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Re: Deep infection by csman ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   12/17/2010 2:36:55 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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If you want the CS to penetrate further into your body, then I would suggest using CS rectally. Their is a you tube video of a man who eliminated candida doing this.

Get a 10ml oral syringe and some silicon tubing (pet store). The oral syringe is the type that they give medicine to kids and animals. My pharmacy gave me one for free.

As with Antibiotics you need a protocol. I suggest 10-20ml injected rectally 4 or more times a day. At least once at night and in the morning and twice during the day. The 10-20ml of CS will be absorbed by your intestines within 15 minutes. No need to expel.

The CS bypasses your stomach and does not create silver salts in your stomach. The CS in your bowels will easily get into your blood system and I also believe lymph system and liver (coffee enemas). I believe you will get more CS into your system this way then via oral means. Also large CS particles that cannot be absorbed are only inches away from elimination.

A nebulizer is great, but only for lung infections, flus, colds, sinues etc....

Doing it this way, I have had major dieoffs and a week of watery discharge, after that week, everything went to normal and my problems were greatly reduced.

This is not medical advice, just my experience.

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