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Re: Is the Liver Cleanse Bullsh*t? by dharmadave ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/16/2011 6:28:08 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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That is a very interesting, and certainly well thought out reply.

However, what I notice about BOTH SIDES of this debate is that neither party seems able or willing to make their data avaialble.

Mr. Moritz makes all kinds of claims, but cites no sources or evidence to support the claims. And, the same could be said for the skeptics side of the argument.

Just as a random example: Mr. Moritz states

"13. Plenty of photographs taken of dissected livers are in the medical archives of university clinics that show the presence of these stones in the bile ducts of the liver."

OK. That seems easy enough. Produce the photos!!

He goes on,
"14. It is a medically proven fact that millions of people regularly pass green sludge consisting of sometimes dozens of green cholesterol stones in response to eating a very fatty meal"

Well, if it is a medically proven fact, then it shouldn't be hard to document. So, where is the actual documentation other outside of or beyond your claim?!

See, these are the kinds of things that leave an open minded person like myself mystified, and unable to make up my mind about what is actually happening on a cleanse like this.

Anyway. Thanks for sharing. I sure would like to understand this issue better.


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