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Re: I thought Hulda Clark had all the "True Cures" by NINERIS ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   2/10/2011 11:41:33 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hello, 6cubed.

YES, it's true if your posting is alluding to the seemingly outlandish assertions alluded to by Dr. Hulda Clark 's incredibly titled books. But let's not be dismissive without first at least READING her books, and her ideas and how she came to her conclusions through many years of personal research!

Dr. CLARK is/was a very gifted person, having a lot of knowledge about biology and matters of health.

Now, what do we know about the importance of the THYMUS GLAND? We do know that it is the very gland referred to when speaking of T-cells! YES, T-cells refer to THYMUS gland cells -- cells which receive molecular signals which are specialized killer-cells manufactured by the thymus gland.

My layman's understanding is that those specialized soon- to- be T- cells are first developed inside the bone marrow, and then those cells are sent to the THYMUS GLAND which then produces specialized molecular signals to target various pathogens -- that is my very cimplistic understanding, could be totally wrong.

It was thought, at least in the 1950's, that they THYMUS GLAND was nearly or completely atrophied in most adults! That is far from the case. Morevoer, Dr. Clark, through her personal research conducted by herself, soon discovered that the thymus gland could be CLEANSED and REACTIVATED! THAT ALONE should provide her with an astounding recognitioin about her scientific peers!

Unfortunately, Dr. Hulda Clark went against the prevailing thinking of not only the entire medical communities, she also had to battle the insanities of BIG PHARMA COMPANIES, that want to control all-and-everything when addressing matters of health.

Her personal discoveries about the THYMUS GLAND, alone, should tell us something about whether or not Dr. CLARK has any validity in the fields of Science and HEALTH, eh?!

Perhaps this very short/brief review of info will help others.

And more to the point: I WITNESSED THE REVOVERY OF A PERSON WHO HAD ADVANCED "AIDS" -- having that person's several doctors declare that, due to his many blood tests etc, that "AIDS" was advanced by at least a minimum of TEN YEARS!


Now that was without tissue samples of any of the 650-lymph nodes glands, which are believed to be virtual RESERVOIRS for HIV.

NONE THE LESS, NON-DETECTABILITY FOR HIV- BLOOD TESTS IS QUITE PHENOMENAL -- which repeatedly occurred for many months -- as well as the VERY FAST REDUCTION ON HIV-COUNT. I have nothing to sell to anyone. I know that this posting will probably rankle many, because it confronts things which main-stream medicine will not allow to be discussed.

I have not stated that DR. CLARK'S PROTOCOL was or is a total cure for "AIDS", but the scientific evidence upon which medicine relys upon to determine if their own COCKTAIL-DRUGS are even of any help for "AIDS" patients is solely determined or mostly sci-assessed via BLOOD TESTS. It was those very same BLOOD TESTS which I observed, showing that an incredible response was occurring for that person's immune system. At least that person never got any sicker using Dr. Clark's protocol. but the same cannot be said for many millions who have taken those powerful combo-drugs/COCKTAILS that have sent millions into a tail-spin due to the myriad adverse reactions.

What did I witness? Does anyone care to know the efficacy of DR. CLARK'S PROTOCOL concerning cleansing of the thymus gland, etc?

At the very leaset: Hopefully others will READ Dr. Clark's books, to obtain a fuller grasp of the immense topics she discussed.

Not so parenthetically: Did you know it required all of our scientific communities at least several decades to undeerstand what was causing a widespread epidemic in the 1950's in the southern States of the United States? That truly strange pandemic situation finally was discovered to be caused by common CEREALS which were tainted with BENZENE contaminants which BENZENE products were used to CLEAN equipment used in the manufacturing process of common CEREALS. A researcher drew parallels with that pandemic situation and present-day "AIDS" -- the parallels are astounding. See INTERNET for details on the name of that pandemic situation, which was decades later finally discovered to be caused by BENZENE and its many derivatives, and the extremely small particulate matter and residues which were contaminating cereals manufactured.

See what Dr. Clark has to say about BENZENE products. WHAT BENZENE IN WHAT PRODUCTS?!

Notably, some of the scientific disdain about Dr. Clark's sci-findings might be related to common jealousy; and certainly no-one can dismiss the actual multi-million dollars efforts of BIG PHARMA to smear anyone and everyone who claims that they may have a better product, a better more effective more natural protocol, to help in restoring health. Could it be observed: THE CANCER INDUSTRY is nothing less than a money-making industry? Why is it that few to none of the oncologists working within the CANCER INDUSTRIES will take chemo or radiation "therapies". Could it be that those well-educated highly intelligent oncologists might know something that the public does not know?

THAT is what Dr. Hulda Clark was up against in her personal scientific research.

No doubt, DR. CLARK was also blessed with a formidable gift of her own personal abilities, and able to withstand the many years of scientific scorn she had to endure; or the non-recognition of her incredible research.
PS Please excuse any typos, etc, no time to correct. This very brief response does not do justice to Dr. Clark's research and incredible revelations in her books.

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