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Ways to help Ourselves by LPN12345 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/16/2011 7:35:34 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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For those who are going through and don't seem to see any end in sight what you can do (since you are on the computers a lot)is check yourselves,look for symptoms like the type of odor you are having,remember rotten eggs is not fecal, fecal smells like poop, rotten eggs is due to sulfur.  What does  the odor smell like and where is it coming from?, other symptoms  losing weight,  sinus problems , post nasal drip (taking an antihistmines can help with post nasal drips) also check your BM's are they consistent? what color they are ,how they look , if they are just small balls,watery ect... Also if you are having burning pain in the anal ares or if you are having dark stools ect, or are you losing your hair,ect..

Some may be missing the big picture because with the bo there are usually other symptoms and not just the bo. Do you have fillings in your teeth if so what kind? Is your breath foul? (using peroixide with water is a start or brushing after meals,what color is your tongue? is it white? or is your throat sore? do you have throat pain? these are all symptoms you can google(example) white tongue,sore throat,badbreath or fecal odor,burnng pain in anus or losing weight,foul odor,cloudy urine. Those are examples of symptoms and ways you can google your symptoms.  can help with answers for breath problems. 

Do you have stomach cramps,or bloating,gas?
Check your urine,does it smell? Is it dark,  are you urinating at all or are you running to the bathroom every 10 mins. Does it (the odor) happen after you eat meat if so eliminate meat for a while, add probiotics ect... DON'T JUST FOCUS ON THE BAD ODOR BECAUSE IF YOU DO YOU WILL MISS THE MARK. I know that tonsilitis can cause problems with bo.As much time as you can spend some time checking your body and see if there are any other symptoms going on. Are having chest pain or upper and lower back pain?Some of you may have IBS symptoms. They have many forums online and here in the curezone for IBS.

We had a man at the hospital once who had a bad smell and he had divirculitis (don't know if I spelled it right) but Please,please pay attention to your bodies. Just telling the docs you have an odor is not enough, ask them if you can get a stool sample done, especially if your stools are foul smelling (that would be a good reason too) Let the doc know what other symptoms are going on. And look for signs when you eat and if you notice any pain,discharges,dark stools or bleeding,swelling urine changes,or anything.

That is why some of them may not help because some of you don't give them much to work with.  Sometimes asking others if you smell may not be the best thing unless it is a close friend whom you know will tell you the truth because some people will lie to your face. You would be surprised some of you may have things in your house that may be helpful to you. Also check your homes or enviroment and make sure there is no mold around or anything like that. Also if you have constant headaches too. So pay attention to your bodies and google these symptoms and do your own research, because these are ways you can help yourselves to get to the root of your problems too. A lot of us have  sad stories but telling them here may  not  get you too far.

Sometimes googling symptoms will take you to forums or other places where others have  the same problems and actually got healed or gotten  to the root of their problems,some have tried things that helped, and some of you may land in another forum here in the curezone  so don't give up start investigating these things for yourselves.There is a site called vtaganics   and they have mitamins for bo (fecal and bad breath) they have the basic and advanced formulas) these may be temporary solutions while you get to the root of your problems, and they have supplements for other  ailments. What they do is mix vitamins and supplements together. You can pay for them 3 months at a time, but remember for the fecal odors there is a reason for the fecal smells don't just give up if taking mitamins is helping.



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