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Re: Ponds Cold Cream is clearing up my acne! by PheistyChick ..... Acne Forum

Date:   3/19/2011 8:56:35 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Thought I'd report back!

I've been using the Ponds for about five days now, and I can tell you that my Acne is almost 95% gone. My skin is evening out, and a nice added bonus is that a lot of my melasma spots (I'm of Italian heritage with darker, olive skin) have disappeared as well. I never would have believed that something as simple as dime store Ponds would have such amazing benefits.

I'm also using 10% sulfur ointment on the lesions I do have, and holy cats, I can't believe how quickly that stuff gets rid of active zits. I had a huge cystic bugger right above my lip (under a mole, of all things), and it had been seeping disgusting pus for a week. I happen to think I finally found the 'queen mite' and killed her. Anyway, I put some sulfur ointment on it a couple of times yesterday, and it is gone. Finito.

Also have to add that when I put on my M2 HP Skin refinish last night after not using it for nearly two weeks, it stung more than normal, and after a couple of minutes I looked in the mirror and found what looked like a worm lying on top of my skin. Weird. (M2 is a mandelic/malic AHA peel that I've been using for years.)

I could almost cry I'm so happy!! I may not have to use the FaceDoctor soap I purchased on Amazon. I did use it once last night, just because I thought that if I paid for it I should probably use it. I also took a Borax bath last night and scrubbed my body with a Tea Tree soap.

Oh, and I bought a new mattress cover, a protective sheet, new pillow cases, a waterproof/protective pillow cover and washed all of my bedding and recently-worn clothing in Borax on hot.

I want to make sure these nasty things are GONE!! :-)

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