’s Ways and make each new generation better. We can not have perfect heath until our past 7 generations have lived with God and not with the world’s ways. This is why we no
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
longer live 1,000 years old and why we can barely live 40 years of good health. We can start with our family and teach our children the proper ways.
The total picture
Now the reader knows he/she will never find the miracle supplement to erase their past 7 generations and they know they are responsible to God and can’t buy their way out with money, etc. The reader knows circulation is King and wrong foods and habits reduce circulation.
Now the reader can safely seek Nature and not be sucked into lies that manufacturers and medical people use to scare people into buying worthless; if not harmful products.
By now; 95% have became discouraged and left reading this garbage, because it goes against their total way of living their lives. This little booklet was written for the 5% that wants to live.
Historical information others have written
I had a popular audio recording between two doctors put to file. They discuss Iodine therapies and a variety of health related topics. I felt it was worth an investigation. Note that these doctors are not talking about Natural Iodine and are discussing synthetic substances and chemical theories, etc.
(Note as well that these two doctors are talking back and forth I won’t bother recognizing which one is speaking.)
We are going to be talking about iodine of all things. I know that might sound like an obscure thing to talk about when so much is going on in the world from a spiritual point of view; from a political point of view; from the military point of view and all the problems we have in the middle east and yes; they are very real problems we have in America, but I think that as this discussion progresses; it is also a very significant issue and its one that most of us don’t really think about.
I mean after all; well iodine sufficiency; that was something that used to exist in America a long time ago; fortunately we have excellent public health service and when it was found many people around the basin of the great
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
lakes had goiters; they started iodizing our salt and that really sort of ended the problem.
We used to get iodine out of fish, but we are told not to eat much fish because danger of mercury and toxic poisoning. One time of course; when I used to work in the hospitals; every Friday they had fish. Most of the hospitals were catholic and that was the catholic tradition, but that changed so people; a lot of people; aren’t eating a lot of fish today, but is iodine really a factor in health?
Well with us this evening is Dr. #####; I heard a two hour talk he gave; somebody sent it to me and I was so intrigued by that; I asked him to come and discuss this; because I am firmly convinced of not only what he said; but I went to my other experts and asked them; could this possibly be true and they assured me that he was right on in everything he said. So I can hardly wait for you to hear what he has to say; good evening dr. and thanks so much for being here with us tonight.
Thank you.
Why don’t you just you pick up the story and tell us how you got involved with this whole incredible story.
Well back towards the end of the late nineteen hundreds about 1999 - 1998 right in there; there was an article in the journal of the American medical association where they were talking about different diseases that were on the rise and one of them was known as Fibrocystic Breast Disease and they were talking about how more and more American women had this problem.
By the early 1990’s approximately 84% of women in north American had problems with breast pain with their periods; some women had breast pain constantly. I’ve had women come in and tell me that the breast pain was so bad it felt like two major big forms in their chest and they were living with this pain all the time 24 hours a day and in that article they pointed out that they felt the main source of this problem was iodine deficiency and I had been trained as probably you were that iodine deficiency manifested as goiters and I didn’t see how in the world could iodine deficiency be related to fibrocystic breast disease or this problem of breast pain; so it pushed me and some fellow colleges of endocrinologists by the name of dr. ### out of Torrance, California to start looking at different articles and start
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
trying to pick out what is the relationship between iodine deficiency and problems with fibrocystic disease.
• So what ended up happening was that we started investigating and what we found; is that iodine deficiency in the thyroid manifest as cysts nodules scar tissue enlargement and we call that goiter and iodine deficiency in the breast manifests as cysts nodules scar tissue enlargement tenderness and we call that fibrocystic breast disease and the lack of iodine in the ovary manifests as cysts nodules scar tissue enlargement and that we call polycystic ovarian syndrome.
It turns out that many, many years ago they found in the great lakes region prior to 1924 and even today; that they had discovered that people that had goiter; had a higher rate of breast cancer; esophageal cancer; stomach cancer ovarian cancer; and cancer of the uterus known as endometrial cancer.
So we started looking into this and this was something that had been shown in Switzerland; something that had been showing up in the Piedmont area of Italy and so on and it turns out that it’s the absence of iodine in these tissues that causes the tissue to promote the development of cancer; so then we became more and more interested in this, because as you can see, the rise in cancer; lets say breast cancer; back in 1959 one in every 17 women in north America had problems with breast cancer and today its one out of every 8 and in another few years its one out of every 7 and what is interesting is that we keep looking nation wide at what is it that we are doing to the breasts to induce these problems of breast cancer and a lot of times its not what we are doing; its what we are not doing!
• What’s happening is we are not stimulating the tissue with the use of iodine. It turns out that there are enzymes in the breast; enzymes in the thyroid; enzymes in the bone marrow that helps the body to absorb iodine.
What we discovered is that the lack of iodine particularly in the breast tissue manifests itself as fibrocystic breast disease and in the new England journal of medicine July 24 issue 2005; they mentioned that there was a defiant increase in the risk of development of breast cancer in women with fibrocystic breast disease. Now up until this time we called it fibrocystic 15
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
breast disease, but really with in the last few years; radiologist pathologist and many different types of doctors have now changed the term; they call it benign breast changes and the problem is that benign breast changes may be what it is called now; but let that type of problem set inside that breast tissue for 20-30 yrs and the risk of breast cancer starts climbing; so in fact here in north Carolina; the number one reason why radiologists get sued for abnormal mammograms is the fact that they missed breast cancer in a patient with fibrocystic breast disease; so this is a pretty serious problem and one that can be easily addressed by giving patients iodine.
Well I thought it was a bit interesting that you were commenting that basically back when we used to have hypothyroidism and the goiter which was endemic in the great lakes area say there was a much higher instance at least of those people with hypothyroid of the breast cancer and other uterine and ovarian cancers is that right?
That’s true in fact; there have been studies that have been done showing that in all these cities; counties; states along the great lakes region; who had the highest rates of hypothyroidism; often though are the cities; counties; states that have the highest rates of breast cancer and there seems to be a very high correlation between the two. What is also interesting is that in the journal from the American medical association in 1976 there was a very interesting article that showed if the rate of breast cancer in the united states is like 6%; that the day you put a woman on thyroid hormone for treatment of hypothyroidism; that the day you put a woman on a thyroid hormone; you literally double her risk of developing breast cancer. So we go from a 6% rate to a rate of around 12% if a woman has been taking thyroid hormone for greater than 15 yrs.
Her risk of breast cancer is something like 19.6% if a woman had been taking a thyroid hormone for greater than 15 yrs and she has never had a child before her rate of breast cancer is up at around 33% and we since then have tried to study this out and what we discovered is when you take supplemental thyroid hormone; you literally inhibit the bodies ability to absorb iodine and in fact; I as a doctor have found patients where we found a thyroid mass or nodules; a big nodule and we needed to do a I120 update and scan it’s a radio active iodine study with the use of iodine and the nuclear medicine department of your local hospital will sit there and tell you that you need to that.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Take the patient off the thyroid hormone for at least 2-3 wks so that they can do their study, because when you put someone on thyroid hormone inhibit the ability of the thyroid to absorb iodine; especially radioactive iodine, because that’s how you can tell if these nodules or masses that you find in the thyroid are either a cancer or non-cancer and so on; so its been pretty much proven at that point that women that take thyroid supplementation of hormones are actually as much / much higher risk of development of breast cancer.
• And you know one of the things that really disturbs me is that so many people today are being put on thyroid hormone and when I was going to medical school hypothyroidism existed, but it wasn’t; its almost like its endemic now and everybody has it; everybody has to do the blood tests and we look your numbers are down and so we got to put you on thyroid hormone because we want to help you.
In fact one of the top pharmaceutical drugs sold in the united states is thyroid hormone; the problem of hypothyroidism and everything else is just grown exponentially.
But nobody ever asks; why has it grown exponentially; that’s the question.
That’s true; it turns out that in the American diet; lets go back prior to 1924. We look at cities like Akron, Ohio; 56% of people in Akron, Ohio had goiters.
The same thing could be true for a lot of the cities along the great lakes region; we can talk about Buffalo, we can talk about Milwaukee; we can talk about Chicago; Detroit all of these big cities had major problems with goiter.
• That’s interesting that in the original studies done by a doctor in Akron, Ohio; Dr Marine showed that the incidence of the goiter among children was one to one; one boy / one girl; but as soon as the girls went through puberty the incidence of goiter went up. So we now find that there was six girls to every one boy having problems with goiter and it would be back in the 1960’s and 1970’s when we would discover that breast tissue utilized and uses as much iodine; if not more than the thyroid.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
So when you have iodine coming into the body the breast tissue is then competing with the thyroid; as to who is going to get the iodine. Now the thyroid itself is only about 8.3 cc big, but each breast is lets say between 100-200 cc for each tissue and in some; when as you have seen; they can get pretty big; so we can talk about breast tissue in women being anywhere from 200 to even 800-900 or even 1000cc of tissue; as compared to the thyroid which is 8.3. So as you can see; the development of breast tissue competes with the thyroid as far as who is going to get the iodine.
And isn’t the iodine essential for normal health of the breast?
That’s right; back in 1924 Dr Marine gave a bunch of patients; a group of children; iodine and he at that time; gave them about 9mg a day to inhibit the development of goiter and he was able to demonstrate that it worked and soon after that the united states government decided to start putting iodine in the salt.
• We iodized that salt and by 1928-29 goiter was on a defiant decrease nation wide. Now what’s interesting is that the rda at that time; the rda was looking at how much iodine can you give a person to inhibit the development of goiter, because it’s the only thing that they can associate with iodine and it would be years later when we would find out that the thyroid gland itself only holds about 3% of all the iodine in the human body. 70% of all the iodine in the body sits inside the muscles and fat; 20% sits inside the skin and the tissue that has the highest ability to concentrate iodine above and beyond that thyroid is that of the ovary and it turns out that lack of iodine to the ovary gives you an ovary that’s malfunctioning and gives you a tremendous amount of trouble.
So you can see where it is so important to get the iodine into the ovaries, because that is what helps them out; now as we have already discussed the absence of iodine in the ovary can give you problems with a lot of reoccurring cysts and there is a dangerous problem out there called polycystic ovarian syndrome; where women develop multiple cysts of the ovaries, but one of the biggest problems they have is in fertility and in my medical practice we have had probably five women who have come in now that have had problems with polycystic ovaries and once we put them on iodine the patient started having periods; usually these patient have a
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period maybe once a year maybe once every nine months and within six months these women where all having periods every 28 days.
• With the use of this iodine these women started having periods every 28 days and one of the problems with these women with polycystic ovaries is the problem of infertility and we now have a total of 4 out of the 5 women who have become pregnant and delivered healthy babies.
One of the things that we have just picked up on; this was just published about two or three years ago; is that the absence of iodine in early pregnancy is felt and we are talking about the first two or three months of getting pregnant is the absences of iodine in early pregnancy is the reason why children tend to go on and develop attention deficit disorder there does not seem to be any relationship between thyroid hormone levels and tsh blood levels at the time of birth with ADD, but there is the lack of iodine in early pregnancy; that is felt to be the source of this problem.
• This has actually been worked up in Italy where there are certain areas of Italy; were there’s problems with not enough iodine in the soil and in the water and the food and so on and children there was a group of children being followed in one little community and over the ten year time period something like 11 out of the 20 children developed ADD and in communities where there was lots of iodine in the water soil the food and so on the children that were being followed in those communities 0 out of the 20 developed ADD; so the rate was very high in those communities where there was not enough iodine.
It turns out that iodine in early pregnancy and in fact throughout the whole pregnancy; determines the IQ of a child.
In fact; most neurobiologist and neurophysiologists and other people have been able to sit there and say that; iodine is what sets the persons IQ. In other words; babies IQ is pretty much set in concrete; by the time the baby is two years old and iodine throughout a pregnancy and iodine throughout the 19
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
firs two years of life; will help to increase a Childs IQ by about 15 points and we have seen those with the babies in our practice.
We have seen where babies three and four months old; we were able to teach these children how to do a high five where we worked with them for about five or six minutes and then we stepped away and did something else and came back about 10 minutes later and put the hand up as to do a high five and that baby just put its hand up there; as if it knew what it was supposed to do. So IQ can be influenced by the amount of iodine in early pregnancy and also in early childhood.
Well I think that is really fascinating and there are so many other places where the iodine is so important in development; so you go right ahead.
There was an interesting study that was just published a few years ago; throughout the world like in India and China and other places there are communities throughout that are monitoring the amount of iodine.
And what did they find?
Well what they found; was there was an interesting study that was published in China where they had a community where there was very little iodine in the community and the Chinese government decided to introduce the idea of fluoridation of the water; once they started putting fluoride in the water and in communities where the iodine level was known to be marginal; all of a sudden these women in these communities started spitting out babies that were literally known as to you and I in the medical profession; known as to most people out there; it meant that these babies were very mentally retarded.
They are very small to as I remember.
Yes and it turns out that just fluoridating the water in a community where there was very little iodine gave them problems with mentally retarded children.
• So the fluoride competes with the iodine to get into the thyroid and when you have very little iodine to begin with; then it is not getting into the thyroid at all; is it.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
That’s correct; now having said that; lets look at what has happened here in America. In America we used to put iodine in bread; in fact; one slice of bread back in the 1960; you could get one slice and it would have 160 micrograms per slice of bread and somewhere along the way; somebody decided to take the iodine out of the bread and substitute in there another product called bromide and we’ll have to get to that later and then we used to put iodine in the milk.
We used to use iodine to help sterilize the tits of cows; so that we would milk them and the iodine would get into our milk and now they have totally taken the iodine out of the milk and they are using some other type of chemicals and then we have this; you know putting iodine in the salt; now what is interesting is that if you do studies on salt; you will find out that 50% of American women cook with salt that has no iodine in it.
(Note: when Iodine is mixed with salt, it forms a harmful chemical, but these authors are medical and don’t see chemicals as a problem. There point is that we are getting less and less Iodine.)
I don’t think that the average women realizes that they have taken the iodine out of the salt; I mean my wife really wasn’t aware of this until she went down and started looking for salt and started looking to see if it had iodine and she had to look through several different brands to find one that had iodine in it.
Why would they have taken the iodine out of the salt when it is so essential to our health the people?
Yeah; I think what happens is that it’s about 50% of salt that’s out there has got iodine in there and why it’s being taken out; I have no idea. What we do know is that in fact; I just got this it was in a medical journal for family practice doctors; in fact it was also reported in the American medical association; one of there newspapers, but in there; it says that the American medical association is going to recommend to all physicians in North America that we try to cut maybe 50% the amount of salt intake for Americans over the next ten years.
Well if you take the iodine out of the bread and you take the iodine out of the milk and the only iodine most people get is through the salt what are we going to do we are going to make this epidemic of hypothyroidism
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nationwide, because you need iodine to be able to make thyroid hormones, if you don’t have iodine you don’t make the hormone and what ends up happening is those of us who are getting into our fifties and beyond and the blood pressure starts going up. The first thing the doctor wants to do is start cutting back on your salt, because if you have too much salt; you are going to increase your blood pressure and what happens is; if you look at the population at age sixty and above; almost 25-30% of the people who become senile beyond age 60 are senile due to lack of thyroid hormone.
Secondary to the presences of no iodine in their diet and a lot of it is because we are taking the salt away from them, because of the “hypertension”.
And we are told not to eat fish because of the mercury.
Well you know its interesting they took the iodine out of our bread and they use iodine and bromide and fluoride are all what they call halogens and especially bromide and iodine are what they call halogens or halides that are used in the bread industry to help you have beautiful looking loaves of bread.
If you have ever tried to make homemade bread you’ll notice that your homemade bread usually when the crust cooled down; the crust gets kind of hard and separates from the top and so on, but professional bread makers will take and put these halogens such as bromide or iodine into the bread and again gives you these beautiful looking loaves of bread; where the top hangs on in there.
By the 60’s and 70’s they took the iodine out of bread and they started using bromide and we here let me just give you a little bit of history here back in the 1800’s we had a place here in Ashville, North Carolina; a place called the Grove Park Inn and Dr Grove was a physician who used to take bromide and attach it to winomide and this was a product called bronomide. And he used it as a chemical to “fatten up your children” and in fact for those of you who want to go to the Grove Park Inn in Ashville, North Carolina and you will see pictures of children; human children on the body of a pig and you can see it on the bottles that were sold back in that time period and the rational of using this product was to “fatten up your child” .
Since back then it was told that a fat child was better than a skinny one!
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Well it turns out that by the 1920’s we have a new product out on the market called bromo seltzer. Bromo seltzer for those people who like to imbibe by alcohol; they would wake up in the morning with a really back headache and they would use the bromo seltzer to help calm down there stomachs and their headaches and so on; well it turns out that if you use to much bromo seltzer; bromide builds up in the central nervous system and it was causing problems with paranoid schizophrenia.
In fact you can go to any medical dictionary and look up bromomania and bromomania is a description of patients who development a psychosis secondary to the presence of bromide in their body.
And so we are putting this into our loaves of bread?
Yeah this is statistics that come straight out of the new England journal of medicine but between 1920 and 1960 over 20% of people admitted to American psychiatric hospitals were being admitted for problems with acute paranoid psychosis secondary to taking bromo seltzer; in fact you might be old enough to remember back in the 50’s and 40’s admitting a patient who might have had dt’s or having gone through withdraw off of alcohol and they would be having problems with dt’s and they would be thrown into the physic unit and the doctors would sit there and say well we don’t know if the dt’s this person is having is because they are coming off of alcohol or is it because they have been drinking to much bromide.
I have talked to physicians who have practiced back in those days and they told me that was exactly what the thinking was amongst physicians; it turns out that by 1964 the fda is getting concerned about the effects of bromide on newborn babies and what the bromide was doing to them and so on, but it is interesting how all of a sudden a new product came out on the market that was loaded with bromide and this product was called Mountain Dew and if you look on the side of the bottle it says brominated vegetable oil they use bromide to mix the oil and then help to disperse the citric acid that they put in to the mt. dew to give it that citrus flavor.
Well mt. dew is not the only one they have been doing this with; fresca, etc.; they’ve been doing this with a tremendous amount of soft drinks they have also been throwing the bromide into the Gatorade product that contain the citric acid to give it that citrus flavor and just to give you an interesting story one of the kids from my practice was trying to get onto the 23
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
baseball team at the local high school and he was about 20lbs overweight and his coach came to him and said hey you need to try to loose some weight over the summer and keep practicing with your arm and then we will see you over the summer and see how your arm looks and how your weight does and then we’ll do fine.
Well the kid starts exercising throughout the summer and he starts sweating up a storm and his mother goes out and dutily buys him Gatorade; because he likes the citrus flavored Gatorade which turns out to have a tremendous amount of bromide in it; in the sense of brominated vegetable oil. By the beginning of the school year; the kid comes in for his sports physical and the mother comes up to me and said; you know there is something wrong with my child and I said; well what’s that and she said; well he wants to be withdrawn; he does not want to be with girls. He doesn’t want to participate in school events and he thinks that everyone is against him and they don’t want to have anything to do with him and he’s complaining of belly pain.
He has a decrease of appetite; he is becoming anorexic.
He is having problems with bad breath and he is constantly complaining of stomach pain and he seems to be having problems with chest pain also.
Well we looked into it and found it sounds like your son is developing some sort of psychosis of some sort and then I asked him about what was his favorite Gatorade drink to drink and he told me and it turns out that this stuff was loaded with bromide and I showed it to him and I said; you know look; you’ve been drinking almost a gallon of this stuff on a daily basis, because you where trying to loose weight; in the mean time you have now soaked your body with bromide and it is starting to effect how your mind works.
Well once he saw that and once we put him on Iodine to help get rid of the bromide and also put him on salt; we were able to turn him around and within a few weeks he was back into his normal self again.
And what is really so interesting; is the Iodine will tend to get rid of the fluoride and the bromide and some of the other heavy metals.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
You got it; in fact; my son was one of the original research subjects that we used to test iodine with and he would urinate into this container that would contain all the urine for a whole day and at the end of the day when the urine was sitting there in the refrigerator we noticed that there was about a half of an inch of thick brown sludge at the bottom of the container and I thought what in the world is this stuff that is in there.
He said I don’t know dad; its just coming out of me and so we did testing with Dr Abraham and I said; what is this brown sludge and it turns out it was bromide and I said; where in the world are you getting bromide from and his mother looked at me and said; I don’t know; I never cook with bromide. I don’t know where this stuff is coming from; so I talked to him and said; you know where do you eat? What do you do and he said; well I like to eat a lot at Taco Bell. So we went over to Taco Bell and looked at the different foods that they were presenting and nothing really stood out as outstanding as far as something loaded with bromide and I said; well which one of the Soda Drinks do you like to drink and he said; well I like the Mt. Dew and I always get the big container and it turns out he was picking up a tremendous amount of bromide from this Mt. Dew at Taco Bell.
• Now her is the interesting part; I said how much Mt. Dew do they serve at school; like in the commentary in the vending machines and so I sat there and said how many of the vending machines do you have in the commentary and he said; well we have about 12 and I said; well of the 12 vending machines how many dispense Mt. Dew and he said; oh well that’s easy 10 of them and the other two have like coke and 7up and milk and water and so on and so on and he said; well every morning 10 machines are loaded with fresh Mt. Dew that was loaded in throughout the night and he said those vending machines by the end of the day are virtually empty.
Here in the south our boys ages about 9-15 are drinking an average of five Mt. Dew’s a day.
(Note: I have seen people develop Epilepsy from drinking Mt. Dew and cure them selves by stopping all pop.)
I mean I could not believe how extensive the intake of bromide is and probably the most interesting thing is that if you were to take bromide and put it into liquid oil; lets say olive oil and you start turning the bromide into
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
the oil; the bromide with start turning that liquid oil into a solid oil. Then its very solid; then you can hardly do anything with it; imagine years and years of drinking these soda drinks that are loaded with this brominated vegetable oil and the kids that we have today are called Morbid Obesity and we’ve got kids that are becoming obese nationwide and then they try to limit their diet and exercise and this and that and they can’t get rid of the fat and part of it is that those of us in the field of public health are starting to realize that part of the reason is the fact that the body fat is becoming solidified by the presence of the tremendous amount of bromide coming into the soda drinks.
And you know the sweetener that they use in the soda drinks; do you know if they use sugar or aspertain or NutraSweet?
• Well they use aspertain and they also use sugar; now Mt. Dew is loaded with this brominated vegetable oil and but; bromide is also a central nervous system depressant it depresses the central nervous system and it also gives you the psychosis and because of that depression issue; what they do is they take that Dt. Dew and they load it with caffeine; there is more caffeine in Mt. Dew; than there is in coke and so here we are; we are making a bunch of jittery irritable anxious kids who are having problems with increasing weight and they don’t know where the weight is coming from.
We do know that if you were to take away the soda drinks from the average teenage in north America; that in one year these kids would loose between 10-20 pounds; in one year; just by taking them off of soda.
Well I can certainly believe that and I think that really there is so much relationship between nutrition and behavior that the average individual has no idea about.
I think the other problem is that you look at from a public health stand point; look at the news as to what has been going on over about the last ten years and what we are seeing; is we are seeing young people who are in the high school system that are becoming so paranoid; because of this or because of that and going around picking up guns and trying to shoot each other shooting their peers; shooting there parents; shooting their teachers and
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
then we think that we just need to throw more counselors out there to try to help these kids out and maybe that is one thing that needs to be done, but I will tell you one thing; is that we need to take away these soda drinks that are loaded with brominated vegetable oil and out of the school system and try to teach these kids that we need to get this stuff out of the American diet;
In fact I just went and well let me put it this way; a few years ago I was baking some bread and I was shopping with my wife and we noticed that when you went down to the grocery store; they were selling brominated flour; they’ve been putting a lot of bromide into the flour and that’s another way for the people to get bromide and what’s interesting; is that I went to Brazil just two months ago and I was giving this lecture about bromide and Iodine down there and the doctors that where there said; well you know what is interesting; is in the year 2000 the Brazil government outlawed the use of bromide products in the flour in Brazil.
I guess they are smarter in Brazil than the people up here.
I’m telling you; its incredible; now there is; I was doing some research on this and where does the bromide come from and it turns out that a large percentage of the bromide being used in the United States comes out of the dead sea; like the dead sea out of the Palestine area. They are out there harvesting bromide out of the dead sea and then they turn around and sell it to the United States.
• Now we have been using bromide to spray strawberries and to spray fruit; so your living there in California; you should probably already know that they have been spraying all of your fruits and berries to “kill the bugs”.
Actually what they do here in our area which is very close to the strawberry growing; they actually inject it into the soil as well that way it kills everything in the soil so that the funguses and things don’t grow on the strawberry plants. So we grow the most beautiful strawberries, but now that you mention this; I wonder how much bromide is in those strawberries or maybe the strawberry plants are smart enough to not pick it up.
I have no idea; but I can tell you there are problems there and then I have heard recently that the state of California was thinking of allowing the companies to start spraying the fruits and vegetables with fluoride in an effort to try to get rid of the fluoride that is stock piling nationwide.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Well I do actually know that they use the fluoride as a pesticide; as a very good pesticide; as a very good insecticide; I mean it killed the insects on contact and that’s another reason why they are putting it into our drinking water.
Yeah; well I just have to kind of worry about the concept of us giving fluorides. We have mothers who are very deficient in iodine and then we give these mothers fluoridated water what type of generation are we creating for the future and I have talked to a lot of teachers who have told me over the last few years they have seen an increasing amount of children who are having a very difficult time in being able to concentrate and it seems like we are creating a generation of imbeciles.
• Well I will tell you; in China they found out that in areas where the water was fluoridated; that there are no geniuses; that there are a lot of children with subnormal intelligence and in the instances of subnormal intelligence increases dramatically in areas with fluoridated water and you have to ask yourself why would they be doing that to our children.
That’s right and especially here in North America and its interesting that if you go down to Wal-mart and you look at the “reverse osmosis or distilled water” jugs and where they sell this distilled water; look to the right or to the left and you will see distilled water for children with added fluoride.
(Note; I have seen this for at least 16 years).
Of course that then will compete with the iodine as far as getting to the thyroid and producing the hypothyroidism.
• Why would they be doing that; certainly the scientific facts behind this is well known and yet the average doctor doesn’t know it and dentist doesn’t know it.
Right; so there seems to be some type of program nationwide that is pushing this bromide issue pushing the fluoride issue and a result I think our next generation of human beings that we are creating here in north America are going to be people with lower IQs than what we see today.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Well I think the main thing is that American policy for the government has been set; in the sense that we are giving enough iodine to the population to try to inhibit the development of hypothyroidism or even goiter and the problem is; is that the average American eat an average of 138 micrograms of Iodine a day; the body can utilize up to 9-10 milligrams a day.
Well to my understanding the Japanese are taking around 12.5mg a day and they have a much lower incidence of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
• That is right; in fact; in the next hour we need to talk about the relationship between the iodine deficiency and cancer.
I mean this is a hot issue, because cancer has now surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in north America.
It is said that 1 in 3 American men will develop prostate cancer and 1 in 7 women will have breast cancer and the question is why are these things increasing so rapidly here in the united state where in countries like Japan where they have a large consumption of Iodine in their diet; they just don’t see the high instances of breast cancer. They just don’t see the high instances of prostate cancer and as we will discuss in the next hour.
If you do get a prostate cancer and it does even spread through other parts of your body; it becomes an anesthetic, but it doesn’t kill you and the question is; does Iodine protect the body and if it does protect the body why are they taking it out of our bread; why are they taking it out of our milk; why are they taking it out of our salt?
Well it turns out in Japan; Japanese men do develop prostate cancer, but what is interesting is in Japan; men do not die of prostate cancer. The cancer may develop inside the tissue; it does not metastasize; it does not spread; so Japanese men die of old age with their prostate cancer, but the cancer is not what kills them; where as here in the united states; I think it is close to 40% of men with prostate cancer will die from metastasis prostate cancer, because the cancer spreads and killed them.
Does the lack of thyroid have anything to do with Polycystic Kidney Disease?
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Your talking about lack of iodine; we don’t know; I don’t know if anyone has published in that area; we do know for people; I think above age 40-50 that approximately 50% of the American population have problems with cysts in the kidneys.
Now I will tell you that there is increased evidence to suggest that the problem of increased cysts throughout the whole body and if you were to type in just the words cyst of breast and cysts of thyroid and then type in; like you can go to the national library of medicine website; and just type in any of these things; you will see that there is a relationship between developed of the thyroid cysts of the breast and cysts of the ovaries and cysts of the brain and cysts of the liver and cysts of other tissues and it turns out that we have found that there is a tremendous number of tissues through out the body that are very iodine dependant for normal function.
Does long term use of thyroidoxine lead to thyroidism?
Long term use of thyroid hormones does not lead to hyperthyroidism.
Well what we have discovered is that iodine deficiency in the thyroid; it’s the absence of iodine in the cells; that’s a promoter of cancer; therefore a person who develops a goiter had a higher rate of thyroid cancer and in fact in the last 10 years here in north America the rate of thyroid cancer has doubled within the last 10 years and a lot of it is associated with that fact that we have deprived the population of Iodine. The other thing that we have seen is; is that absence of Iodine in the thyroid; you get what is called hyperplasia; that is there is an increase in cellular multiplication and division and the more hyperplasia you have in cells the more problems with potential development of cancer and the same thing it true of the breast with absence of iodine in the breast tissue you see hyperplasia and hyperplasia is just one step away from development of breast cancer .
Among the gynecologist the gyn endocrinology doctors they have known for years that women who have problems with polycystic ovaries have problems with increased ovarian cancer by the time they get into their 40-50 and in fact many of these doctors recommend that women with polycystic ovaries have their ovaries removed by the time they are in their 40-50, because of the high incidence of ovarian cancer.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
• Now I will give you another one and that is about 20% of all the iodine in the human body sits inside the skin and we have tried to identify what is it that iodine is doing in the skin; it turns out that iodine is what helps the body to sweat; so you’ll have people who get out there and exercise like here in the south; it can get hot and muggy here in the summer and I have patients that come in and say I can get hot; but I never sweat. I don’t break a sweat at all.
I was down in Porto Rico about 2 years ago and a professor of pharmacology came up to me after I made that statement; he said let me give you an interesting story; he said about five years ago; about the year 2000 he said; my mother came up to me and said; son I have lost my ability to sweat.
He looked at his mother and said; well mother that is wonderful; now you don’t have to be stinky. She said; wrong statement. I have lived on this island of Porto Rico for 70 years she said; it gets up to 90 degrees out here and its 100% humidity and don’t tell me its normal for someone to not sweat on this island.
Her son the pharmacologist and the guru at the medical school said; you know mom; its ok; you don’t have to sweat, because then you don’t have to be stinky and she said son; that’s not normal and so every year after that; he would go over there on her birthday and she would ask him; son have you figured out why I cant sweat and he would sit there and said; you know mom; its ok you don’t need to sweat and then at the time I had met the gentleman it was about two years ago in August; he told me that the previous December his mother was diagnosed with having metastasis breast cancer.
He had just buried his mother; like 30 days prior to this medical meeting.
Well it turns out; if you were to go to a place like Japan; now in Japan the average person eats about 13.8mg of iodine a day in the united states its 138micrograms in essence the Japanese are eating almost 100 times more iodine per day then we are and yet as you think about it; in Japan as a nation has one of the least amount of cancers of all the world. Now think about it; we have nuked those people over there twice their land is loaded with radio active material and yet they have the least amount of cancers of the whole world.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
I mean you go over there to Chernobyl; where there was that tremendous amount of radiation and I take care of Russians here in the Ashville area and they tell me back in the Ukraine there is a tremendous amount of cancer developing all over the area from people that were exposed to the radiation from Chernobyl; yet look at the Japanese eating these high doses of iodine and they get their iodine primarily from seaweed and they have the least amounts of breast cancer the least amounts of gynecological cancer the least amounts of the ovarian and uterine cancers and so on.
(NOTE: the key is getting plant based Iodine, not consuming toxic chemical Iodine like Lugols).
Now its interesting in the United States how much we have tried to help people to lower their cholesterol; lets not eat lots of red meat and lets not eat pork and lets try to eat more white meat and so on and lets get rid on the butter and so on and you know what is interesting; we have been teaching our population to become vegetarians.
What we haven’t taught our population to do is how to become good marine vegetarians.
(NOTE: The marine plants may have Iodine, but this does not mean they are making Iodine, so their Iodine may only be the run off (second hand) from the soil that gives the oceans a small amount of Iodine content. We know for a fact, that Iodine is produced by Trees).
We haven’t taught them how to eat seaweed. There are a good 20-30 versions that are very edible and different flavors and the Japanese eat seaweed three times a day.
(NOTE: sea plants have a long history of being a natural source of plant based Iodine. The Island people would have far more access to it than people living in land. The author just makes the point that Natural Iodine is anti-cancer or basically anti-disease).
I mean they eat this stuff for breakfast; they eat it in their gummy bears; they eat it in everything, but they have seaweed galore and because of that; the Japanese have very few cancers.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
They do have a lot of stomach cancer, but that’s because we feel they eat so many cold cuts (MEATS) with the iprosomeans in there, but the other types of cancers are just rarely ever seen in Japan.
• One of the things that we discovered when working with iodine is that iodine helps to Chelate out the heavy metals.
(NOTE: better yet; having proper plant based minerals and Iodine prevents heavy metals from being absorbed into the body).
We had a neurosurgeon who was working with us early on in the research program and he was donating some urine for us for some studies and we noticed that on the original studies he had a level of arsenic that was about 5. We started him on the iodine and within a period of a month the arsenic level in his urine went from 5 up to 390 when normal is up to about 8-9 and basically we seen the same thing through with mercury lead aluminum a lot of the heavy metals.
(NOTE: the test showed super high levels because the metals were now out of the tissues into the blood as they are being expelled and will show as a high test sample. Most all blood/urine test are not accurate, because much of the poisons are accumulated in the tissues. Accumulated poisons won’t show up in blood/urine test. Hair/tissue samples will show what the body has accumulated and as these are removed, the blood and urine test will then show HIGH.)
How about iron; does it take out the iron too?
No it doesn’t Chelate iron, but its interesting when you look at iodine and we have done this with the essential metals verses the heavy metals; the ones that are toxic to the human body the iodine will get rid of the really bad stuff like the heavy metals that get into our system, but all the essential metals that are there they are left alone.
• Their levels do not drop; so it is being very selective as to helping us hang on to the right set of minerals and getting rid of the stuff that is really toxic inside of our bodies.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Now having got to that point it turns out that the human body has got canals at the level of the cells; the muscle cells; the breast cells; the thyroid cells and these little canals are selective for transporting iodine. The cell and this system is known as the Sodium Iodide Sinportor and it turns out that the Bromide and the Fluoride poisons the ability of the Sinportor to work properly and as a result you end up with poor absorption at the cellular level of Iodine.
Now in the process of working with patients; we have found people who have problems with Cancer and other things and when we check them out; we find that their Sinportors aren’t working; that is the body cannot Concentrate Iodine into the Cells and
• in fact if you give somebody 50mg of Iodine they urinate out 50mg of iodine.
Basically they didn’t absorb one milligram of this stuff; it all went back out and basically that says that the cells are starving for iodine, because they can’t absorb it.
We have found that one way to help increase absorption of iodine is with the use of vitamin C and we use vit C or buffered vit C 1500mg two times a day; so anybody that wants to incorporate iodine into their supplement program should also be using vit C.
(NOTE: now starts “bad” suggestions from medical misinformation. The authors of this seminar converted to paper are medical doctors that have faith in toxic drugs over natural foods/herbs. To correct one problem, they create two or more; this is how medically minded people live in darkness about human health. DO NOT ever use any form of commercial vitamin, THEY are not vitamins, they are toxic “faked” substances that are ALL POISONS to the human body. Commercial Vitamin C products are some of the deadliest, because they are ACID FORMING TOXINS.)
Now another thing that is interesting and this is research that I have recently been reading and that is; is that when you take Iodine; Iodine goes into the cells of the body and kicks Bromide Out of the Cells and the level of bromide in the blood stream goes up; the bromide goes to the kidney; where
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
chloride; like from salt chloride; pushed bromide into the urine and gets rid of it and so for people who don’t have hypertension and they have the possibility of may be taking a tremendous amount of bromide; it would be good for them to take natural sea salt. About one teaspoon per day and they can spread it out throughout the whole day, but the chloride in the salt helps them to move the bromide out of the body.
(NOTE: Human blood is always in proper ratio of salt and excessive salt is accumulated and surrounded by water to protect the body from being toxic with too much salt; normally just called Fat. Dr. Christopher states when the body lacks natural Potassium, it will always have too much salt and he proclaimed he could cure any cancer with proper Potassium and took his patients off all salt.
This medical commentator has allot of good info, but he seeks to treat the symptom and not the body as a whole and in doing so, medical doctors treat the body as a bag of chemicals to be manipulated and they create a roller coaster effect and most often as a end result, cause their patients to have cancers. Their immediate results are what they base their judgments on and their education won’t allow them to use natural God provided supplements.)
In fact; if you urinate and let the urine just sit there for a while; you’ll see the sediment that develops at the bottom of the toilet and it’s because of the Bromide that gets kicked out of the body.
(NOTE: this is a good experiment all can try. Test the urine samples until you’re confident of what is normal; then try a Iodine Supplement, but BEWARE, you may get results from a toxic form of Iodine, but this does not mean the toxic form is not with out side effects years down the road. Also test with and with out salt, because the commentator’s test uses a lot of salt and this may “fake” the Iodine Test. When salt is desired; I only suggest deep earth salt and never common salt from modern day oceans.)
For people with hypertension; they can go down to the health food store and they can buy potassium chloride and again the main issue here is you have got to get chloride to mobilize the bromide out of the body the other thing we have seen; is the big question that arises; is so the absence of Iodine
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
gives you problems with Fibrocystic Breast Disease; can be taking Iodine reverse the illness!
And the answer is yes; in fact in the North East; we had problems with goiter; in fact in Akron, Ohio 56% of people in Akron, Ohio in 1924 had goiter and in giving those people Iodine; we were giving them 50 up to 150mg of iodine per day and we watched the goiters disappear / shrink and go down, but the question arises; if you have Fibrocystic Breast Disease with these really tender tissues; can you reverse the illness and the answer is yes; you can take a woman with this problem and give her fifty mg a day of iodine and what ends up happening is within a few weeks her breast pain disappears and within a matter of two or three years we see a 50-90% reduction in the Scar / Tissue / Cysts and Nodules that are present in the breast tissue so can Fibrocystic Breast Disease or “Benign Breast changes” being reversed by taking Iodine; so the answer is YES.
(NOTE: as impressive as this sounds, it is not as simple as the commentator has it sound. I read a 1950 medical book that explained how medical Iodine leads to a person being sterile and other side effects. The goal of this book is to show how medical science can help the common person understand Iodine and human health. There is as much good information as bad in most scientific medical information, because they rarely ever use natural supplements with out side effects.)
Now what is interesting; is Iodine was first discovered by one of napoleon scientist whose job was to make salt peter.
Seaweed was added Sulphuric Acid and he saw this villainous material come out of the bath that he was using and the French academy of science would later be able to identify the fact that this was a new element that had not been seen before and it was actually one of the first medicines. A medicine was developed that actually cured a disease.
• I mean you think about it; back in the 1800’s we were giving people strychnine, mercury, bismuth and we were taking all sorts of heavy metals to cure a disease and a lot of times the cure would cure the disease, but we would also kill the patient.
(NOTE: The Dr. Lugol information I found years ago suggested 2 drops of Lugols Solution on the wrist twist per week; never did I read that it
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
was ever suggested to take internally, in fact, Iodine products have always carried the skull bones label as being a deadly substance. I used Lugols on the wrist for some years and never every week; I did quite a few experiments with hair samples done by Data Labs out of Chicago and just the little Lugol’s I did on the wrist sent my Iodine test off the top of the charts. Later I tested our children and a new born baby born to a mother that only took a few drops of Lugols on the wrist once in awhile and the baby was born with an enormous amount of Iodine in the hair sample.
I know for a FACT, the body expels allot of heavy metals from the body via the skin and hair and I have zero doubts, Lugols Solution is a metallic solution of commercial Iodine and the body seeks to get rid of it and struggles in doing so. Lugols is an extremely toxic substance with fumes that will burn/poison the lungs instantly when breathed. Dr. Lugol suggested 2 doses per week on the wrist and I know for a fact, that is way more than the human body can tolerate and the skin/hair loads up with it, proving the bowels/urine/sweat, etc. could not eliminate it fast enough.
• Sure; this MD and MDS of the past got results with large internal doses of Lugols Solution and in FACT, they are doing the same as their medical brothers of the past have done, they are sterilizing the human patient to the point their Immune System can no longer fight Cancers.
This sterilization gives FAKE results; because if the patient ever recovers their Immune System, their Immune System will once again mount a battle up against the cancers/diseases within the body (acid accumulations from wrong diet) and the area will swell as the battle goes on and the misguided MD will give it a cancer name based upon the location of the problem in the body.
• The body that can not fight cancer, will have the appearance of a cancer free body, but the facts are; the body is being ate alive by the defenseless the Immune System. No matter how much sterilization is given, eventually the body will succumb to the use of poisons. This is why medical science has always lived in darkness and clueless to true human health.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
So you will see these “fake” doctors have the patients take the Iodine daily or periodically for a LONG PERIOD, if not a LIFETIME. This follows the Harry Hoxey Cancer treatment method, which was simple to have the patient take Iodine every day for the rest of your life, or simple put, live your life being sterilized and never having a normal Immune System ever again.
REMEMBER and do not be lured in by slick tongued devils with false promises, because like the ole devil theories go, you always have to pay the devil back his due and in the case of heath, it can mean a terrible death.
The Harry Hoxey history of using Iodine for cancer treatments is a must watch video by anyone with interest in using Iodine. It is part of The School of Self-Applied Prevention Library.)
In this particular case this was one of the success stories of the 1800’s and that is we were able to give Iodine to get rid of goiter and we can now talk about the fact that giving iodine does get rid of Fibrocystic Breast Disease; it does get rid of problems with Polycystic Ovaries and it turns out for those people who have Polycystic Ovaries; one of the medical problems that these girls have is; the problem of Diabetes and so we have treated them with 50mg of iodine and by the way the Iodine that we used was developed in the 1840-50 by the guy; by the name of Dr Lugol and many of you know it as Lugols Solution and Lugols is a combinations of Iodine and the Salt of Iodine called Potassium Iodide.
So Lugols is a combination of both Iodine and Iodide and it turns out that there are tissues in the body that have preferences and so you will find that the stomach prefers Iodine and the breast tissue prefers Iodine and Iodide.
(NOTE: most all of such information is assumed by medical testing and BOOK I author was one of the greatest medical surgeons in American History and was quick to point out that every medical test is based on false theory. Many great medical authors have stated medical test all have their roots in false assumptions.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
The human body wishes to expel all toxic substances. Every thing not usable is toxic and everything not expelled becomes an acid waste that attracts disease.
The stomach is one of the most powerful cleansing organs of the human body. When attacked by poison, these poisons will be expelled from the blood to the stomach and when too toxic, the stomach will throw these poisons up out of the mouth.
Fact: fat is a storage place for toxins the body can not easily get rid of and breast tissue is a common storage dump for such toxins.
Even though these medical doctors are highly educated people, if their education is false, they stumble in darkness and the greatest American Doctor of them all, the great Dr. Alex Carrol wrote that all medical doctors stumble in their darkness to understand human health. No MD to date has ever succeeded as far as Dr. Carrol did in understanding live tissues.
Medical Doctors fear common sense, when they are outside their drug circles, they are scared to comment on natural things, their training is in drugs and drug use to force the human body scientifically one way or another and in every case, they create an out of balanced condition that eventually ends in cancers. Medical drugs have created diseases to further their business. Some drugs kill quick and some drugs kill slow, but always; drugs kill. Taking Lugol’s Solution internally is consuming drugs and this commentator has allot of good info that explains Iodine and human health, but he is as Fake as any other MD believing in drug use, he is only making his own personal business using “FEAR” in his own way. If a medical doctor is taught anything in college, they are taught to install FEAR in their patients to create the doctor a fat bank account as he sucks the patient inward down the ill path to disease. Their faked success fuels the patients eagerness to follow them to the premature grave.
We can learn from all experimenting doctors, because they have the means too experiment on large groups of people and often write books or give talks such as this one so we can take the good from their findings. In the making of this book, I am giving what seems to be the best information available with my added comments. Those wishing to
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
experiment in their own directions can take this info and go their own directions. No two people believe in Nature at the same level.)
Thyroid tissue prefers strictly the use of Iodide; you have tissues like the Prostate that prefer the Iodide; it just keeps on going; so we find that you have to have both types of Iodine; not just the Iodine, but the Iodide; as well to try to say; that you need one or the other is incorrect.
(NOTE: This commentator is limited to what he believes in, he is clueless to anything he was not taught in medical school or believed in personally. He chooses to believe what he has chosen; he has no clue if there is a third iodine or has any idea if there is a Natural Iodine other than what he was medically educated to believe in. In Fact, the 2 chemicals he is calling Iodine are so toxic, to call them an Iodine Humans would thrive upon is beyond ridiculous, what he is actually educating us to believe, is to OVER DOSE on a combination drug (poison) and as a result of expelling this drug, our body may expel diseases or just being sterilized so it can’t fight disease anymore and the swelling would go down and give a fake sense of being cured.)
Now back to the girls with the Polycystic Ovaries; you would give them a combination of the Lugols Solution and a Tablet called Iodorall and in the process so of doing so; we would noticed that they would come back and say that their problems with Diabetes got better and so I had a patient that came in; she was an overweight lady; she was probably about 320lbs she came in and had abnormal blood sugar. Well she came in to the emergency room with a blood sugar of 1,380; that’s a blood sugar that can kill people; you know normal blood sugar shouldn’t be above 100.
This lady was 1,380 and so we put her on Insulin and then we asked her to come back and see me in the office in about two weeks.
(NOTE: a human with a blood sugar of 1,380 would seem to be in extreme ill health, dangerously ill health in need of immediate care. It seems strange to say take this shot and see me in two weeks; but then medical doctors never fail to amaze me! Note he didn’t say stop eating deadly foods for that two week period, just the use of a drug was good enough.)
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
When she was in the office I said; you know while you were there in the hospital; we put you on insulin and I noticed that you have Fibrocystic Breast Disease, so here are some articles showing that if you take Iodine; it helps to calm them down. She said; yeah, these things are so painful just before my periods and it would be nice to have some comfort here. So we placed here on the Lugols and the Iodorall 15mg per day and we also instructed her and taught her how to use a Glucometer.
She came back; I said you know if you have any problems give me a call she calls back about a week later and said you know; I am starting to experience problems with Hypoglycemia while I am taking Insulin. I said; oh well that is interesting. I said; well why don’t you just lower the total amount of insulin, so you don’t have the hypoglycemia.
Well she comes in a month later and she has her Glucometer with all of her blood sugar readings for the last month. We download everything and her average blood sugar for the whole month was 98.
(NOTE: This alone, is proof enough of “forcing” the human body with drugs. The commentator would like us to believe that by some miracle the organs rejuvenated and were working as designed with only the use of a couple of drugs and no mention of diet or habit change and not to mention all of the parasites and toxins in the body.
The human body is made perfect.
The body signals of every problem that leads to ill health. To ignore these signals or alter their function with powerful drugs is anything but a cure, it always leads to chronic disease leading to premature death.)
Well I looked at the lady and said; you know; this is really good; you are exercising really good; she was walking like an hour twice a day and in fact exercising muscle does not need insulin to lower blood sugars. Exercising muscle can absorb sugars directly through the blood stream without the use of insulin, but I thought you know this woman three weeks ago had a blood sugar of 1380; that’s an incredible number. Anybody who has that; gets put of insulin period and so I told her; I said you know; you are doing so good
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
with your diet; your doing so good with your exercise program and your doing so good with your insulin and she said oh; didn’t I tell you; that I stopped taking insulin four weeks ago!
I said wait a minute; I never gave you instructions to stop taking insulin. She said; sure you did; you said I could keep lowering my levels of insulin as long as I kept having problems with hypoglycemia and she sat there and said I kept having hypoglycemia until I stopped taking insulin.
She said once I came off insulin; my blood sugars have been ok and I said; lets find out about this. She had been off of insulin for four weeks and had an average sugar of 98; so I said; well this might just be a fluke or who knows what; so I said lets just keep watching your blood sugars two times a day; stay with your diet and stay with your exercise program and we will see you back in a month.
She came back in a month and her average blood sugar was 93. She had continued to take the iodine and it was at that point; that we finally figured out that what we had seen in the patients with Polycystic Ovaries in the sense of better blood sugar control; we actually had a live Diabetic here who was actually much improved and virtually normal in the presence of taking Iodine without having to take any more insulin.
(NOTE: Anyone with a sugar level of 500+ is nearing diabetic shock and risk dieing. They are extremely acid and pH out of balance. Alkaline drugs are used to bring them out of the shock of being too acid. Insulin has always been known sense its invention to have deadly side effects; it is not a cure, but a method to prolong life when the doctor has no wisdom of doing anything natural. The doctor is trained to believe the patient is too far gone to save and uses drugs only as a method to extend the years of life if possible, but never believes the patient can actually recover from their original disease.
Several things make no sense about this story:
Few people weighing 320 pounds with a sugar level of 1,380 all of a sudden decides to eat correctly and exercise 2 hours a day right out of the hospital stay and then to have the nerve to change her drug use after surely she was warned she could/would die from having such sever diabetes problems. There is also no clue as to how she came to have such
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
a blood sugar level in the first place, such as: did she go off the deep end and binge on allot of candy/sugar, etc.
The one thing we can guess is this: Blood sugar levels do not correct this fast and to do so, only proves the use of a powerful drug, that gives a FAKE result.)
Well we did some research and it turns out there was an anesthesiologist out of Australia by the name of Dr. ###; who showed that the receptors all Hormone receptors in the human body, have an Amino Acid called Tyrosine and Tyrosine is what the body attaches Iodine to and it turns out that there is an Enzyme in the breast called Lactoperioxidaze.
It’s the enzyme in the breast that also allows Iodine to attach to the milk in the mother. Well that enzyme; turns out that it can go anywhere it wants to in the whole body and the enzyme has the ability to attach itself to Tyrosine anywhere it finds it in the body. Having said that; what happened is; we have now seen people who have problems with; well the other thing I need to say is every receptor; once Iodine attaches itself to the receptor; the receptor up regulates its ability to recognize the hormone that is suppose to attach to the receptor.
(NOTE: now that is some pretty fancy talk; to suggest doctors know so much about the human body, yet they have never understood why a human is alive or what life even is).
Now let’s look at Diabetes; 90% of diabetics have plenty of insulin; they are not insulin deprived. They have insulin; they have what they call Insulin Resistant Diabetes and that is the receptors for insulin do not recognize the presence of insulin and it turns out what the iodine was doing was it was increasing the sensitivity for the receptor for the insulin.
(NOTE: keep in mind, this medical information so far has 100% ignored that Medically, the government has always marked commercial made Iodine as DEADLY TOXIC and external use only. Iodine kills all tissues on contact and its historical use was to kill the bacteria and skin with a one time application. Now with internal application it has turned into a miracle drug.)
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
That was out there; we’ve seen the same situation with patients with Testosterone; like we have women that come into the office and have virtually no sex drive; we give them 5-10-15-50-100mg of testosterone and finally they have a sex drive!
(NOTE: can we see the pattern of this doctor? What lures the customer the most? A CURE for ALL, a weight reducer and sex enhancer! At this point we should think Lugol’s Iodine should be worth at least $1,000 per gram such as Co-Q10 was back when it was first being experimented with and described as a miracle supplement that should double the life of anyone willing to buy it and use it daily for the rest of their lives. Hopefully the reader has the smarts to see past this; anything but intelligent doctor and use his information to understand that yes, Iodine is an important nutrient for human health.)
We have to watch these girls carefully over the years and they didn’t develop any problem with hersitism or any other male developing features; no worsening of their voice or anything while taking the testosterone, but then all of a sudden in the presence of you know; in the average male makes about 100mg of testosterone a day; the average female makes about 2.5-5mg of testosterone a day; well what ended up happening was and these were patients who had been on testosterone for probably for the last two or three years and hadn’t had any problems with 100mg a day. We started them on the Iodine and within two or three weeks all of a sudden these patients starting coming back in and saying my sex drive is driving me crazy. I said well wait a minute; you have been on this stuff for years now and it hasn’t and they sat there and said; well it sure is now and it turns out that it all started again when we placed the patient on Iodine and we have seen this happen with a hormone that controls ovarian function.
(NOTE: now if doctors know about this combination, you know they instantly seen dollar signs with the drug potential to make millions from perverted people seeking such drugs to increase their sex drive o them selves or mates. Never considering the side effects.)
One of the things we know about a developing; aging ovary; is the ovary becomes resistant to the stimulation of the ovary to these hormones and all of a sudden with starting to take Iodine; we have seen women who have stopped having periods at age 38 and started having periods again and I
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
mean these were women who had stopped having periods for at least a whole year; started taking Iodine and they started having periods again and we are talking about every 28 days and that is still true five years later; they are still having periods every 28 days; so it just keeps on going and what we are finding is another one of the benefits to the body we discovered is; that one of my patients came in and she was wearing a red dress; here in the winter and she said; well what do you think about the dress and I said; well that look nice and she said; what you don’t know is I haven’t been able to wear this dress for the last fifteen years. I said why is that; she said its made from wool and she said; well every time I wear wool; I break out in hives and I itch to death and I started taking Iodine and within a period of three or four months; I can now wear a wool dress and I don’t itch.
(NOTE; the sterilized body does not have the ability to fight. Does Lugol’s Iodine have the miraculous abilities to correct all of the body’s problems? Even if it did as this commentator suggest it does, he is still using a very toxic form with known side effects of being a poison. A non toxic Natural Plant Based Iodine would not force the body chemistry and not have the toxic side effects and may have better results, even if it was a much slower period of time or maybe even work better and faster?)
Well there is an amino acid out there in the body called histadean and histidean is the precursor for making histamine. Now we take antihistamine to try to control these things; to stop us from having runny noses and problems with hives and so on and it turns out that Iodine inhibits the conversion of histadean to histamine.
• Well another thing that we have seen is; it’s not unusual for a patient who comes in and says; I am cold; I am constipated; I am gaining weight; my skin is dry and I don’t feel good.
So the doctor checks them out and says yup; your thyroid is off balance; your tsh is elevated; your thyroid gh is down; so then they put them on thyroid hormone and a few weeks later the patient walks back in and says I am taking the thyroid hormone I am still constipated; my skin is still dry; my hair is still falling out and I am still constipated and I am not sweating and so on.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
The doctor pulls blood and because he knows that the patient is on thyroid hormone and he come back and says; well you are having your thyroid tsh and your thyroid t4 values are normal so; therefore I got you on the right dosage of hormone; so I am not going to do anything else and yet the patient still have probably 90% of the symptoms that they walked in with complaining to the doctor that gave the doctor a clue that they have low thyroid disease and yet when he rechecks the thyroid hormone values they are “normal”.
Well it turns out that the thyroid receptors; the receptors inside the body are needing Iodine, because when you put Iodine on the thyroid hormone receptors; the thyroid hormone and its receptor increases the sensitivity to the presence of the hormone and all of a sudden these symptoms disappear .
We have patients who have been taking thyroid hormone for years and having constipation and started taking Iodine and within two or three days all of a sudden their constipation disappeared.
(NOTE: Doctors are well trained to not discuss diet and habits with their ill patients; to do so makes them seek doctors that will shut up and supply the dope that makes them go through life not experiencing the pains of their habits.
Lets say a person has more bowel movements after taking Lugol’s Iodine for a few weeks or months; does this mean it has cured the problem? Or does it just mean the body has too much poison in the system and it had better increase the bile flow and expel the toxins quicker or risk ill health by accumulating this new toxin?
Medically they have no problem pushing drugs/poisons through the body to force it to respond, their irresponsible actions are wreck less and cause countless deaths every day.
It is my hope, that what ever chemical Iodine can do, Natural iodine will do it 100X better and safely.)
We’ve had patients who haven’t been able to sweat while taking thyroid hormone, but all of a sudden started sweating within a few weeks of taking iodine.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
So iodine helps to a lot of the symptoms that we blame as far as being due to low thyroid disease.
(NOTE: this MD may think this, but it is just as possible that when he poisons the with way too much Iodine, all of the elimination channels must or are “Forced” to work harder or the body die of toxicity. This is the mindset of medial; they don’t consider the damage they do by using poisons.)
These symptoms are actually felt to be due to the absence of iodine in the body; again the thyroid only holds 3% of all the iodine in the body the thyroid can hold about 50mg of iodine.
The total body can hold 1500mg of iodine.
70% of the 1500mg of iodine sits inside your muscles and in the fat tissues of the body. What’s iodine doing in your fat; actually you eat these polyunsaturated fats such as olive oil and almond oil and black walnut oil and so on and these oils are liquid, because they have these double bonds of carbon inside the oil and iodine attaches to those areas and keeps the oils from being oxidized.
Actually iodine is what keep the bodies fatty tissues or fat from becoming oxidized until they are utilized by the body; which means that iodine is helping to keep the membranes of the body from being oxidized and also iodine is being used up inside the brain tissue too and iodine helps to increase mentally activity; mental cognition.
Like we said; every hormone in the body; the receptors of those hormones are dependant upon iodine. When the iodine gets attached to the receptor the bodies receptors increase their sensitivity to the hormone that is supposed to attach to it; having said that; think about all the neurohormones that are present inside the brain and the brain tissue has an active transport mechanism for pumping iodine into brain tissue.
Its almost the same transport mechanism for transporting iodine into the thyroid; tissue is active and present in the brain; tissue and iodine helps to increase your sensitivity for the receptors to serotonin to dopamine.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
All these hormones that are running around governing your day to day operations or how you feel and your emotions and iodine helps to increase the sensitivity; so we are finding people who are coming back and saying; you know my depression lifted the day I started taking iodine, within a few days my depression was so much better.
I mean we are seeing people out there who have got problems with their hormone and especially their mental function and we are finding that iodine helps to improve on that very quickly and people feel so much better.
(NOTE; keep in mind this paper is a discussion between two MDS talking about Iodine. They would like us to believe they are extremely intelligent men that know how the human body functions, but we the reader, know they are medically minded men who are trained in the use of toxic drugs that forces the human body to respond or die. They do not have a clue about Longevity, they dealing in the present and when their patients die, they say they are just practicing medicine.)
Well I am curious; somebody just called in talking about young men who are Diabetic and taking insulin; actually have you seen other people who have been on insulin or had this insulin resistance diabetes who are helped by being placed on the iodine; so that they can control they blood sugar much more readily with insulin or even get off of it?
Actually we have seen two things happen.
Number one; as you know; 90% of diabetics have insulin resistant diabetes; which means that if you give iodine who have insulin; that they can get better sugar control; now we did do a study on twelve patients at the practice and we found that 50% of the people that we placed on iodine; were able to come off all treatment and medicine taken for their diabetes and that is the oral medication. Now the other 50% we were able to get some of them off of one medicine; some of them off of two medicine; some of them off of three, but some patients just had to be left on their medicines, because they had just deteriorated so much with their diabetes.
Now I do; have 10% of my diabetics have no insulin; as all these people are insulin dependant diabetics that, because they don’t make it and so those people; like I had one of my diabetics; he was on 98 units of lantus insulin; this was a man who was 61 years old. He is a farmer and he is taking 98
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
units of lantus insulin to help control his blood sugars; we started him on 100mg of iodine per day; he was a large boy; I mean he came in weighing 290lbs. We started him on that and within a matter of a few months he was down to 28 units of insulin a day in order to control his blood sugars; where as before it was taking 98 units to control his blood sugars.
A few months later it’s down to 28 units; so yes we are able to reduce the total amount of insulin; that insulin dependant diabetics use and they don’t have to use as much of it.
(NOTE: it is insane to use a toxic drug like insulin; it’s history has always been a drug that is used on hopeless cases and it is toxic to the human body and does not promote longevity, but certain death by its use. Keep in mind these are medical doctors that can not see anything natural and are consumed in the drug world.)
• Now what about heart disease; we’ve heard about a certain relationship between iodine and heart disease.
Well you know, we don’t have enough evidence on that one right now, but what we do have evidence for; is a problem called Cardiac Arrhythmia and that is; is that there is a medication out there called amniodaral. It’s a Organic Iodine that people take and this stuff releases about 9mg of iodine into the blood stream on continuous basis; on a daily basis.
(NOTE: can there be such a thing as an “organic” drug? Since when has a medication ever been created that was not a patent first received for is manufacturing money making interest? The word organic is becoming one of the most misused word in the dictionary.)
Especially once the body gets saturated with amniodaral; what’s interesting is that the amnidaral is being used for ventricular tachycardia. Ventricular arrhythmia problems and that when you take this stuff; it helps to calm down the heart and especially these abnormal heart beats.
Once we started giving patients iodorall; we found that the iodorall was doing the same thing; people with afib and ventricular tachycardia and problems with their abnormal heart beats; their hearts calmed down and they do much better.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
As far as controlling their abnormal heart beats and it turns out that the problem with amniodaral; it is a very toxic substance to the human body and it turns out that the medication is causing Pulmonary Fibrosis; is causing Seurosis of the Liver; its got all sorts of side effects and then people sit out there and say well the reason that these side effects are there; is because its such a high dose of iodine and it turns out we have to distinguish between what called organic iodine verses elemental iodine.
(NOTE: organic should mean plant based, non toxic.)
Elemental iodine is like what you put in salt.
When you have iodized salt; that is elemental iodine.
(NOTE: when you mix Iodine with salt, you create a toxic substance, you no longer have salt and you no longer have Iodine, you have created a mixture that is toxic.)
Organic iodine is iodine that is bound to a protein or is bound to some other substance and illustrations of that would be something like ivp dye. There are a lot of cough syrups; where they add the iodine to another chemical to use it as a cough syrup, Another illustration is; we use in the pulmonary industry; we use sski super saturated potassium iodine; now that’s elemental iodine and you know you can get doctors and endocrinologist and you can get other doctors who will sit there and say the following:
You know you are taking 50mg of iodine; you know that is a really toxic dose and yet these doctors will not blink an eye when we use this product called sski; which we use all the time with patients with Emphysema and Asthma and how much do we use; 300-500mg a day to treat these lung problems and yet the doctors don’t blink one eye on that, but they start getting shaky if you tell them that you are taking 50mg of iodine a day when in their own medical practices they are using these super high doses of sski.
(NOTE: this is a perfect example of the medical world, none of them really know what they are doing, they are using toxic drugs/chemicals, all of which promote premature death and never a cure.)
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
What would the normal dose be if somebody came in that you thought was Iodine deficient or should be normally be on an iodine supplement; do you think?
You know the guy that gave us this information was a guy by the name of Dr Saint Georgey; he was a Hungarian doctor who was an iodine expert. Now to think Georgey was the guy who discovered Vitamin C and he is the guy who trained Linus Polling to use high doses of Vitamin C, but it turns out that Dr Saint Georgey before he became famous with Vitamin C, was actually an iodine researcher back in the 1950’s.
(NOTE: the person that created the chemical use of Vitamin C has murdered more humans with the use of acids than any other example of mass murder I can think of).
He gave lesson lectures here in North America and I’m going to give you a quote; he sat there and said; “based upon research by iodine researches worldwide between 1850 and the 1950’s over the last 100 years; he said our conclusion is that the average human needs about 62mg of iodine per day”
(Note: this is using NON Organic Iodine found in Nature and a history of using the chemical Iodine named after Dr. Lugol. Keeping in mind, these same types believe in an ACID BODY and used acids and lie by calling it Vitamin C. Acidic doctors are “ate up” in their own toxic world of death.)
This was from empirical evidence that had been done back all those years; doctors just found that if you gave 62mg of iodine a day to the average human being they would do so much better; they don’t get sick; they don’t get cancers; they don’t have all sorts of medical problems that the rest of the populations do.
(NOTE: yet if this was so, why were those ages known as the heavy metal ages of medicine that always shortened the lifespan of the patient.)
• So we feel that if you were to look at people in general; we support the use of about 50mg of Lugols Solution on a daily basis, whether it be Iodoral or just plan Lugols and using buffered Vitamin C 1500mg two times day and if there are problems with Bromide; if there is a lot of Bromide; like from eating to much bread or drinking a lot of soda
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
drinks or Gatorade products with Bromide; that a person take approximately one Teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt or Potassium Chloride; they need the chloride to pump the Bromide out so that the Bromide isn’t competing the Iodine to get into this tissue of the body.
(NOTE: This MD has to be insane, his methods are not only toxic, they would “Force” the human body chemistry “ACID”. His results are “faked” and temporary at best; the long term the person would be poisoned; loose their alkalinity and un able to make red blood cells properly and in my opinion he is killing people in the doctor manner just using less toxic drugs.
His method is pure sterilization; the same theories that ended the lives of many of those he achieved his medical degree from. The immediate results may appear positive and life prolonged, but at a terrible price; because no mammal can thrive in an acid state.)
Ok; so what if somebody comes in; they just have constipation; dry skin; they just feel cold all the time; their hands are cold. I mean; would they benefit from just Iodine; should they go ahead and have the thyroid and are there any times where you just get them off the thyroid and put them on Iodine?
(NOTE: these two medical minded men can’t see past their medical faith. They don’t understand one thing about human health, their soul goal is to push their medical beliefs upon anyone that will listen to them and they seem impressive, because they are saying what lazy people want to hear; “The Quick Fix” that allows the poor diet and poor habits to be continued. I am sure they have sucked in many and leading them to their premature death.)
• Actually what we have done; we have put people on; they are on thyroid hormone; lets say you walked in and you were on the thyroid hormone; we put you on the Iodine; then what happens; is about three or four weeks later; could even be two or three months later; the person starts developing symptoms of Hyperthyroidism, Nervousness, Insomnia, Sweating of the palms, very Oily Skin etc… and at that point what we do is; we take their Thyroid Hormone and we cut it in half, but you don’t do the cutting in half until they
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
start experiencing Symptoms or Hyperthyroidism and what is going on; the body’s Thyroid Hormone Receptors have increased their sensitivity to the presence of the Thyroid Hormone that’s present there is an instance of sensitivity therefore you cut back on the thyroid hormone that is present.
(NOTE: I have zero doubts this MD is MAD. He is taking people with simple constipation health problems and he is poisoning them and not only forcing their chemical balance, he is also doing great harm that leads to the patient being dependant upon him as he slowly destroys their Immune System and normal body functions. This should b more than enough for a human with ½ a BRAIN LEFT to identify that Medical Doctors are mad in their beliefs that make them wealthy at the expense of people who came to them for help. Not one of these doctors patients have a chance at health as long as he is deceiving them and his methods do great damage.)
• I used to be Hyperthyroidism myself and it took me a year to come off of the thyroid hormone, because of the symptoms; I was having and today; I take about 50mg of Lugols or Iodorall on a daily basis; my thyroid t4 is 7.8; my tsh is 2.1 and my 3t3 levels are like 1 now.
(NOTE: well; I guess this explains why this MD is MAD and a very dangerous doctor and how he can proclaim that “He” has the answers to all health problems; in fact; he is justifying his own poison by doing the same to others. This would fit the dentist syndrome of the Mad Hatter; he is crazy from mercury and seeks to use the same poison on all his patients to justify his evil.)
Again it just shows us that taking Iodine does not cause a lot of medical problems.
(NOTE: this MD is too mad/insane with poison/acids to know any better.)
• Yet a lot of the concerns that the medical community has about why we shouldn’t use these high doses of Iodine; are based upon some articles that were absolutely faulty when they were written back in the 1940’s.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
(NOTE: I have read medical books written by 1950 that added Lugol’s Iodine to the top 20 drug list of known side effects. With Lugol’s Iodine it was written that it causes the reproductive organs to “SHRINK” or basically the human becomes sterile. Now because of these doctors and the internet shysters such as Dr. Hulda Clark an a host of other acid/poison so called doctors, we have people consuming all sorts of Iodine formulas not knowing what they are doing or what the life long side effects are.)
All I can tell you is that we need to; a lot of times physicians will tell us that a lot of times as individuals; we are responsible for our own health and a lot of times we are going to have to research out things to make sure the right information was transferred down to the doctors and in this particular case; this issue about iodine has had a problem; where physicians are either not informed about the effects of lack of Iodine in the body and if you say Iodine to a doctor; he most often thinks Thyroid. He doesn’t think breast; he doesn’t think ovaries; he doesn’t think skin; he doesn’t think about the receptors that are present. He doesn’t think about the relationship between Iodine and Allergies and it has been known for years that people who have hypothyroid have a higher rate of problems with allergies and yet we didn’t know what the problem was with the hypothyroid and the increasing rate of allergies; so there is a lot out there that needs to be studied up.
(NOTE: Yes, much has been studied in the past 150 years about Iodine and human health and the sad thing has been that those with money to do these studies use the example of how people live so much better when they have proper Iodine; but then their medical theories use CHEMICALS in place of the natural Iodine the healthy people were getting their diets.)
• If people were starting out should they start with a low dose of Iodine? What about a sensitivity to it; is anybody sensitive to Iodine?
If a person can take iodized salt then they can take the Lugols or the Iodorall that we have been talking about; if they sit there and say when I take salt that has iodine in it; I break out in hives; then that person has to avoid Iodine like the plague.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
(NOTE: since Natural Iodine is essential to life, in theory these ½ % of the population still have enough Immune System left that their body will not tolerate being poisoned by these scientist and their chemicals. Iodine is not the problem, the problem starts when man believes he can make money from making chemicals that make humans sicker and sicker until they become medically dependant.)
How frequently would that happen?
That actually happens in about less than one half of one percent of the population.
Ok and some people have the same reaction to fluoride; they just can’t take fluoride; they cant drink fluoride in their water.
(NOTE; well, DAH, what healthy human would not get sick when they drink poisons like fluoride? Humans must be poisoned in the womb by mothers consorting with medical doctors and their toxic drugs and methods and be poisoned with vaccines and poisoned: foods, water and air to the point that they are unable to defend them selves when they are subjected to poisons like fluorides and hundreds of others used deliberately in a “organized” manner to murder humans in the prime of their life. Ill people don’t get sick, they don’t have enough Immune System left to expel the poisons, so they just slowly die in their own acid waste. Healthy people fighting to expel their internal waste are healthy enough to do so, until they take the medical poisons, then they have became medically damaged.)
• Yeah; but we have found that the vast majority of the population can take Iodine; they can do well. I am the medical director of a medical lab.
(NOTE: this is the “True” sign of a “MAD” doctor that uses his education to “fake” his way through situations of when people that are not poisoned, start to question his theories! I have heard this before: WELL; I AM A DOCTOR; I have treated thousands of patients!!!! This is their answer to their insanity. When their lies are questioned, they get huffy and get mad that their white uniform and walls covered with worthless plagues did not make you believe they were Superior
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Beings with the god given right to murder people in exchange for money.)
We actually can measure the amount of Iodine in the body; not just measuring the Thyroid Hormone. We actually can measure how sufficient is the body with Iodine and so we do have a test that we can offer to do that to the population at large; to help them figure out if they are Iodine Deficient and if so, then lets get them on the appropriate treatment and also we receive the testing a few months later to demonstrate the concentration of Iodine in the body is going up. There are some people that the concentration does not go up and it requires “special help by myself” and other doctors to try to figure out why they are not absorbing the iodine like they should.
The end
The last paragraph tells the story of this sick MD and his worthless lab of doctors. Do you and I have any doubts that this MD is going to discover anyone with a bank account has enough iodine in their body after reading to what he believes in? This is a doctor with a lab and huge expenses and he needs a large group of sick people to make the payments on his exotic cars and lavish homes, etc…and don’t forget; he needs to believes he is superior to his fellow doctors and no doubt belongs to the exclusive clubs, etc. that goes along with being a doctor of medicine.
Even if this guy is an all right family guy wishing to cure the populations, it makes no difference, because his beliefs are against God’s Nature. We did not hear about diet and natural ways, the only thing on this guys mind is the use of DRUGS and continued testing, all of which makes him allot of money.
The medical surgeon that wrote what I call Book I was one of North Americas most respected medical doctors with patients such as Rockefeller and the ama never challenged him and Yale/Harvard/Rockefeller Institute did a three way independent study of his methods and declared his methods; “The Cure”. This famous medical author put down his knife, down his drugs and used oranges and alkaline forming foods to cure all known diseases. His little book stated as fact, that all medical testing is based on false science in an effort to promote medical test and drugs. He suggested to not waste money on medical testing of any kind. David Christopher son of Dr. John R.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Christopher and owner of The School of Natural Healing teaches to do no testing, never ever allow a needle to puncture a hole in your skin, never supplement with a hormone; a enzyme or anything that the body naturally makes, because if you do; then your body responds by making less and less until you have supplemented to the point that the organs/glands just stop and become dependant upon your supplement.
Natural Health uses Plant Based supplements and foods, because the human body can utilize them and not become dependant upon anything of a plant base food. Our body uses these natural plant based supplements/foods to make what we need to thrive in life.
The author of Book I studied all of the best supplements and methods known right after 1900 and determined Orange Juice to be the ultimate cure and proved it by healing the next 63,000 patients in his clinic. He condemned all medical drugs/operations/methods. He used natural foods instead of herbs; his cure all cost less than normal every day cost of living.
• All of these authors, including this present one, all have something to offer, but their victims are sucked into the false hopes of the quick fix. This lure makes them loose their common sense and they experiment with drugs or harmful methods with out first having enough education on what the side effects may be.
The goal of The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention School is to glean from all of these authors and people who became famous healers in their time and even those who were on the wrong track, yet learned allot of information tat can be used when applied to Nature.
• When we apply something to Nature, if it is true, it will stand the test of time. We know for at least 150 years, that many humans suffer from the lack of proper Iodine. I suggest this is because we eat wrong foods and not because Nature doesn’t supply our daily needs for Iodine. It is a fact, as we eat too much and not correctly, our chemical balance is always out of balance. Taking “MORE” is not the solution, even if it may be a quick fix; the goal is always to correct the diet and habits as the toxins are reduced and Ideally less and less supplementation needed in the future.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
It is my hope that the reader will come to recognize the medical traps, because this particular doctor that made this audio recording spread it round the world and I assume thousands, if not hundreds of thousands have went to their MD asking for Iodine therapy and web sites selling all sorts of Iodine potions have became rich catering to very unwise consumers.
• Humans must follow Nature or receive their proper punishment. As much as we try to deny this fact, it applies to all humans on earth. This means that we can supplement our bodies with products of the Tree, vine and bush. These provide foods and medicines as well. Secondary the herbs of the soil can be used as medicines. The word medicines; means anything natural that helps the body expel accumulated food/acid waste and helps in the reduction of bacteria/viruses.
Understanding the above paragraph; covers all we need to know about human health. Everything outside of this must lead to accumulations within the body; which leads to premature death. Nature hands out judgment instantly for each crime committed.
With this theory; all medical supplements to the fruit diet should be from the Tree or at least herb. Using metals/poisons, etc. are not options for a person seeking to live.
The body is always in a constant state of cleanse and repair, so it is never too late to start living to live and not living to die.
At this point I will use another source of Iodine information
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
History of Iodine
Trace Nutrient, Natural Antibiotic, Stimulant, Deobstruent, Expectorant, Disinfectant
Only a little over two centuries ago, man struggled to discover the value of fresh fruit, vegetables, and vitamin C. The first attempt to give scientific basis for the cause of scurvy was by a ship's surgeon in the British Royal Navy, James Lind.
While at sea in May 1747, Lind provided some crew members with two oranges and one lemon per day, in addition to normal rations, while others continued on cider, vinegar or sea water, along with their normal rations. In the history of science this is considered to be the first example of a controlled experiment comparing results on two populations of a dietary factor applied to one group only with all other factors the same. The results conclusively showed that citrus fruits prevented the disease. Lind wrote up his work and published it in 1753, in Treatise on the Scurvy.
It was 1795, some forty years later, the life expectancy for many at that time, before the British navy adopted lemons or lime as standard issue at sea. This practice led to the nickname limey for British sailors. Captain James Cook had previously demonstrated and proven the principle of the advantages of fresh and preserved foods, such as sauerkraut, by taking his crews to the Hawaiian Islands and beyond without losing any of his men to scurvy, that is debility, spongy gums, and hemorrhages into the skin and mucous membranes. One can well imagine the status of a sailor's arse [hemorrhoid] in a case of scurvy, would be of equal concern as it was for Napoleon when he could not ride his horse into Russia for the pain he experienced for the status of his rump.
(NOTE: the use of lemons or lime as the “cure” and not the medical use of ascorbic acids.)
The name "antiscorbutic" was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as general term for those foods known to prevent scurvy, even though there was no biochemical understanding. These foods include
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
lemons, limes, and oranges; sauerkraut, salted cabbage, malt, and portable broth which were employed with variable effect. While most discovered vitamins are a group of organic substances, present in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs, that are essential to normal metabolism are nitrogenous based, ascorbic acid is a pure carbohydrate. Cobalamin is the general term for compounds containing the dimethylbenzimidazolylcobamide nucleus of vitamin B12 containing the trace element cobalt.
A History of Lugol's Iodine
It was first developed by the French physician, Jean Lugol in 1829. It is a transparent brown liquid consisting of 10 parts potassium iodide (KI) to 5 parts iodine to 85 parts of (distilled) water. It is an effective bactericide and fungicide and, in fact, was, for the better part of a century, a common antiseptic - (though it has laboratory uses separate and apart from any medical application). Lugol's and similar iodine solutions probably fell out of favor in the last half of the 20th century due to combination of economics and esthetics: first, it is so cheap to make that it cannot compare to "cleaner," value-added antiseptics with more marketing muscle; and secondly, it will stain clothes and will even temporarily stain skin when used topically to treat a wound. The internal applications of various iodine solutions have been published and discussed for well over a century.
With iodine, the medical world has struggled to understand a trace mineral, readily available in nature, yet has not reached the commercial awareness as vitamin C, scurvy, and the common cold. In 1811 when Bernard Courtois (1777-1838) discovered iodine, he was not searching for a way to heal his fellow humans. On the contrary; he was looking for a way to kill his fellow humans. Napoleon’s army at the time required huge quantities of gunpowder and supplies were running short. Saltpeter (potassium nitrate—KNO3) is a major component in gunpowder and requires an abundant source of sodium carbonate to be manufactured. Sodium carbonate is extracted from wood ashes, but the war had gone on so long that they had run out of willow wood, the preferred source. Someone suggested using dried seaweed burnt to ash. In the process of making saltpeter, excess sulfur compounds were created and they had to add sulfuric acid to the mixture to get rid of the sulphur. Courtois accidentally added a bit too much acid one day, and a violet vapor cloud appeared and condensed onto the colder, metal objects and formed lustrous, purple crystals. Courtois, a working chemist, realized he’d
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
created something new. However, it would be two years later that the English chemist, Sir Humphrey Davy, realized it was a halogen and named it iodine. Later, French physician, Jean Lugol discovered that bonding iodine to a mineral (potassium) made it water soluble, and allowed for the later discovery of iodine’s antiseptic qualities. Iodine naturally dissolves in alcohol, but not in water until it is first bonded to the elements potassium or chlorine.
Eight years after the purple haze discovery by Courtois, Swiss physician J.F. Coindet who previously showed successfully that giving burnt sponge and seaweed for reducing simple goiter, reasoned that iodine could be the active ingredient in seaweed. [2] In 1819, he tested
• tincture of iodine at 250 mg per day,
[labeled as a poison on bottles of tincture iodine today], an excessive amount by today’s minimum daily requirement of 150 mcg (0.15 mg) per day. Of 150 goiter patients with goiter, he had great success. He published his results in 1820. Coindet was the first physician to use the newly discovered element iodine in medical practice. In 19th Century Europe, potassium iodide (KI) was used empirically for a wide range of medical conditions.
• Shortly thereafter, it would be one of the most frequently prescribed drugs of medical physicians, which led to the aphorism - "If ye don’t know where, what, and why, prescribe ye then K and I.”
In 1932, Bernard Cohn, M.D. wrote: “…the widespread use of compound solution of iodine, U.S.P., is the result of a paper by Plummer and Boothby, published in that year (1923). Since then compound solution of iodine has been used by nearly every clinician ...”
According to Hungarian Nobel Laureate Szent-Györgyi, KI was the universal medicine in Europe during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Szent-Györgyi himself ingested 1 gm of KI (postassium iodide) daily to keep himself fit.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Deficiency diseases, both glandular and dietary, were but dimly understood in those days. Proper diagnosis and effective treatment of goiter, diabetes, and the various vitamin deficiencies belong to the twentieth century, as is true with allergies, many of which must also have imitated the early symptoms of acute diseases. Thousands of sufferers from eczema, hives, pellagra, beriberi or asthma not only were given superficial relief, but were ignorant of the nature of their maladies.
Mental retardation due to congenital under-activity or absence of the thyroid gland. Cretins have a characteristic face that is pale and puffy, the hair is coarse (like horse hair) and the tongue protrude. The subjects of this disease seldom reach five feet in height, and usually not more than four. The word cretin is derived from the Latin creatura. They are found all over the world. In Switzerland it is estimated that in some cantons there is one cretin to every 25 inhabitants. In Styria, the Tyrol, and along the Rhine cretins are quite common, and not long since cases existed in Derbyshire.
Cretinism, a severe mental retardation due to congenitally under-active thyroid, derived from creta (eraie)—a sallow or yellow-earthy complexion, being a mark of cretinism. The condition was known to be commonest when born far away from the sea as seawater contains iodine. It was commonest in Switzerland and in the UK mainly in the midlands at Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire dales. Indeed an acquired form of under-active thyroid disease due to dietary deficiency of iodine and causing swelling of the thyroid (or goiter) is often known as Derbyshire neck was well recorded. Wherever endemic goiter is present, endemic cretinism is present also, and it has been constantly observed that when a new family 62
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
moves into a goitrous district, goiter appears in the first generation, cretinism in the second. Cretinism usually remains unrecognized until the child reaches some eighteen months or two years, when its lack of mental development and awkward bodily form begin to attract attention. Occasionally the child appears to be normal in infancy, but the cretinoid condition develops later, anytime of up to puberty. The essential point in the morbid anatomy of these cases is the absence or abnormal condition of the thyroid gland.
Derbyshire neck
There is one disease," wrote James Pilkington in 1789, "to which the inhabitants of Derbyshire are so much subject, that it has taken its name from its great prevalence in this situation." Derbyshire Neck, also called Goiter, is a swelling of the thyroid gland and is now known to be caused by lack of iodine. It is almost unknown today because iodine is added to drinking water. In the eighteenth century no-one knew for sure what caused it. Some thought it was hereditary in particular families, others that it was caused by living "on the bleak sides of hills." They all agreed that women, particularly "child-bearing poor women" were the main victims of "this very unfortunate female disease."
Iodine, forgotten nutrient
Iodine (from the Gr. Iodes, meaning "violet"), is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol I and atomic number 53. It is required as a trace element for most living organisms.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Chemically, iodine is the least reactive of the halogens, and the most electropositive halogen. Lack of iodine is the cause of goiter (Derbyshire neck). Historically under active thyroids were common in Derbyshire causing people to develop a neck 'goiter' (swollen thyroid) - termed 'Derbyshire neck' - because their diets were deficient in iodine. It is assimilated by seaweeds from which it may be recovered, and is found in Chilean saltpetre, caliche, old salt brines, and salt wells.
(NOTE: the author states that sea weeds assimilate Iodine, this means they don’t make it. I suggest Iodine is made by Trees and God gave humans the Tree for our foods/medicines.)
In areas where there is little iodine in the diet—typically remote inland areas and semi-arid equatorial climates where no marine foods are eaten—iodine deficiency gives rise to goiter, so called endemic goiter. In some such areas, this is now combated by the addition of small amounts of iodine to table salt in form of sodium iodide, potassium iodide, potassium iodate—this product is known as iodized salt.
• Iodine deficiency is the leading cause of preventable mental retardation. Iodine deficiency remains a serious problem that affects people around the globe.
After the discovery of thyroid hormones and their clinical applications in the 1930’s, medical textbooks started promoting the idea that the only role of iodine as an essential element was in the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Thyroid fixation resulted in endocrinologists, not nutritionists, dictating the human need for this nutrient, which was defined as the minimum amount of iodine needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones, that is, 200 ug/day. The RDA for iodine was established based on data supplied by endocrinologists regarding the minimum amount of iodine needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones. No attempt was apparently made to assess the optimal daily requirement of iodine for whole body sufficiency and nutrition, yet many medical doctors used it very successfully and wrote about it, like Dr. D. C. Jarvis and Dr. Max Gerson.
(NOTE: here the author is attempting to say that the doctors influenced the results that lead to Iodine supplementation or simple words, it is corrupted by false science).
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
You will ask, "How can such a cancerous tumor go down?" That was a difficult question for me to understand. I had learned in my treatment of tuberculosis patients that I had to add potassium, iodine, and liver injections to help the liver and the whole body to restore the potassium. Now as far as I can see this is the situation. At first we give the patient the most salt-free diet possible. So, as much salt (sodium) is removed from the body as can be. During the first days, 3 grams, 5 grams, up to 8 grams a day of sodium are eliminated while the patients receive only about one half gram of sodium content in the diet and no sodium is added." Lecture given by Dr. Gerson in Escondido, California, in 1956
Far away from the sea, evolutionary understandings
Being born far away from the sea was an early observation of goiter and cretinism. And is it here that this clue was left for the clueless. The prevalence of endemic goiter and endemic cretinism is closely related to geological conditions. As a rule, endemicity is prominent in mountainous areas, but serious endemic foci have also been found on sedimentary plains. Goiter is usually prevalent in places far away from the sea.
Humans (as well as any other species), are adapted by evolution to live in particular environments. In other words, we thrive best under conditions with a particular combination of environmental factors, including social and nutritional factors. There are many differences between the Stone Age environment to which we are adapted and the industrialized environment in which we live today. While many of these differences have a positive impact on health and quality of life, like creature comforts, many also have a negative impact, like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
The story of iodine deficiency takes us to the work's and observations of early biologists. Until quite recently the notion was universally entertained that human beings were, in many respects, quite different from all other beings, forming, as it were, a world by themselves. This notion is even now very generally held by those not versed in natural science, and is often put forward by those who are considered teachers of people. The fact is, however, as all observation proves, that man is, in all respects, like other animals. His body is composed of the same elements, he has the same organs, acting in the same way, the same or similar nutritional needs, and only different in his mental faculties, the cortical factors far more fully
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
developed. In short, man is a part of the animal world, and not something separate and distinct from it, save for his brain.
Evolution, then, teaches us that not only have all organic forms been derived from pre-existing and simpler ones, but also all our social organizations, our corporeal impulses, and our nutritional needs. It teaches us, also, that all the various departments of knowledge have not only developed individually in this way; but that they have also developed conjointly, as a whole. No one science ever did or could originate and perfect itself, standing alone, but each one contributes upon every other one, and develops only as that does, so that knowledge advances as a whole by separate steps. At this stage in our evolution we are able to appreciate many branches of science, not only biology, but also paleontology, geology, genetics, chemistry and physics.
The whole universe, according to physics, is one in every department, and the same laws rule, from the atom to the mountain, and from molecular motion to thought. Everything that is, is connected with everything else, an Paracelsus.
The timeline of human evolution outlines the major events in the development of our species and the evolution of our ancestors. Human evolution is the process of change and development by which human beings emerged as a distinct species from a former species. It is the subject of a broad scientific inquiry that seeks to understand and describe how this change and development occurred. The study of human evolution encompasses many scientific disciplines, most notably physical anthropology and genetics.
When we study the development of animals from the primary germs, or eggs, we observe that they all begin the same as an egg, but some progress farther than others in differentiation. Darwin in particular showed that through evolution it was possible for one species to be transformed into another species. Ernst Haeckel first gave us an evolutionary viewpoint from observations in embryology. With the evolution of life, at a certain stage, came the development of animals with a nervous system, and eventually human beings with a large brain. Some embryos stop at one stage of development, and others at another, and each one on reaching its limit having gone through all the stages below that limit. Thus, taking the most perfectly organized being in either type, and tracing its embryonic growth, from the primary germ upward, we find that it has gone through every stage,
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first as germ, then as fish, then as amphibian, and finally through mammals. The embryo goes through stages of its growth, like every one of the lower animals of its type.
(NOTE: science/medicine has its roots in evolution. History shows that each specie has always been a distinct specie and will adapt to the weather/environment as a way of survival. A human changes to the environment, but even thousands of years later humans are still humans. Many thing have been hidden to fulfill religious desires. There are human skeletons measuring 38 – 44 feet in height hidden away in museums. Religions have forced much of man’s history to be removed from the publics eyes. When dinosaurs roamed this earth, man was still a dominate creature standing at 44 feet tall. Man was man back then as he is now, he has adapted to his earth, but not mutated from slime as science believing in evolution. The same scientist that makes drugs and teaches doctors believe otherwise, they believe we are all related to the same slime. Medical does not believe in God, they desire their patients to look to them as their God.)
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(NOTE: this is the kind of crap doctors are trained to believe)
This is the case with man, the most neurologically perfected of all the vertebrates. He starts embryonically the same as all the rest below him; but the other mammals stop at various inferior stages, while man/woman passes on. Thus the human embryo, after it has passed the simpler stages, from the germ, resembles (microsopically) first a fish, then it becomes like one of the amphibia, and, still progressing, it next becomes a reptile, then a bird, and finally a true mammifer. Thus men may be said to be a true epitome of his type, or to comprise it wholly in himself in the course of his fetal development. We can comprehend from this how different beings have
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originated from those below them, by the gradual evolution of new organs for special purposes. In one sense all animals are the same. They are all, when primary germs, alike in many respects save that other chromosomes, but some develop farther than others. Fundamentally it is thus an evolutionary process.
(NOTE: this author is well perverted as are most medical, we have to glean the good from their writing and discard their crap that would slap God in the face. Our sad that people go to such doctors for help).
The beginnings of human culture reach back about a half a million years ago. The first men as we have learned were meat eating hunters that lived in tropical grasslands. For thousands of years man threw whole animals into his fires where the skin burst, and he cracked skulls with stones to eat the brain and marrow. Towards the end of this paleolithic age and into the mesolithic stage, man was collecting grains of wild grasses, pounding them into flour and making a watery paste into bread. In the Indus valley, man learned to cultivate rice. Once the principles of seeding, transplantation, and harvesting were mastered, man moved to a mixed dietary, and moved to the harvesting of carbohydrates. This knowledge spread rapidly from a historical view, and forever changed man's dietary. Iodine in general diets comes mainly from animal-derived foods just as does cobalamin. As to be expected, with migrations and settlements, dietary elements would be diverse.
(NOTE: notice how the MD 100% disregards the Bible History of man being a Fruitarian and as well ignores all true science that proves man is a 100% Fruitarian.)
The rapid evolution of man, and the apparent rapid cortical development in terms of evolution, allowed him to migrate and adapt to many different geological locations. In thousands of millions of years of animal evolution, paleolithic man is the first instance of survival depending on fire, tools, agriculture and housing, rather than on biological adaptations to the environment like other animals. Man learned to make the environment adapt to him, rather than adapting to an abrupt change of his environment by migration. However, the nutritional needs for his body remained essentially the same. Cortical development has far out paced corporeal and glandular development. For as we see with cretinism, a withdrawal of iodine during fetal development has disastrous cortical effects, just as does folate in spina bifida.
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Our biology dictates that we emerged from marine life. In adult humans the body content of iodine is between 20 and 50 milligrams. Most of this trace element is concentrated in the thyroid gland, but it is also found in the liver which can concentrate iodine.
(NOTE: this doctor believes our Iodine is in the Thyroid Gland while scientist have proved the Thyroid only holds a small percentage of the total body Iodine, note also how he tried to say we must have came from the ocean as a way to prove why we need Iodine!)
All vertebrates require iodine and possess a similar gland or tissue somewhere in their bodies. Dietary iodine is rapidly absorbed by the intestinal tract, chiefly as iodide, and is then transported by the blood to the thyroid gland. There iodide is oxidized to iodine and combined with the amino acid tyrosine to produce mono- and di-iodotyrosines. Further conversion, which results in the formation of the hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), takes place in the epithelial cells of this gland. Both hormones are essential for human health and are involved in brain development, growth, and metabolism. Mentality, speech, and the condition of the teeth, skin, hair, and nails are all dependent on a thyroid gland that functions well
Justus von Liebig, generally credited with being the "Father of the Fertilizer Industry", propounded the "Law of the Minimum" which states that if one crop of the nutritive elements is deficient or lacking, plant growth will be poor even when all the other elements are abundant. Any deficiency of a nutrient, no matter how small an amount is needed, will hold back plant development. If the deficient element is supplied, growth will be increased up to the point where the supply of that element is no longer the limiting factor. Increasing the supply beyond this point is not helpful, as some other element would then be in a minimum supply and become the limiting factor.
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The yield potential of a crop is like a barrel with staves of unequal length. The capacity of the barrel is limited by the length of the shortest stave (in this case, nitrogen), and can only be increased by lengthening that stave. When that stave is lengthened, another one becomes the limiting factor.
In the case of the thyroid, there is no question iodine is the limiting factor. If withdrawn, the gland swells into hyperplasia. Not only is iodine essential for the production of triiodothyronine, selenium is as well, and thus another stave in the body's requirements. Researchers from the Hahn-Meitner Institute in Berlin first discovered that selenium plays a key role in deiodinase, an enzyme required to catalyze the conversion of thyroxine to triiodothyronine. When a selenium deficiency is present, deiodinase levels are depressed, and so too is the production of triiodothyronine .
Chemistry of Iodine
Iodine is a basic element, as are calcium, zinc, oxygen and other elements. The word "iodine" usually refers to two iodine molecules chemically "bonded together", just as the word "oxygen" usually refers to two oxygen molecules "stuck together" (O2). Since iodine is more reactive, and therefore more likely to cause problems, iodine is usually used as "iodide", a word
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which refers to one iodine molecule combined with another molecule such as potassium (KI) or sodium (NaI, as in iodized salt). Iodide is the negative ion of iodine. In chemical terms, such molecules are called "salts"; the best known salt is sodium chloride (NaCl), a "salt" of chlorine (Cl2).
The chemistry of iodine is relatively complex since it can exist in a number of valence states, it is chemically reactive and forms various inorganic and organic compounds. In the atmosphere, iodine is derived largely from seawater. Iodine concentrations have been reported to range from 3 ng/m3 to 50 ng/m3 with an average global concentration estimated to be about 10-20 ng/m3. Based on this latter estimate, the daily iodine intake from air would be less than 0.4 μg/person and air is therefore not considered a significant source of iodine.
The iodine present in the upper crust of earth is leached by glaciation and repeated flooding and is carried to the sea. Sea water is, therefore, a rich source of iodine. About 1/3 of iodine found in seawater is composed of iodide eventually oxidised to iodate by organic matter. Iodide is mostly found above a depth of approximately 500'. Iodine in the ocean takes a wide variety of forms, both organic and inorganic, and the iodine cycles between these various compounds are very complex and are still an active area of research. The nature of inorganic iodine in the oceans has been generally known for decades. The two predominate forms are iodate (IO3-, with the central iodine and three attached oxygen atoms) and iodide (I-). Together these two iodine species usually add up to about 0.06 ppm total iodine (~0.5 mM), but the reported values vary over about a factor of 2. In surface seawater, iodate usually is the dominant form with typical iodate values in the 0.04 to 0.06 ppm iodine (0.3 – 0.5 mM). Likewise, iodide is usually present at lower concentrations, typically 0.01 to 0.02 ppm iodine (0.07 – 0.18 mM). Organic forms of iodine are any in which the iodine atom is covalently attached to a carbon atom, such as methyl iodide, CH3I. All of these various forms can be interconverted in the oceans. Phytoplankton, for example, take up iodate and convert it into iodide, which is mostly, but not completely, released. Iodate is also converted to iodide by bacteria in low oxygen environments of the oceans.
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Who uses iodine: Algae
The presence of large quantities of iodine in various species of marine algae has been known for nearly 100 years. Plankton, micro/macroalgae, bacteria, fish, coralline algae, anemones, sponges and other invertebrates utilise iodine, existing in natural seawater mostly as iodide and iodate. Some species can contain almost 1% iodine (100,000 ppm) by dry weight. Iodine is concentrated considerably by all macroalgae, including the Rhodophyta (red algae), Phaetophyta (kelp and other brown algae) and the Chlorophyta (green algae). There are, however, great species differences in the amount of iodine contained in the macroalgae tissue. Japanese consume 4.6 grams of seaweed per day and continue to be amongst the world’s healthiest peoples.
The same rationale for iodine was used for the RDA of vitamin C; that is the daily, miniscule amount that prevents your teeth from falling out (scurvy). The RDA for iodine was established based on data supplied by endocrinologists regarding the minimum amount of iodine needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones. Based on research performed by other investigators on animals who can synthesize vitamin C, Linus Pauling suggested that the optimal intake of vitamin C for humans was around 100 fold the RDA. Pauling was ridiculed by physicians for attacking the sacred cow, the RDA. He consulted with his friend, the discoverer of vitamin C, A. Szent-Györgyi. This is an excerpt from Szent-Györgyi’s reply:
“…the medical profession said that if you don’t get scurvy you are all right. I think that is a very grave error. Scurvy is not the first sign of the deficiency but a premortal syndrome.” (Szent-Györgyi, To Pauling, 1966)
Based on a review of the literature, Dr. Abraham's research group have calculated that a daily intake of 6 mg iodide would be required for sufficiency of the thyroid gland alone, without considering the rest of the human body. (Abraham et al, Orig. Int., 9:30-41, 2002)
The medical use of Iodine and iodides has more than a 100 year history. Rural Medicine Editor of Medical World, Dr. DeForest Clinton Jarvis, born in 1881, a member of the Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology,
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the American Medical Association and other leading medical societies of the time was a great user and advocate of Lugol's solution. His interest in the folk medicine of Vermont began soon after the start of his medical practice. To counter the effects of iodine loss, Dr. Jarvis recommended various methods including:
• Eating foods rich in iodine: food from the ocean, radishes, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, strawberries, mushrooms, lettuce, bananas, cabbage, egg yolk, and onions; (2) Painting a small area of the body with tincture of iodine; and (3) taking preparations known to be rich in iodine, including cod liver oil, kelp tablets ...
But he was particularly keen on the power of Lugol's iodine, for treating various illnesses, including colds and flu, and for countering the effects of stress: "Supposing you do follow the suggestions outlined above and find that some weeks the pressures of your private and your business life are causing you to lose the ability to bounce back.
• Then you should add a drop of Lugol's solution of iodine to your glass of apple or grape juice at breakfast, or you may take it in the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. The point is that the potassium in the solution (Lugol's is 5% potassium iodine) blocks off the body mechanism that organizes for aggressive action, releasing its hold on the body when opportunity for rest and relaxation arises. The iodine swings into action the body and the building up and storing of body reserves. When working under pressure, include the Lugol's solution dose each day until the period of pressure passes. If it should happen that your body becomes saturated with iodine, you will find that there is an increase of moisture in the nose. If this occurs, omit the iodine until the nose is normal."
" I believe the doctor of the future will be a teacher as well as a physician. His real job will be to teach people how to be healthy."
"All the old remedies do not do any harm if they do not do any good which means they are safe remedies to take." Dr. D.C. Jarvis
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The many uses of Iodine
1. Germicide: Elemental iodine is a potent germicide with wide spectrum and low tissue toxicity. A solution of 50 ppm (eg, 50 mg/L) kills bacteria in 1 min and bacterial spores in 15 min. Topically, Iodine is excellent for toenail fungus, ringworm, fever blisters, moles and skin tags, warts, hangnails, etc. Just a few drops on a q-tip is all it takes. Use daily until the topical gaffes are gone.
2. Water purification: Iodine has been used to disinfect water for nearly a century. It has advantages over chlorine in convenience and probably efficacy; many travelers find the taste less offensive as well. It appears safe for short and intermediate length use (3-6 months), but questions remain about its safety in long-term usage. It should not be used for a long term by persons with allergy to iodine, persons with active thyroid disease, or pregnant women.
A retired Indian physician used of SSKI during more than 30 years traveling from village to village in rural Africa. Most usually, the only drinking water available was from a local stream or river, muddy and contaminated. After removing sediment and debris by straining the dirty water through cheesecloth, he'd add several drops of SSKI, and wait two to three minutes. He and his team could then drink the water. In over 30 years, he never got an infection from contaminated water. The SSKI killed any micro-organisms present. Note that Iodine and other halogens appear to be relatively ineffective at killing cyclospora, a troublesome diarrhea-causing bacteria seen in Nepal only in the late Spring and Summer months. At these times it may be reasonable to pre-filter water to remove the large cyclospora (about the size of Giardia cysts), and then treating with iodine.
Iodine Preparations
Iodine Topical Solution
8 drops
Iodine Tincture
8 drops
Lugol's Solution
4 drops
Povidone-Iodine (Betadine®)
4 drops
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Tetraglycine hydroperiodide (Globaline®, Potable Aqua®, EDWGT®)
8 mg
1 tablet
Disinfecting Contact Times
5 °C
15 °C
30 min
15 min
60 min
30 min
Iodine Preparations
Iodine Topical Solution
8 drops
Iodine Tincture
8 drops
Lugol's Solution
4 drops
Povidone-Iodine (Betadine®)
4 drops
Tetraglycine hydroperiodide (Globaline®, Potable Aqua®, EDWGT®)
8 mg
1 tablet
Disinfecting Contact Times
5 °C
15 °C
30 min
15 min
60 min
30 min
- measure with a tuberculin syringe or dropper: 1 drop = 0.05 ml - In general, if you are in a hurry double the chemical dose and halve the contact time; if you want better flavor halve the dose and double the contact time.
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- If you believe the water may be heavily contaminated, double the chemical dose or double the contact time. - Iodine Topical Solution and Iodine Tincture also contain 2.4% sodium iodide, Lugol's Solution also contains 10% potassium iodide, increasing the dose of iodine ingested. - Povidone is a non-toxic polymer that binds the iodine and allows higher concentrations in a water-based solution. This complex system provides a sustained-release reservoir of free iodine, and makes calculation of the "strength" of the solution difficult. - A system comprising iodine crystals in plain water is available, and works well. It lasts an extremely long time. I have not shown it here because the amount of iodine dissolved in the water is highly temperature-dependent, and this is problematic in the universally cold environment of the Himalaya. - Addition of a small amount of vitamin C (50 mg) to your water after the contact time with the iodine will render the water nearly flavorless!
3. Radioactive Fallout: There is no medicine that will effectively prevent nuclear radiations from damaging the human body cells that they strike. However, a salt of the elements potassium and iodine, taken orally even in very small quantities 1/2 hour to 1 day before radioactive iodines are swallowed or inhaled, prevents about 99% of the damage to the thyroid gland that otherwise would result. The thyroid gland readily absorbs both non-radioactive and radioactive iodine, and normally it retains much of this element in either or both forms. When ordinary, non-radioactive iodine is made available in the blood for absorption by the thyroid gland before any radioactive iodine is made available, the gland will absorb and retain so much that it becomes saturated with non-radioactive iodine. When saturated, the thyroid can absorb only about l% as much additional iodine, including radioactive forms that later may become available in the blood: then it is said to be blocked. (Excess iodine in the blood is rapidly eliminated by the action of the kidneys.)
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• 4. Fibrocystic Breasts: Many women develop "fibrocystic breast disease". In the 1970s, pioneering trace element researcher Dr. John Myers showed that iodine would eliminate even the most severe cases of fibrocystic breast disease. In "medium" to "minor" cases, 6 to 8 drops of SSKI or Lugol's taken in a few ounces of water daily will frequently reduce fibrocystic breast disease to insignificance within three to six months.
5. Herpes virus: If the truth be known, there are many chemicals that destroy or inactivate the herpes simplex virus. Iodine is a very common antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal agent for topical use. A bit of a water soluble iodine complex like Povidine Iodine (Betadine iodine) might be added to the "zinc gluconate" wash to help in the struggle against herpes. Tincture of iodine is also used, but it is in alcohol, which may sting tender tissues. Iodine stains the skin and clothing, and it is absorbed into the skin where it has its activity. An iodine-colored zinc gluconate wash might be helpful in reminding one to retreat. Iodine disappears into the skin at rates that are different between people. For example, in a very small 1975 study patients with vulvovaginal and cervical herpes virus infections were treated with a regimen of external and intravaginal povidone-iodine preparations. In all but one case, the expected duration of symptoms and healing time were shortened.
7. Ophthalmia neonatorum prevention. "Ophthalmia neonatorum" is defined as conjunctivitis with eye discharge that occurs during the first month of life. Various bacteria can cause this condition, including gonococcus and Chlamydia trachomatis . Several agents have been used as drops in the eyes to prevent this condition in infants, including erythromycin, silver nitrate, gentamicin, and Povidone-iodine. Tetracycline and penicillin drops have also been used. Although this condition is now uncommon in industrialized nations, it remains a problem in the developing world with an incidence as high as 20-30% and cases of blindness reported in Africa each year. Povidone-iodine ophthalmic solution appears to have broad spectrum activity against bacteria, and is less expensive than many antibiotics. It therefore may be a cost-effective option in some populations. One drop of 2.5% solution in each eye has been demonstrated as being effective in multiple studies.
8. Molluscum contagiosum: Iodine has been suggested as a topical treatment for molluscum.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
9. Ovarian cysts: It's very likely that SSKI helps eliminate fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian cysts at least partly through it's interaction with estrogens….which brings us to another important use for SSKI (and other forms of iodine such as "Lugol's solution" and "di-atomic iodine"). All of these forms of iodine help your body to metabolize estrone (a slightly carcinogenic human estrogen) and 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone (a much more dangerous metabolite of human estrogen) into estriol, an "anti-carcinogenic" or at worst "neutral" form of human estrogen.
10. Dupuytren's contracture and Peyronie's disease are two "fibrotic" conditions that can be helped considerably by SSKI or Lugol's solution. In Dupuytren's contracture, thickening (fibrosis) occurs along one of the tendons in the palm in the hand, pulling the related finger down towards the palm. As the problem progresses, the finger often can't be straightened any more. In Peyronie's disease, a very similar thickening occurs along the shaft of the penis, making erections increasing "curved" and painful. In both cases, rubbing SSKI into the thickened tissue at least twice daily softens and lessens the fibrotic area over a period of several months, allowing for more normal function. For these conditions, it's additionally helpful to take para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) 2 grams, three times daily, and to rub a mixture of Vitamin E and DMSO into the thickened areas, also. However, if "caught early", SSKI alone will often "do the job".
11. Keloids are abnormally thick scars, sometimes as much as an inch thick, that can form after injury. Although anyone can get a keloid, they're more common among blacks than other ethnic groups. Rubbing SSKI into a keloid at least twice daily will ultimately flatten them down to a "normal scar", but it can take many months to a year for particularly bad ones. The treatment goes faster if SSKI or Lugol's is mixed "50-50" with DMSO.
12. Fistulas are literally abnormal tunnels through tissues, "tunnels" prevented from healing by chronic infection. Two not-unusual types are "peri-anal fistulas" (a "tunnel" from outside the anus to the inside of the rectum) and "recto-vaginal" fistulas. Although these fistulas can be treated successfully by surgery, they can often be healed by frequent swabbing
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inside and out with an SSKI-soaked "Q-tip". Patience is required: Complete healing often takes several months. The treatment appears to work better if the SSKI is mixed with DMSO, which enhances penetration.
(NOTE: most of this is medical suggestions about Iodine uses, the use of DMSO is very toxic, but to the medically minded they don’t care.)
• 13. Hemorrhoids. Richard Kunin, M.D. of San Francisco, is a "world class" expert on the use of SSKI and other forms of iodine. He has found that hemorrhoids will sometimes disappear literally overnight, when SSKI (20drops) mixed with flaxseed oil (1 ounce) is rubbed in them at bedtime. He's also found that SSKI alone will do the same job, although it "really stings" when applied to a hemorrhoid by itself.
14. Arteriosclerosis. Over 30 years ago, two ophthalmologists observed that a combination tablet called "Iodo-niacin" (iodide 120 milligrams, niacin 15 milligrams) taken for several months could actually reverse atherosclerotic clogging of arteries. They proved this effect by taking pictures of clogged arteries in the backs of the eyes (retinal photomicrographs) before and after treatment. The published photographs showed a significant lessening of the cholesterol-laden artery clogging in the "after" pictures. True to cause, no follow-up study has ever been published (probably because niacin and iodide aren't patentable). Recommended is 1 to 2 drops of SSKI or Lugol's and niacin-containing B-complex daily (along with essential fatty acids or fish oil) for anyone with significant cholesterol-related atherosclerotic clogging. Thyroid function must be monitored!
15. Sebaceous cysts are cysts which contain oily, fatty material. They usually appear rather suddenly on the face or in the groin or labia. Rubbing in SSKI mixed 50-50 with DMSO will almost always persuade these cysts to go away in a week or two; it appears that the iodide "dissolves" the fatty, oily material contained in the cysts, allowing your body to slowly re-absorb and dispose of it. The famous chemistry professor Louis Feiser made a point of demonstrating to all the medical students that iodine and iodide would make oils, fats, and waxes (cholesterol is actually a wax) more soluble in water. This known action of iodide might likely explain why it might be needed in patients with lipomas.
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(NOTE: I have seen many people plagued with fatty cyst.)
16. Sialoliths, parotid duct stone. These are "stones" which can form in the saliva-carrying duct(s) from the major salivary glands ("parotid" glands, located at the "angle of the jaw"). 3 to 4 drops of SSKI taken in water daily reportedly will almost always dissolve parotid duct stones within four to eight months.
17. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema ("COPD"). Lugol's is an invaluable medicine, it gets into all body secretions, including often thick and hard to cough up bronchial secretions, which get infected very easily. As a well known and old time expectoran, it "loosens" secretions remarkably, making them much easier to expectorate, and it prevents micro-organisms from growing easily. With regular use, bronchial infection is a much less frequent problem for these patients. Depending on the severity of COPD, I recommend 3 to 6 drops of lugol's taken in water once daily. As COPD is usually a chronic condition, use will usually be indefinite, so make sure to monitor thyroid function!
18. Infected hangnails are perhaps the easiest to clear up this way, as are nagging bacterial infections around the edges of the toenails. Rub in the mixture several times daily, and the problem's usually gone in a few days. Herpes simplex ("herpes") outbreaks can be "stopped cold" in the same way, but it often takes longer for the "sore" to heal itself over.
19. Enlarged tonsils. Persistent "swollen glands" in the throat or groin areas, see a doctor first! These can very rarely be signs of leukemia, lymphoma, or another cancer, especially in older people. But if all tests and studies are negative, rub in the SSKI with DMSO. In a large majority of cases, the "just swollen glands" will gradually fade away.
20. Onychomycosis. Fungus under the toenails is a difficult problem to treat. Even "conventional" anti-fungal drug treatment takes months to work, and (for safety) monthly liver function tests are necessary. Lugol's or Tincture of Iodine and DMSO rubbed on, around, and under the affected toenails doesn't work any faster, but it's just as effective, and definitely safer.
1. Vaginal infections. 20 to 30 drops in water, used in a small "douche" once daily for five to ten days will usually resolve the infection in several days.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
• 22. Bladder Infections. 1-2 drops of lugol's in a glass of water, four times daily. Since the iodide excretion generally exits the kidney in four hours, for a severe bladder infection give it every four hours. I have treated successfully some of the worst bladder infections by this method. Lugol's works better than antibiotics, and unlike antibiotics, the infection is not so nearly prone to return.
23. Hypothyroidism. Even though iodine and iodide are absolutely essential to thyroid hormone formation, in most "developed" countries, hypothyroid conditions are not usually due to an outright lack of iodine or iodide. Still, hypothyroidism is occasionally helped by 1 drop of lugol's daily. Make sure to monitor the thyroid profiles!
(NOTE: this particular author is using a more sensible dose, while the first author was suggesting huge doses.)
24. Vegan gas. Reducing the gas from eating beans! Macrobioticists have know for years that cooking beans with seaweed reduces bean flatus. If you're soaking beans before cooking them, add 1 or 2 drops of Lugol's, and let them soak for an hour or more. Pour off that water before cooking, and add fresh water. You'll be surprised at the reduction in resulting intestinal gas! (Technical explanation: There's a naturally occurring enzyme inhibitor in beans which interferes with starch digestion in the gut, producing gas. Lugol's inactivates this enzyme inhibitor.)
25. Baldness: In Mexico, some people have used iodine as a means of preventing baldness. One woman used iodine for years as a preventive measure against her baldness. She used it as a rinse after washing her hair. Another woman told me to "cure" a bald spot by dabbing iodine on the bald spot or area of thinning hair. After a while, a crust will form. Eventually, beneath the crust fine hairs will start to grow. She said it can take about three months to see the results.
26. Heavy Metal Detox. The bioavailability of a Lugol's containing 12.5 mg elemental iodine was evaluated by measuring 24 hr urine levels of iodide together with the minerals, trace elements and toxic metals before and after administration of this preparation. The results obtained following iodine supplementation revealed that in some subjects, the urine levels of mercury, lead and cadmium increased by several fold after just one day of
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
supplementation. For aluminum, this increased excretion was not observed usually until after one month or more on the iodine supplementation. Preliminary data so far suggest that orthoiodosupplementation results in detoxification of the body from the toxic metals aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury. One of the old materia medicas listed using iodine for mercury detoxification. [Mercurial Poisoning, and other chronic metallic toxaemiae, —Potassium Iodide, to promote elimination of the poison.]
27. Precancerous skin lesions: From my own clinical experience, repeated application of Lugol’s to the skin appears to cause regeneration of the skin from the bottom up, causing eventually sloughing the old version of the skin off. It is very helpful in granulation of new skin in leg ulcers when used twice daily as a wound spray. For suspicious spots, if there was a pre-cancerous lesion on the old skin, it is replaced with new skin minus the lesion. There does not seem to be any skin lesions which are not helped or cured by this procedure. In some cases I found clinically obvious low thyroid conditions also needed to be treated to be more aggressively. Minor lacerations and healing of surgical wounds respond well. If skin regeneration is from the bottom, then there is little or no scar formation. It is better than vitamin E, but that helps too.
28. Cuts and scabs. It is my belief a water solution of iodine (like Lugol's) is an important therapeutic agent for skin. Because of its effectiveness and the results, perhaps many skin diseases are related to local tissue areas of relative iodine deficiency. Perhaps the most graphic lesions are the "keloid" (worm) incision scars formed after surgical procedures. If the iodine intake and tissue levels are adequate, such as in Japan, keloid formation doesn't happen . In addition, iodine's ability to trigger natural cell death (apoptosis) makes it effective against all pre-cancerous skin lesions and likely many cancerous lesions. The local site is replaced with normal skin.
Our older generation tended to put tincture of iodine onto a fresh wound to prevent infection. This turns out to be helpful. It is much more effective (and doesn't hurt) to apply iodine repeatedly after a scab has been formed also. The iodine put onto the scab helps to organize total repair of the tissue. It is implied a similar approach could be taken to burns of all depths, but at the same time, the physiology of burns suggest there is an acute lack of thyroid hormone.
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29. Common cold. The next time you feel that scratchy throat or that first onset snuffle, reach for a bottle of Lugol's and start snorting from the open top. You may be surprised to see it rapidly quench a rhinovirus infection before it sets in.
(Note: the fumes from Lugols is very toxic to the lungs.)
30. Breast Cancer: Based on an extensive review of breast cancer epidemiological studies, R.A. Wiseman came to the following conclusions: 92-96% of breast cancer cases are sporadic; there is a single cause for the majority of cases; the causative agent is deficiency of a micronutrient that is depleted by a high-fat diet; and if such an agent is detected, intervention studies with supplementation should lead to a decline in the incidence of breast cancer. It is the opinion of several investigators that this protective micronutrient is the essential element iodine. Demographic surveys of Japan and Iceland revealed that both countries have a relatively high intake of iodine and low incidences of simple endemic goiter and breast cancer. Whereas in Mexico and Thailand, just the reverse is observed -- a high incidence of both endemic goiter and breast cancer.
From one year of clinical observations and experience in the use of dispensing oral lugol's, I believe that 80% of North Americans, and by extension the general populations, are iodine/iodide deficient. They used to put iodine in many flour products before 1966, then they discovered bromide, it is easier, cheaper, and makes ingredients mix well, so it's in all of our bread, flour products, cakes, even Gatorade, Mountain Dew and it was found in Dansani water too! Bromide is a serious goitrogen. The anion salt of hydrogen bromide (HBr); and several salts were formerly used as sedatives, hypnotics, and anticonvulsants. Chronic bromide intoxication is characterized by headache, drowsiness, confusion and occasionally violent delirium, muscular weakness, cardiac depression, an acneform eruption, foul breath, anorexia, and gastric distress. Sound familiar?
Fluoride, chlorine, bromide & iodine are all halogens, their atomic weight determines which one deletes the other, fluoride being the worst. Iodine is the loser, so all three compete with iodine. That's why we are all deficient, we cannot escape fluoride, chlorine and bromide! It's in food
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and water. J.C. Jarvis, was particularly fond of iodine replacement due to the chorine content of our drinking water. He writes:
"The clinical activity of any one of these four halogens is in inverse proportion to its atomic weight. This means that any one of the four can displace the element with a higher atomic weight, but cannot displace an element with a lower atomic weight. For example, flourine can displace chlorine, bromine and iodine because flourine has a lower atomic weight than the other three. Similarly, chlorine can displace bromine and iodine because they both have a higher atomic weight. Likewise, bromine can displace iodine from the body because iodine has a higher atomic weigh the addition of chlorine to our drinking water as a purifying agent. We secure a drinking water that is harmful to the body not because of its harmful germ content but because the chlorine content now causes the body to lose the much-needed iodine...
There is mounting evidence that the major contributor of breast, ovarian, uterine and prostrate fibroids and cancers is dietary iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency is probably also a major contributor of obesity, arthritis and some mental illness. I think that the MD's who performed the research for these discoveries should be nominated for the Nobel Prize. The health care implications for this discovery are enormous. Virtually every older patient I see shows some symptoms of iodine deficiency and those symptoms are fibroids/cysts of the reproductive organs, thyroid problems, obesity, arthritis, dry eyes, compromised immune systems, reduced sex drive, urinary tract infections, enlarged prostate, and a long list of other symptoms. Some young people already show symptoms of iodine deficiency such as acne and ADD. Iodine deficiency may play a role in autism.
As cheap as making Lugol's is, and the universal medical uses as a disinfectant and germicide, would be of great service to all impoverished countries. Its implications on the benefit to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria deserve important attention. [Malaria,—the Ammonium Iodide with Arsenic, in chronic malaria.]
Iodine deficiency is responsible not only for very widespread endemic goiter and cretinism, but also for retarded physical growth and intellectual development and a variety of other conditions. These conditions together are
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now termed iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). They are particularly important because: • · perhaps one-quarter to oneo-half of the world's people consume inadequate amounts of iodine; • · the disorders have a major impact on the individual and on society; • · of the four major deficiency diseases, IDD is the easiest to control.
The treatment of goiter caused by iodine deficiency is easy and satisfying in the case of a simple goiter or a colloid goiter that is not very large. Usually either potassium iodide (6 mg daily) or Lugol's iodine (one drop daily for ten days, then one drop weekly) will lead to a fairly rapid reduction in the size of the goitre. One drop of Lugol's iodine provides about 6 mg of iodine. Alternatively, Lugol's iodine can be diluted in any small hospital laboratory so that one teaspoonful of the dilute solution yields 1 mg of iodine. Lugol's solution is very cheap and is widely available. Of primary school children treated in Tanzania, over 60 percent with Grade 1 goiter had no goiter after 12 weeks of receiving Lugol's iodine, and most larger goiters had improved markedly. The alternative treatment which is also effective but which needs careful medical supervision is the use of thyroid extract or medicinal thyroxine, which makes no sense as it does not treat the cause, only the effect.
Clearly, rather than treating each individual who has goiter caused by iodine deficiency, it is much preferable to take measures to control iodine deficiency in the community, the district or the nation. The most common measure is iodization of salt, which will reduce the prevalence and also the severity of goiter over a relatively short period among those who consume the salt. But salt itself is not healthy and the amounts of iodide are very scanty. If rural doctors would use iodine routinely as a drug, and iodine was freely dispensed to purify drinking water, so many more health benefits would be enjoyed.
There has been no significant clinical research on iodine therapy or use for over 40 years until recently that of Dr. Abraham. I feel it is important for research to be directed at this potentially significant area of medical treatment. It is worth noting the greatest part of significant research with iodine was done before the Medline search facilities were available. Since large doses of iodine are tolerated intravenously without side effects, it has yet to be explored what help this may have for many cancer patients or even other diseases like malaria, HIV. lyme's disease, and tuberculosis. For many
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decades in the 1800s people carried around little bottles of iodine around their necks to use on all occasions, just as before they used garlic during the plague. People in mosquito, fly and tic infested areas should think of doing this again. Iodine put onto a mosquito bite would kill all bacteria and viruses at the site of the bite within 10-30 seconds making it impossible for any virus or bacteria to multiply and get started --such as in West Nile Fever. In addition, it has been forgotten vaporized iodine rapidly kills air borne viruses such as polio and SARS viruses. Used extensively in the forties and fifties it may be of use to explore this approach again.
Therapeutics of Iodine. The Tincture is much used locally as a counterirritant, and an alterative application. Iodo-tannin is chiefly employed as an antiseptic and alterative application in local diseases. The preparations of Iodine are used with benefit in— Catarrh and Hay Fever,—inhalations of Iodine or the Carbolate. Inflammations,—Tincture of Iodine locally, to promote absorption. Skin Diseases,—the Glycerite or Tincture, in chloasma, lentigo, lupus. Chronic Diseases of the Spleen and Liver,— the Tincture or Ointment may be used locally for counter-irritation.
Glandular Tumors, hypertrophied tonsils, cervical cysts, etc.,—the Tincture or Compound Solution parenchymatously injected, is an efficient resolvent. Empyema, Hydrocele, Ovarian Cysts, etc. ,—the Tincture injected undiluted, is one of the best applications to prevent return of the effusion. Sores, Ulcers, Fissures, etc,—Iodoform, Iodo-tannin, or Iodized Starch, are highly recommended, as local antiseptics and alteratives. Vomiting of Pregnancy,—drop doses of the tincture every hour, have often succeeded in very obstinate cases.
They are especially used in— Acute Catarrh and Hay Fever,—Potassium Iodide with Arsenic internally ; also Iodine and Carbolic Acid in weak solution locally
. Chronic and Capillary Bronchitis,—the Ammonium Iodide, in small doses, rapidly administered, is remarkably efficacious.
Catarrhal Pneumonia,—the Ammonium Iodide, to prevent caseation of the products. Arsenic may well be combined with it.
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Spasmodic Asthma,—Potassium Iodide, in 15 to 30-gr. doses, is often very efficient, especially when the asthma is due to bronchial catarrh.
Hepatic Cirrhosis, in the first stage,—Ammonium Iodide with Arsenic.
Duodenal Catarrh, and jaundice there from,—Ammonium Iodide.
Aneurisms,—Potassium Iodide, in large doses (gr. xv-xxx) is often curative of internal aneurisms, when conjoined with absolute rest.
Tertiary Syphilis, and many of its results, as neuralgiae, paralysis from gummata, syphilitic ulcerations, syphiloma of the internal viscera, chronic rheumatism and sciatica of syphilitic origin, lupus of syphilitic or scrofulous origin,—are all best treated by Potassium Iodide.
Mercurial Poisoning, and other chronic metallic toxaemiae, —Potassium Iodide, to promote elimination of the poison.
Malaria,—the Ammonium Iodide with Arsenic, in chronic malaria.
Tonsillitis, and simple sore throat,—a weak solution of Potassium Iodide.
Chronic Bright's Disease,—the prolonged use of Potassium Iodide has seemed to retard the progress of the parenchymatous changes.
Diagnostic Used of Iodine/Iodide
1. .Gram iodine: Iodine crystals 1.0 gm Potassium iodide 2.0 gm , Distilled water 300 ml. Gram's stain is a method for differential staining of bacteria; smears are fixed by flaming, stained in a solution of crystal violet, treated with iodine solution, rinsed, decolorized, and then counterstained with safranin O; Gram-positive organisms stain purple black and Gram-negative organisms stain pink; useful in bacterial taxonomy and identification, and also in indicating fundamental differences in cell wall structure.
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Grind the dry iodine and potassium iodide in a mortar. Add water, a few ml at a time, and grind thoroughly after each addition until the iodine and iodide dissolve. Rinse the solution into an amber glass bottle with the remainder of the distilled water.
2. Vaginal smears: This is a simple test to detect the onset of menopause: swab the vagina with a q-tip, place on a glass slide and put it over a small vial of a few drops of lugol's. Let the iodine evaporate and fixate to the slide for 5 minutes. If glycogen is present, it will stain reddish orange, if no glycogen is present, meaning onset of menopause, it will not stain or show a very faint yellow.
3. Pap smears: Schiller's test is a test for nonglycogen-containing areas of the portio vaginalis of the cervix, which may be the site of early carcinoma; such areas fail to stain dark brown with iodine solution; loss of glycogen due to erosion and other benign conditions may also give a positive result. The old naturopaths learned that by using this as a cheap and easy office test for cervical screening, the breast nods disappeared in 3-6 months after diagnosis! This is indisputable proof. of the value of the Schiller Lugol test and is a definite aid in locating cervical cancer.
Sources of Iodine: Tincture of Iodine: USP tincture of iodine contains 2% iodine and 2.4% sodium iodide dissolved in 50% ethyl alcohol. For water purification use, the sodium iodide has no purification effect, but contributes to the total iodine dose. Thus it is not a preferred source of iodine, but can be used if other sources are not available. 0.4 cc's (or 8 drops) of USP tincture (2% iodine) added to a liter of water will give the 8 mg/l (same as 8 PPM). If the iodine tincture isn't compounded to USP specs, then you will have to calculate an equal dose based on the iodine concentration.
SSKI: The "SS" in "SSKI" refers to "Saturated Solution Potassium Iodide". Potassium iodide (KI) is an odorless, colorless, transparent or opaque crystalline substance. It may occur as a white granular powder. In either case, the powder is fairly hygroscopic. One gram is soluble in 0.7 mL of water, about 23 mL of alcohol, and 2 mL of glycerin. Aqueous solutions are neutral or alkaline to litmus. When iodine is added to an aqueous solution of KI, a dark brown solution containing potassium triiodide is formed. The chemical should be stored in containers with tight-fitting lids and should be
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protected from light. In acid, KI decomposes rapidly to liberate iodine; the reaction can be retarded with sugar. Oxidizing agents will liberate iodine from KI as the agent is reduced.
Saturated solution of KI may be used instead of Lugol’s solution to treat toxic goiter. The dose is 0.3 mL (well diluted), 3 times daily. This solution is potassium iodide oral solution USP, containing 94% to 106% of the labeled amount of KI. The former National Formulary SSKI monograph defined it as containing 97 g to 103 g of KI in each 100 mL of solution.
Other medically useful forms of iodine include "Lugol's solution", invented by Dr. Lugol of Paris in the 1840s, which contains a mixture of types of iodine and iodide, and "di-atomic iodine" which is another name for iodine, but usually prepared as a solid in a capsule instead of a liquid.
Lugol's solution: Contains 5% iodine and 10% potassium iodide. 0.15 cc (3 drops) can be added per liter of water, but 3 times more iodine is consumed compared to sources without iodide. Betadyne (povidone iodine): Some have recommended 8 drops of 10% povidone iodine per liter of water as a water treatment method, claiming that at low concentrations povidone iodine can be regarded as a solution of iodine. One study indicated that at 1:10,000 dilution (2 drops/liter), there was 2 PPM iodine, while another study resulted in conflicting results. However, at 8 drops/liter, there is little doubt that there is an antimicrobial effect. The manufacturer hasn't spent the money on testing this product against EPA standard tests, but in other countries it has been sold for use in field water treatment. Kahn-Vassher solution: By adding a sufficient amount of iodine crystals to a small bottle, an almost unlimited supply of saturated iodine solution can be produced. As long as crystals remain in the bottle, the solution is saturated.
Safety The safety of long-term exposure to low levels of iodine was proven when inmates of three Florida prisons were given water disinfected with 0.5 to 1.0 PPM iodine for 15 years. No effects on the health or thyroid function of
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previously healthy inmates was observed. Of 101 infants born to prisoners drinking the water for 122- 270 days, none showed detectable thyroid enlargement. However 4 individuals with preexisting cases of hyperthyroidism became more symptomatic while consuming the water. Nevertheless experts are reluctant to recommend iodine for long term use. Average American iodine intake is estimated at 0.24 to 0.74 mg/day, higher than the RDA of 0.4 mg/day. Due to a recent National Academy of Science recommendation that iodine consumption be reduced to the RDA, the EPA discourages the use of iodized salt in areas where iodine is used to treat drinking water.
Allergies Some individuals are allergic/hypersensitive to iodide or to organic preparations containing iodine. Hypersensitivity reactions may involve rash, angioedema (throat swelling), cutaneous/mucosal hemorrhage (bleeding), fever, arthralgias (joint pains), eosinophilia (abnormal blood counts), urticaria (hives), thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, or severe periarteritis (inflammation around blood vessels). Reactions can be severe and deaths have occurred with exposure. Iodine-based products should be avoided if there is known allergy/hypersensitivity to iodine. Topical use of iodine preparations may irritate/burn tissues and cause sensitization in some individuals. Note: This review does not cover adverse effects associated with intravenous iodine-based contrast agents used for CT scan imaging, or radioactive iodine. Acute toxicity: Acute iodine poisoning is rare and generally occurs only with doses of many grams. Symptoms may include burning of the mouth, throat, and stomach, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cardiovascular compromise, and loss of consciousness/coma.
Iodide acne: a follicular eruption on the face, trunk, and extremities, due to injection or ingestion of iodide in a hypersensitive individual.
Endocrine (thyroid effects): Prolonged excess intake of iodides can lead to
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thyroid gland dysfunction including hypo- or hyperthyroidism, thyroid gland hyperplasia (enlargement), thyroid adenoma, goiter, autoimmunity, and elevated thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. Individuals with autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) may have increased sensitivity to adverse effects of iodine. Those with previous iodine deficiency or nodular goiter may be particularly susceptible. Dermatologic: Topical cadexomer iodine has been associated with local burning sensation in clinical trials. Cutaneous (skin) intolerance may develop with the topical use of iodinated polyvidone. Other reported reactions to tinctures include rash, blistering, crusting, irritation, itching, or erythema (reddening) of skin. Topical use of iodine may stain the skin. Ocular/Otic: Eyelid edema may result from administration of povidone-iodine.
Genitourinary: Povidone-iodine bladder irrigation has been associated with increased risk of urinary tract infection. Renal: Sodium iodide should be used cautiously in those with renal failure. Lugol solution and saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI, PIMA) should be avoided in those with hyperkalemia. (Note: This review does not cover adverse effects associated with intravenous iodine-based contrast agents used for CT scan imaging. However, such contrast agents can cause impairment of kidney function including permanent damage. Individuals with a history of kidney disease or diabetes may be particularly susceptible. This concern should be discussed with the patient's physician prior to receiving intravenous contrast.) Gastrointestinal: Sodium iodide should be used cautiously in those with gastrointestinal obstruction. Pulmonary: Lugol solution and saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI, PIMA) should be avoided in patients with pulmonary edema,
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bronchitis, or known tuberculosis. Immunologic: It has been suggested thatapplication of povidone-iodine to wounds (particularly surgical wounds) may locally suppress immune cells and wound healing, and increase susceptibility to local infection. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Pregnancy: Iodine requirements are increased during pregnancy. The U.S. recommended daily allowance of iodine for pregnant women is 220mcg daily, which is higher than the recommended daily dose for non-pregnant adults (150mcg). Iodine supplementation during pregnancy may be particularly relevant in areas of endemic iodine deficiency, such as non-industrialized nations. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy has been associated with an increased incidence of miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects, and mental retardation. Moreover, severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy may result in congenital hypothyroidism in the newborn. In contrast, excess iodine intake by pregnant women may lead to effects of excess iodine in the fetus/newborn, including thyroid dysfunction or skin irritation. Labor: It has been suggested to avoid topical use of povidone-iodine for perianal preparation during delivery or postpartum antisepsis due to possible iodine absorption by the newborn, or absorption by the mother leading to increased breast milk iodine concentrations. Other reports suggest that this may not be a significant concern. Breastfeeding: The U.S. recommended daily allowance of iodine for breastfeeding women is 290mcg daily, which is higher than the recommended daily dose for non-pregnant adults (150mcg). Iodine supplementation during breastfeeding may be particularly relevant in areas of endemic iodine deficiency, such as non-industrialized nations. Infants are particularly vulnerable to the effects of iodine deficiency, and iodine deficient women may not be able to provide sufficient iodine in their breast milk.
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At this point I will change to another source on Iodine
Iodine: The Universal Nutrient
By Guy E. Abraham, M.D.
In textbooks of medicine, endocrinology and thyroidology, the essential element iodine is mentioned only in connection with the most severe forms of deficiency of this nutrient: cretinism, iodine-deficiency induced goiter and hypothyroidism. Due to thyroid fixation, inhibitors of iodine uptake and utilization by target cells are called goitrogens, that is, substances causing thyroid enlargement, implying that iodine inhibitors only influence thyroid function. Perhaps, there is a restraining order preventing iodine inhibitors from interfering with iodine in extrathyroidal target organs. Many physicians would be surprised to learn that more than a hundred years ago, iodine was called “The Universal Medicine”, and was used in several clinical conditions. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Györgyi,1 the physician who discovered Vitamin C in 1928, commented:
“When I was a medical student, iodine in the form of KI was the universal medicine. Nobody knew what it did, but it did something and did something good. We students used to sum up the situation in this little rhyme:
If ye don’t know where, what, and why Prescribe ye then K and I.
Our medical predecessors, …were keen observers and the universal application of iodide might have been not without foundation.” Recent research on the medical applications of this essential nutrient may prove indeed that iodine is a universal medicine, or more appropriately, a universal nutrient. Only 8 years after the discovery of iodine from seaweed by French chemist Bernard Courtois in 1811, Swiss physician J.F. Coindet who previously used successfully burnt sponge and seaweed for simple goiter, reasoned that iodine could be the active ingredient in seaweed. In
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1819, he tested tincture of iodine at 250 mg per day, an excessive amount by today’s standard, in 150 goiter patients with great success. He published his results in 1820. Coindet was the first physician to use the newly discovered element iodine in medical practice. Since then, the collective experience of a large number of clinicians from the U.S. over the last century has resulted in the recommended daily amount of 0.1 to 0.3 ml of Lugol, containing from 12.5 to 37.5 mg elemental iodine, for iodine/iodide supplementation. The Lugol solution was developed by French physician, Jean Lugol in 1829 for treatment of infectious diseases using oral ingestion of his preparation. The Lugol solution contains 5 percent iodine and 10 percent potassium iodide in water. Iodine is not very soluble in water, with aqueous saturation at 0.33 gm iodine/L. The addition of potassium iodide to an aqueous solution of iodine stabilizes the iodine by forming a complex triodide I3- and increases the aqueous solubility of iodine in the form of a triodide complex 150 times. The range of daily intake of Lugol solution for iodine supplementation based on clinical observation of the patient’s overall well being turned out to be the exact range of iodine needed for whole body sufficiency, based on an iodine/iodide loading test developed recently. British physicians recommended a similar range of daily intake of iodine in the form of hydrogen iodide as the ranges of iodine recommended by U.S. physicians in the form of Lugol solution. The recommended daily intake of hydriodic acid syrup was 2 to 4 ml. The syrup is prepared by the British apothecary from an aqueous stock solution containing 10 percent hydrogen iodide (HI), which is diluted 10 fold with syrups of different flavors. When hydrogen iodide is dissolved in water it forms hydriodic acid. The syrup would contain 1 percent hydrogen iodide equivalent. This would compute to 10 mg iodide per ml. So, the recommended daily amount of elemental iodine was from 20 to 40 mg. The element iodine was used for the treatment of hypo- and hyperthyroidism5 and for many other medical conditions.18 For hyperthyroidism, the daily dose ranged from 6.25 mg to 180 mg elemental iodine in the form of Lugol solution with the most common intake of 90 mg achieving success rate as high as 90 percent.5 With the availability of thyroid hormones in the 1930s, thyroidologists started using these preparations in patients with iodine deficiency and simple goiter instead of the previously used inorganic iodine/iodide preparations. The situation was aggravated by the fact that during the same period, the
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public was relying on iodized table salt instead of iodine/iodide preparations from apothecaries for supplementation, due to the propaganda favoring the use of iodized salt.
The thyroidologists assumed that, with iodization of table salt, iodine deficiency became a thing of the past, because of the positive effect of iodized salt on the incidence of goiter. That was the beginning of thyroid fixation. It only requires 0.05 mg iodide per day to control goiter.5 With an estimated daily intake of 10 gm of table salt by the U.S. population and at an iodide concentration of 75 PPM, the daily intake of iodide averaged 750 μg or 0.75 mg. There are 30,000 times more chloride than iodide on a molar basis in iodized salt. Due to competition for intestinal absorption between the halides chloride and iodide, only 10 percent of iodide in iodized salt is bioavailable.
This bioavailable amount of 75 μg or 0.075 mg iodide is 500 times less than 0.3 ml of Lugol solution previously recommended by U.S. physicians. Iodization of salt decreased markedly the prevalence of goiter because it only takes 0.05 mg per day of iodide to achieve this goal.5 Most physicians by the 1950s neglected the rest of the human body, in terms of sufficiency for iodine, and forgot that their predecessors were using amounts of iodine/iodide 2 orders of magnitude greater than the amounts present in the average daily consumption of table salt. This was mainly due to iodophobic publications appearing in the late 1940s and also due to the erroneous assumption that absence of goiter means iodine sufficiency.
Published studies on the safe and effective use of Lugol solution in hypo- and hyperthyroidism mysteriously disappeared during the 1940s, concurrent with the appearance of iodophobic publications. The promotion of thyroid extracts and thyroid hormones as an alternative to Lugol solution in the management of iodine deficiency induced goiter and hypothyroidism; and of goitrogens and radioiodide as an alternative to Lugol solution in the management of hyperthyroidism with both alternatives well synchronized with the iodophobic publications. It was a brilliant move and it worked wonderfully. By the 1970s, following the iodophobic publication of Wolf20, physicians concluded that one must avoid inorganic non-radioactive iodine “like leprosy,” unless it was incorporated into the toxic organic iodine-containing drugs. Then, iodine could be tolerated because iodine could be blamed for the toxicity of these drugs.
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Against this background, a 1993 publication by Ghent et al21 reported the beneficial effects of 5 mg iodine ingested daily for approximately one year in 1,368 patients with Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast (FDB). I became aware of Ghent’s publication in 1997. Ghent’s study did not confirm Wolff’s prediction that daily iodine intake of 2000 ug (2 mg) was “excessive and potentially harmful.” Based on academic credentials and reputation, the opinion of thyroidologist Wolff from the National Institute of Health would prevail over the findings of Ghent et al. However, being interested in facts only, not in preconceived opinions of famous thyroidologists, I initiated an extensive search of the literature on iodine in medicine 7 years ago, combined with some original clinical research. The literature search revealed that 60 million mainland Japanese consume a daily average of 13.8 mg of elemental iodine, and they are one of the healthiest nations based on overall well being and cancer statistics.
Japanese women do not stop consuming iodine-rich foods during pregnancy, and Japanese fetuses are exposed to maternal peripheral levels of iodide at concentrations of 10-5M to 10-6M. Either the Japanese are mutants capable of surviving on toxic levels of iodine or we have been grossly deceived. The human body needs at least 100 times the RDA, which was established very recently in 1980 and confirmed in 1989!! After overcoming the delusion that inorganic non-radioactive forms of iodine are toxic, and becoming aware that the inorganic non-radioactive forms of iodine were extremely safe (and were used extensively by U.S. physicians for many medical conditions), I initiated the Iodine Project. It is very exciting to learn that the team at Vitamin Research Products has decided to join the Iodine Project. Welcome! Administration of iodine in liquid solution is not very accurate, may stain clothing, has an unpleasant taste and causes gastric irritation. We decided to use a precisely quantified tablet form of Lugol. To prevent gastric irritation, the iodine/iodide preparation was absorbed into a colloidal silica excipient; and to eliminate the unpleasant taste of iodine, the tablets were coated with a thin film of pharmaceutical glaze.2 To confirm the safety of the Lugol tablets, pilot studies were performed with tablets of Lugol containing from 1 mg to 12.5 mg of elemental iodine.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Following the pilot studies, ten female subjects, 7 with breast symptomatology, were studied for 3 months at 12.5 mg per day. Pre and post-supplementation evaluation of blood chemistry, hematology, thyroid function tests and ultrasonometry of the thyroid gland were performed. The results obtained in these female subjects using a tablet form of Lugol solution (Iodoral®) at 12.5 mg per day for 3 months confirmed Ghent’s observations and the safety of the Lugol tablets. The data were published in the Original Internist in 2002. The bioavailability of a Lugol tablet (Iodoral®) containing 12.5 mg elemental iodine was evaluated by measuring 24 hr urine levels of iodide together with the minerals, trace elements and toxic metals before and after administration of this preparation. The results obtained following iodine supplementation revealed that in some subjects, the urine levels of mercury, lead and cadmium increased by several fold after just one day of supplementation. For aluminum, this increased excretion was not observed usually until after one month or more on the iodine supplementation. Since this observation was made on a limited number of assays, it needs to be confirmed using a well designed protocol in a large number of patients. Based on data available in the medical literature, urinary iodide levels are considered the best index of iodine intake.3 The initial results of the bioavailability study suggested that the Lugol tablets were not well absorbed since only 20 to 30 percent of the administered amount was recovered in the 24 hr. urine collection of 5 subjects tested.3 Just in case medical textbooks were wrong, and the explanation for the low recovery of iodide is body retention of iodine/iodide, the supplementation was continued for one month and then urine iodide levels were measured again in the 24 hr. urine collection. Medical textbooks were wrong. The subjects excreted a mean of 50 percent of the amount ingested, with one subject excreting 96 percent of the ingested amount. The implication of such an observation was that an iodine/iodide-loading test could be developed to assess not just thyroid sufficiency for iodine, but requirement of the whole human body for that essential element. However, instead of a one-month loading test, further studies were performed to shorten this test to a single ingestion of the preparation. Another group of 6 subjects, (3 males and 3 females) were evaluated with 24 hr urinary iodide levels after ingesting one, two and three tablets of the same preparation. The mean percent excretions were: 1 Tab = 22; 2 Tab = 23 and 3 Tab = 25. In a
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third group of 6 subjects, urine iodide levels were evaluated following 4 tablets of the same preparation. The mean percent excretion was 39. For the loading test, a single ingestion of 4 tablets was chosen. This dose resulted in the highest mean percent iodide excreted with the widest interindividual variations. Because of the improved overall well being reported by the subjects who achieved 90 percent or more iodide excreted, sufficiency was arbitrarily set as 90 percent . Whole body sufficiency for iodine correlated well with overall well being, and some subjects could tell when they achieved sufficiency even before knowing the results of the test. Iodine sufficiency was associated with a sense of overall well being, lifting of “brain fog,” feeling warmer in cold environments, increased energy, needing less sleep, achieving more in less time, experiencing regular bowel movements and improved skin complexion. Several clinical conditions where whole body iodine deficiency may play an important role. The iodine/iodide loading test is based on the concept that the normally functioning human body has a mechanism to retain ingested iodine until whole body sufficiency for iodine is achieved. During orthoiodo supplementation, a negative feedback mechanism is triggered that progressively adjusts the excretion of iodine to balance the intake. As the body iodine content increases, the percent of the iodine load retained decreases with a concomitant increase in the amount of iodide excreted in the 24 hr urine collection. When whole body sufficiency for iodine is achieved, the absorbed iodine/iodide is quantitatively excreted as iodide in the urine. After 3 months of supplementation with 50 mg iodine/iodide per day, most non-obese subjects not exposed to excess goitrogens achieved whole body iodine sufficiency, arbitrarily defined as 90 percent or more of the iodine load excreted in the 24 hr urine collections. Adult subjects retained approximately 1.5 gm of iodine when they reach sufficiency. In patients with a normal gastrointestinal absorption of iodine but with a very defective iodine retention system, the absorbed iodine is quantitatively excreted in the urine with little or no retention. In these rare cases, the loading test will suggest whole body iodine sufficiency (90 percent or more excreted) but the serum inorganic iodide levels 24 hrs after the iodine load will remain low (less than 0.13 mg/L).7 The inefficient iodine retention
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mechanism could be due to either a defective cellular iodine transport system or due to blockage of this iodine cellular transport by iodine inhibitors that compete with iodide for the halide binding site of the symporter system and for iodine utilization. In one such case8, oral administration of Vitamin C sustained release at 3 gm per day improved significantly the defective cellular transport system for iodine. The side effects reported with the use of inorganic non-radioactive iodine are: • acne-like skin lesions in certain areas of your body • headache in the frontal sinus • unpleasant brassy taste • increased salivation and sneezing
Based on the experience of clinicians with several thousands of patients on Iodoral®, with daily amounts ranging from 6.25 to 50 mg for up to 3 years, the incidence of the above side effects has been estimated at 1 percent.
Orthoiodo supplementation induces a detoxification reaction in some patients with high bromide levels7,8, including increased body odor and cloudy urine. The body odor lasts one to two weeks, but the cloudy urine may last several months before clearing up. It is of interest to note that the pre- iodine loading urine samples in these cases were clear, but following orthoiodo supplementation, the urine samples became very cloudy with an unpleasant odor and a thick sedimentation upon standing. Although these cases were associated with high bromide excretion (greater than 200 mg per 24 hr), it is not clear if the presence of this halogen in the urine sample was the cause of the odor and cloudiness. Increased fluid intake and a complete nutritional program emphasizing magnesium instead of calcium minimize these side effects. Administration of magnesium in daily amounts up to 1200 mg eliminated the body odor but not the cloudy urine. Scrubbing the skin with a vegetable brush while bathing is recommended in those cases.
Occasionally, the released bromide from storage sites induced decreased thyroid function, bromide being a potent goitrogen.
If the loading test provokes high urine bromide levels, it is best to start the patient on a low dose of iodine (1/2 to 1 tablet Iodoral®) and progressively 100
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
increase the daily intake for optimal response to bring serum and urine bromide levels below 10 mg/L and 10 mg per 24 hr respectively. In some patients, it may take up to 2 years. Bromide is ubiquitous in our homes and environment.
Bromine-containing fire retardants are in our carpets, our clothes, even children’s clothes! The question: Is this due to collective stupidity or a well planned conspiracy?
Since chloride increases renal clearance of bromide, a trial of chloride load (6-10 gm per day) would decrease the time required for bromide detoxification. Use unprocessed sea salt instead of processed iodized table salt.
(NOTE: none of these authors seem to worry about the salt an that most ill people are loaded with salt and more salt would only make the situation worse.)
If serum and urine bromide levels are not available, it is best to start with a daily amount of one tablet of Iodoral® and increasing the amount to two tablets after one week, three tablets after two weeks and four tablets after three weeks. A complete nutritional program emphasizing magnesium is recommended. Use clinical observation of the patient’s response and overall well being to titrate the iodine supplementation like our medical predecessors who did not have access to serum thyroid hormone levels and procedures for assessing whole body sufficiency for iodine. Summary of findings Based on a review of the literature, and recent clinical research studies, the concept of orthoiodo supplementation can be summarized as follows:
1. The nutrient iodine is essential for every cell of the human body requiring peripheral concentrations of inorganic iodide ranging from 10-6M to 10-5M.
(NOTE: nutrient Iodine---YES! The source is the problem with these medical types). 2. In non-obese subjects without a defecting cellular transport system for iodine, these concentrations can be achieved with daily intake of 12.5 mg to
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
50 mg elemental iodine. The adult body retains approximately 1.5 gm iodine at sufficiency. At such time, the ingested iodine is quantitatively excreted in the urine as iodide. 3. The thyroid gland is the most efficient organ of the human body, capable of concentrating iodide by 2 orders of magnitude to reach 10-6M iodide required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones when peripheral levels of inorganic iodide are in the 10-8M range. 4. Goiter and cretinism are evidence of extremely severe iodine deficiency, because the smallest intake of iodine that would prevent these conditions, that is 0.05 mg per day, is 1000 times less than the optimal intake of 50 mg elemental iodine.
(NOTE: if this is so and it probably is, look at all the children/adults that suffer a lifetime from not having Iodine). 5. The thyroid gland has a protective mechanism, limiting the uptake of peripheral iodide to a maximum of 0.6 mg per day when 50 mg or more elemental iodine are ingested. This amount therefore would serve as a preventive measure against radioactive fallout. 6. An intake of 50 mg elemental iodine per day would achieve peripheral concentration of iodide at 10-5M, which is the concentration of iodide markedly enhancing the singlet triplet radiationless transition. Singlet oxygen causes oxidative damage to DNA and macromolecules, predisposing to the carcinogenic effects of these reactive oxygen species. This effect would decrease DNA damage, with an anticarcinogenic effect. 7. Preliminary data so far suggest that orthoiodo supplementation results in detoxification of the body from the toxic metals aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury. 8. Orthoiodo supplementation increases urinary excretion of fluoride and bromide, decreasing the iodine-inhibiting effects of these halides. 9. Most patients on a daily intake ranging from 12.5 mg to 50 mg elemental iodine reported higher energy levels and greater mental clarity with 50 mg (4 tablets Iodoral), daily. The amount of iodine used in patients with Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast by Ghent et al20 is 0.1 mg/Kg BW per
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
day, 10 times below the optimal daily intake of 50 mg. In our experience, patients with this clinical condition responded faster and more completely when ingesting 50 mg iodine/iodide per day. 10. For best results, orthoiodo supplementation should be part of a complete nutritional program, emphasizing magnesium instead of calcium. 11. A beneficial effect of orthoiodo supplementation was observed in the clinical conditions. 12. The iodine/iodide loading test and serum inorganic iodide levels are reliable means of assessing whole body sufficiency for elemental iodine for quantifying the bioavailability of the forms of iodine ingested and for assessing cellular uptake and utilization of iodine by target cells. 13. Orthoiodo supplementation may be the safest, simplest, most effective and least expensive way to solve the healthcare crisis crippling our nation.
At this point I will change to yet another source of Iodine uses:
First topic iodine & mineral assimilation!!!!!!!!!!! 1st MINERAL ASSIMILATION is affected by pH. Minerals have different pH levels at which they can be assimilated into the body. Minerals on the lower end of the atomic scale can be assimilated in a wider pH range, and minerals higher up on the scale require a narrower and narrower pH range in order to be assimilated by the body. For example, sodium and magnesium have wide pH assimilation ranges. It narrows somewhat for calcium and potassium - narrows more for manganese and iron - more for zinc and copper - more for iodine. Iodine, which is high up on the atomic scale, requires near perfect pH for its assimilation into the body. Iodine is one of the most important minerals for proper functioning of the THYROID. But the thyroid doesn't get access
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
to iodine unless the body pH is near perfect. With a society in a largely pH unbalanced state, one would suspect a lot of thyroid problems. Malfunctioning thyroids have been connected to arthritis, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, depression, overweight, fatigue and more. Are you starting to see the basic metabolic picture evolving here? (NOTE: this explains WHY the MD is using Salt and Magnesium to force the pH of the sick person. They don’t care that this is a fake pH, the alkalinity is FAKE or chemically forced and not True. This is how the MD creates situations known as side effects.)
Due primarily to agricultural soil depletion and over-acidic food consumption, mineral deficiency is a large problem facing most people today. And mineral deficiency relates to the quantity of life energy or, more specifically, electricity, in our bodies. Body mineral content and balances control the quantity of electricity in our bodies.
(NOTE: our soil are all minerals, the lack of bacteria makes it so the minerals are too large for plant use). The speed at which the electricity flows is controlled by the body's pH balance. pH Balance and the Mineral Connection There are complex biochemical processes taking place in the body constantly in an attempt to keep blood pH as near perfect as possible. These are known as the pH buffering systems. These buffering systems need a good balance of minerals to work effectively. If we are getting inadequate mineral intake from the food we eat, we are going to start having problems with our pH balancing systems. And if our pH is unbalanced, what is the result? Well, by now you should start having a good idea. Pick your disease, choose your unbalance. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, allergies, obesity, just name it. If you don't feel good, one of the basic things that stands between you and perfect health is your body's pH. Your basic metabolic body balance. While We're on the Subject of Minerals.... 104
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
Did you know that..... Minerals are as important as, if not more important than, vitamins. Minerals are co-enzymes which help vitamins function. In the absence of minerals, vitamins can't do their job. Many minerals are referred to as trace minerals, which might make it, seem as though they are of little importance, but nothing could be further from the truth. Minerals and their deficiencies have been implicated in a wide range of off-balance health conditions. Here are some examples: Supplementing a diet with sufficient chromium and vanadium can help prevent diabetes and has been seen to reverse diabetes in those already diabetic, as vanadium is reportedly able to replace insulin in some cases.
(NOTE: this source is misleading on inorganic minerals as being something suitable for human health; the only way you can supplement with these minerals is by eating foods known to be able to absorb these as a result of Nature. You can not take these minerals in a pill made from rock sources). Copper deficiency is implicated in aneurysms (brain, aortic, etc.) Magnesium is quite possibly the most important mineral for the reduction of coronary heart disease. (The latest "cutting edge" research shows that heart disease is really a function of heart muscle acidosis.)
(NOTE: about 100 years ago Epsom’s Salts was the Miracle Drug, yet it is not an organic form of Magnesium and belongs on the garden and not in the body as a supplement). Next article focuses on Nitric Oxide (NO), I have researched this and have come across studies that explain that NO is vital to the thyroid’s uptake of iodine!!!!!!!!! What prompted my research on Nitric Oxide, NO: After taking Noni fruit powder, I noticed my blood moved quicker and looked healthier under darkfield live blood analysis, so I wanted to understand what was happening. I discovered that Noni stimulates the
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
production of nitric oxide (NO). On a side note, NO increases the uptake of iodide in the thyroid!!!
(NOTE: most wild berries and wild fruits would most likely have the same results, the berries can be obtained in fresh or frozen, while the Noni is hard to come by fresh and looses much in the drying/powdering process compared to fresh picked fruits. Raspberries and Grapes would be more obtainable for most people.)
The End of public sources.
The internet and medical history of Iodine and human use is endless. The subject dates back 200 years and I suggest it became corrupted in the year 1820 and went medical instead of natural form that point onward.
I think it is safe to say we humans need it. I suggest God has given us all the iodine we need in our air and when we needed extra it is readily available in all tree fruits and berries. The problem does not lie with Nature, but in man’s degeneration that has lead to generations of perversion of diet.
• Our habits have increased our needs for minerals and essential chemicals; all of which have to be from a tree/plant. This leaves most of the medical information lacking, because they seek to make drugs for sale.
I think it is safe to say humans need a balanced ratio of minerals/nutrients. It is also safe to say all medical drug methods “forces” the chemical balance of the body which results in side effects and faked results. True pH proves the internal terrain of the human organism. Salt and magnesium supplementation shows a fake increase in alkalinity while the facts are that the ill human is ill, because their body has accumulated acids or low pH.
The fastest way to correct the pH to alkaline is to allow the body to do it properly by way of fruit juice fasting. The fruit juices are loaded with acids that cleanse and leave an alkaline ash that the body used to balance the pH. As the fast continues, the stomach repairs and creates less and less acids and this is the key to Longevity. The healthy stomach does not poison the system and until this is corrected, nothing else will correct the pH and extend the life span.
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
It is safe to say that Chemical made Iodine is a drug, it is a poison and it creates an out of balanced system at an extremely small dose and the body expels it rapidly as a result. Research shows it works best in an alkaline system and this would make sense, because all of our blood is Alkaline, so it is not going anywhere as an acid. Chemical made Iodine is so acid, it will eat a hole in the skin on contact, unless the dose is only a drop or two and not applied on the same spot twice in a 24 hour period.
Regardless how perverted medicine has destroyed Iodine use, they still have a history of results and have proved humans suffer as a result of not having enough. I can see a few uses for Lugol’s Solution; such as for warts, sterilization by burning the tissues, adding to bath water, etc. I would caution anyone to educate your self well before you attempt taking Lugol’s Iodine Solution internally and blindly follow these medical doctors who have no clue other than what they were trained to believe about human health.
The theory of this study of Iodine is to show that we need it. I personally believe most all medical test and written papers are based on education that is against Nature and their goal is not prolonging life. They base their results on short term results and disregard the side effects that often are a shortened lifespan.
The author of BOOK I makes it very clear, medicine is based on false assumptions. The author put down the drugs, put down his knife and relied on raw fruits as the cure for all and history proved him and all MDs that learned about Nature to be correct. The author used the Florida Orange as the cure for all in a fasting clinic. I suggest that Florida orange has the proper ratios of iodine and associated minerals/chemicals to make it work perfectly. The problem is, people then return to eating bad foods and return to a out of balance system.
Does this mean we need chemicals to over load our Liver; so it can over work the entire body in an effort to maintain a balance? Doctors created the faked vitamin industry using toxic waste and calling them vitamins; these same doctors of science are the ones that spray these same types of waste in our atmosphere, add these chemicals to our foods and our water. Since World War II, all humans have been force fed these toxic substances and today our skies are loaded daily, our water deliberately balanced with up to 600 chemicals and our fortified foods so dead and so toxic they can barely support the human diet; people eat and eat until they become obese on these
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
dead / drugged foods. These scientist are all MAD and their beliefs are murdering billions of people world wide. Those who believe medical, will desire Lugol’s Iodine and professional medial testing. Those who desire Nature and Longevity may want to try raw fruits, God’s Foods for Humans. It is that simple.
I know 99%+ will never live on fresh picked raw fruits and we will eat wrong foods and plenty of them and we will then suffer from the lack of tree based nutrients/minerals. I believe the ancients that handed down the information that was designed to help us survive on earth; it states man’s food comes from the Tree and our medicines from the Tree and the Herb. Every non Tree and non herb source that enters our mouth as a food or a medicine is a poison; because we are not designed by God to assimilate anything but the Tree and Herb.
It is my personal belief that God gave every human all they need to Live Well. On this subject of Iodine, I suggest the Tree makes our Iodine, the same as it makes every minerals and every nutrient we could need to Live Well.So forget all the crap that our soil is lacking, that we live in places we can’t Live Well; because if you live where the grass is green and the Trees support leaves, then God has provided you a way to Live Well.
A child can accept that God gives us freely all we need. Our education has blinded us and lead us to the slaughter of following the Blind/World. Man must look to God and not to man for his needs and in the case of Iodine, I suggest if you take it as a supplement, it had better be from the Tree and not from a chemical lab. The body will use Iodine from the Tree and not be poisoned, because it will easily pass off what it does not need. I suggest Tree Iodine will not follow all the rules of the medical info available, but it will do what needs to be done, if allowed to. God knows where our “faith” lies.
It is our MIND that directs our fait. A clean body has a clean MIND. A clean MIND is blessed/used by God.
Many Blessings,
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H. 108

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