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Re: 4th flush. Experiences and feedback by cougar ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   12/12/2010 8:12:44 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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that sounds totally creepy
but thanks for sharing anyway.

i just finished my third, 4th will be on friday.

It is some bread, but I am using a colon therapist to clean me out the day after the oil goes in, just to make sure it is really thorough.

another thing I found on a another website that you might try
this guy was talking about have nausea issues in the middle of the night so he take a tbsp of Bentonite at 9pm so it is in there before the oil goes in and the liver dumps and he uses more as he needs it

his thinking was it isn't just the stones, it is all the chemicals that the liver dumps too that make us feel like crap

I just did a colonic yesterday and it felt great until the end and then I left feeling a bit yucky. several hours later I thought it was safe to pass gas and it wasn't...oops. so i go to the bathroom to clean up and OMG...the smell was awful, not really chemical but not really human either, new smell from my body...

she does coffee in her colonic water so she is asking my liver to dump, and I know when it is because I start know the deeper toned angry laugh...I call it the liver laugh!!!

I try to take at least one dose of Bentonite a day to make sure i am binding whatever needs to come out.

As I am going through this process I can't help but believe that the body knows when it is safe for the liver to dump. IF the colon is mostly clear and you are in the middel of a colonic the body might say hey, we can dump this ****** because not too much will get reabsorbed. Whereas if there is a bunch of stool in the way the body might say, ya know, we aren't going to risk dumping now, too slow to get stuff out, too much will get reabsorbed.

I am a bodyworker and I practice visceral manipulation, working on the organs. I had a client several weeks ago that I did a bunch of work on her liver. I got an email the next day from her telling me that she barely made it home, she vomited and had huge diarrhea. That got me thinking that if this body can make the decision to make itself puke and have diarrhea because I pushed out some nasty stuff from her liver, it can probably decide when it is safe enough to dump certain crap from the liver if it need to.

I should say that this women is chronically constipated and going 3 days between BMs is not unusual for her and I probably should have been a bit more mindful before the did all the liver work I did on her, but it certainly shows how toxic her poor liver is......

some ramblings and ponderings.........

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