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Re: Mirena MS like side effects by clarebear ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   1/10/2011 12:56:19 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hello Ashymae and welcome,

I hope you are doing ok and have continued to feel better. Thank you for sharing you symptoms.

I had mine in for 4 years

year 1

Night sweats
leg pain
hip pain
Distended stomach

Year 2

only leg pain
some sweating
distended stomach

Yeas 3

Arrived at complete loss of posture
Began to have sudden weakness

Year 4

heavy legs
stiff body
extreme weakness
upper back pain
Emotionally like I was pregnant
Lack of coordination of legs and hips

Post Mirena
Body Crash
Flu like symptoms
Loss of appetite
extreme pain in various places
Numbness in half of face and slight damage to vision on that side
pain in knees
unbearable weakness
loss of walking
feeling like nothing is supporting my insides
See sick felling
breathing problems
insides spasming
vibration inside
exhausten all the way through
heart palputations
chest pains
obbsessive thoughts about suicide

7 weeks post
Have regained walking
Weakness has improved
No more anxiety
Explosive anger
Feel that my body tissues are damaged but don't know what to do about it.
Still some pain
horrible feelings in body
dry mouth
extreme body odour

My mri
lupus tests
Auto immune tests
have all come back clear, but I know something is still wrong.
Having nerve and muscle tests on the 15th

Thats my Mirena story told a concisely as I can and i have probably missed some symptoms. This site is amazing and you will find it an absolute godsend through your recovery. Take it easy on yourself. This can be a slow process, so give yourself time.

love Clare x


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