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Re: Neighbors possibly complaining about my bo by LPN12345 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   12/20/2010 9:40:16 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Cupid 45;

For those who say their odors are stinking up their neighborhoods why don't you use deordorizers in the house? No offense but they have all kinds of lysol, and disinfects sprays. They even have one you can get from Walmart that actually sprays by itself and it last for 60 days. If you have to put one in every room.
Peopl who are actually driving up to other people's house to smell them actually have some serious issues especially if they are suppose to be professionals. The next time they do it I would get an order of protection against them and take them to court for harrassing you. I can't belive some of the stories I'm reading.
You guys have talked about your odors but what about your symptoms? How can anyone here help if you have not mentioned about any symptoms you are having? Forget about these people, I'm sure you didn't just come to the forum to tell us about these incidents, trust me we all have sad stories. The big question should be what can I do to combat this situation? Does anyone have these same symptoms? Or what did your doctor tell you?, and so forth. Honestly others in the forum may not be very helpful to you because they are going through too and maybe you can help one another. Some have been to the doctor but may offer a piece to your puzzle.
This forum is getting too depressing, start bonding and start trying to put your heads together to help one another. With all these depressing stories being shared no one will get help, you came to this forum seeking help, Just  ask for it. I haven't  read that you asked one person in this forum what could your problem be related too? You get where I'm coming from?  People  in this forum are very knowledgable about certain things. Some may have an temporary solution or can offer you some info about what helped them and what didn't.  Also looking back at some of the forums for others have shared and gotten breakthroughs feel free to look them up as well.And by the way there are TMAU sites that have people sharing info about using things that have helped them. One young lady uses Bamboo charcoal soap and takes supplements and other things. You don't have to suffer  there are things you can use to help yourself.   Also try detoxing while on Xmas break, that can be helping in your situation as well.If you have a bible get one,reading will help you spiritually and strenghten in your inner man. Email people in the forum, lots of us fo to encourage one another, God bless.


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