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MSM success, then disaster! genius ideas welcome! by rmartel700 ..... MSM Support

Date:   4/2/2011 5:01:29 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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so i'm pretty much stumped on this one, despite numerous efforts to attain balance. i used MSM and hit some significant obstacles, which- as you will read, eventually snowballed into some fairly serious bullcrap. some of you folks seem pretty savvy, and maybe you have some ideas..
it's hard to provide adequate detail while maintaining brevity, so forgive the length of this post (assuming you decide to read through it!)
i've always had health issues, mostly subclinical, stuff doctors shrug about. OCD during early childhood into adolescence, which went away but was replaced with ADD and depression. never developed much of a sex drive, and was very low self esteem. started having digestion/ibs issues in high school, along with considerable auto-immuney joint inflammation. eventually it got bad enough that i developed tendinitis in both wrists, forcing me to give up music.
these symptoms persisted throughout college, becoming much worse when i somewhat suddenly developed chronic prostatitis at 22 yrs old. no actual prostate enlargement, but severe pain when sitting/urinating, almost complete loss of function. saw loads o' docs, all were typically dumbfounded and entirely unhelpful.
started taking msm on a whim. had been recommended by
a friend of a friend. supposedly safe. mostly tried it out to see if it could help my joints, since i missed playing guitar.. and damn, if that stuff didn't work like a miracle. within a couple months of taking it at about 2-3g/day, my joints were notably improved. my mood, too, unexpectedly. i suddenly felt lighter, and better about myself. i was more social, funnier, etc. months later i started noting a marked improvement in my prostatitis. slowly but surely, i enjoyed a 70-80% improvement. my hair grew, fast, looked awesome (typical of msm, i understand.) also unexpected, i, for the first time, developed a healthy and significant sex drive.. basically, i felt 'healthy' in way i never had before.
there were no real side effects (other than an inner thigh rash that lasted maybe the first six months of me taking the msm) until after about 2 years of treatment, i passed a kidney stone. real small one, but painful. more followed, with an increase in flank pain. many months later, i decided to halt the msm, since i suspected it to be related. a bizarre almost withdrawal period followed, in which i got hives around my midsection and battled a hardcore fever for a week or two..
after this wore off, my kidneys felt a bit better, but- to my disappointment, ALL my original symptoms returned. major depression, severe joint pain, prostate ugghhh and etc. i tried other rememdies: turmeric, enzymes, probiotics, fish oil, et al. and pretty much ALL of them helped, but again--caused the kidney pain to flare up. this tug of war has continued for years. me trying to keep the inflammatory symptoms in check without my kidneys suffering. at this point, my inflammation doesn't really flare up, and my kidneys don't really 'hurt', but function is flawed and seems poor. docs look at me like i'm ridiculous (and i'm sure i am) and my urine tests show no significant protein loss, but the kidney issue is definitely.. bad. it's like i'm stuck in the "on msm" state, but not able to support that state.. my hair still looks real good, well.. farrrr better than i feel, hah...
SO (again with apologies for the length of this post) i assume, having learned what i have learned about msm, methylation, copper levels and so forth, that i treated a relative mineral imbalance with sulfur only to create a deeper imbalance in the process.. i follow a mostly vegan diet because it seems to irritate my kidneys much less..

anyone out there have ideas on how to potentially dig myself out of this?

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