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Date:   3/31/2006 1:25:20 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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What health benefits from flushing?

This is a common question that is asked of people who decide to incorporate Liver Flushing into their self-cure regime. As this is a flushing support group the emphasis is put quite rightly on encouragement and flushing techniques. Although the start of the journey is the most important step the destination can also be very interesting. One problem is that the extent of health improvement is dependant upon the health problem. Nevertheless, as I have been asked several times I will endeavour to give a reasonably summary now, although I will post a full report when I am clear of stones.

I have suffered from unknown pain and fatigue condition for 20 years, diagnosed as a host of different things by each consultant I saw and treated with a multi-mix of pain killers and antidepressants. I was also diagnosed with biliary sludge by ultra-sound which is a common reaction to a very serious spinal injury I suffered 10 years ago. I also had frequent and acute attacks of pain in the right abdomen, which I was convinced was cased by gallstones; being accompanied by pale stools. My stomach was swollen and I had a host of seemingly unrelated symptoms which appeared to me to be very similar to those listed for Fibromyalgia.

All fibromyalgic pains in my limbs have gone and the nasty rope like muscle that knotted up with exercise has disappeared although a couple needed the help of some self administered deep muscle massage. I have some residual pain in my neck which I am working on and in my back due to the spinal injury which I will have to live with. I no longer suffer from cramps or restless legs and my internal organs no longer "ache".

The uncontrolled fatigue and free-fall anxiety has stopped and I feel in control albeit a little lost on what to do with my new self. I sleep very well and undisturbed for 8 hrs each night. If I over do things I can still get fatigue but it is short lived and doesn't compare with the lengthy time-outs I use to get.

All my digestion problems, stop-go intestines, swollen stomach, "food fads" have gone although I still prefer to follow a food combining regime as I helps me feel good and hopefully is healthy. I occasionally get a biliary colic attack but I know that it is only a freely moving stone that has found the exit and I can live with that in the knowledge that when I am clear of stones it will end.

All the funny sensory problems like feeling distant, blurred vision, crawling skin, itches, feeling twisted, cold hands and feet, metallic saliva, drooling, constantly blocked nose have gone.

So what is left? Generally I think I feel the same as I did 20 years ago when my problems first started. I get tired if I do too much, my moods seem to switch a bit widely, I have a lot of eczema on my scalp, the soles of my feet are uncomfortable, and I still have some brain fog.

Should I go to the doctor to see if he has a cure?


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