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Re: Anonalon, what milk thistle product do you use? by Insight ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/31/2011 4:40:38 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I'll check out that book, thanks for recommending it.

That was a really interesting account, I've heard of things like that.

Personally, I don't think our consciousness/spiritman resides solely in the brain. There have been other stories of people with severe brain damage, or no brain activity, and they have memory and experiences. I read somewhere that our consciousness resides in our entire body, in all our cells.

I do think our consciousness/ego/spiritman does survive brain death (which is why I DO NOT want to be embalmed or have anything done to my body in the case of me actually dying), but I don't know if it can continue to exist if ALL the body and cells die. Complete physical death.

I've read that it also depends on the person. I've heard that depending on the person's personality, whether they had a strong or weak disposition, or whether they had a strong, stubborn will, like a will to live, their spirit/consciousness can stay intact after they die, rather than dissipate, as would someone weaker. I don't know though, there are a lot of questions and mysteries.

Personally, I don't plan on finding out what lies beyond death by going through it. I don't think life was meant to perish. I don't think death is natural or normal. I'm convinced we are supposed to be living forever. That is complete freedom.

I'm right there with you, though, on wondering if our fears are worse than the reality. I think about that sometimes.

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