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Re: Help identify this parasite ???? by wtm ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/19/2011 4:40:13 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I don't think it is Morgellons, from what I can see in the microscope (sure wish I had a scope camera on it). They start off as eggs, hatch ? into a small black cell, then morph into a granule.

I know that the granule (female) must get some blood from me before it matures. In the scope I can tell if they have a red center in them or not. They also move somehow, haven't been able to get a good light on top of them in the scope to see if I can see anything they could use for making motion. Occasionally do see something like small protruding hooks. After a few days of maturity, they start growing the tenacles. I am assuming that this is to find food for themselves. These would normally be expanding under the skin, and probably looking for a blood supply.

If one does get matured and stays in my skin, it feels like a razor blade cutting you. A small pimple will grow on the skin, and have a hard white top. There will be a really small hole in the top. As the female lays her eggs, the pimple gets higher.

These things are cold blooded and rely on me for their heat. They will stay somewhat dormant off the body, but become active if they come in contact with heat and sweat.

The males of the species seem to me smaller, and they are the "jumpers". They seem to grow small paddle like tales, and they are attracted to heat, and carbon dioxide. They nip at you if they jump onto you.

The Ivermectin is the only thing that will kill the females after they dig in deep, but it takes a few days to do so.

I have found that Biore "Deep pore scrub" makes them come to the surface (in several waves) to allow you to wash them off before they mature. My showers are 3 hours, twice a day.
I found out the hard way not to take a bath, as what you were stating to use, did in fact get them out of the skin, but they continued to float in the bath water, and nothing killed them, after several hours of continuous scrubbing in the bath, I finally figured out they were just going back into the pores. Then I got them in places that were originally clean of them.

Also Avon "Skin so soft" body oil keeps them out of my ears.

So far I haven't found out what they are or how to kill them, they seem to not be affected by most chemicals in the short run. Bleach, Ammonia, Borax, sulfur will kill them but it takes a while.

Beginning to wonder if this is man made "germ warfare". I can't find anything on the internet that even resembles this type of skin parasite.

Another reason that I don't think they are Morgellons is that they grow and move long after they have left the body.


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