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xylitol, lymph nodes, hunger and a few others by bethanyds ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   12/2/2010 8:22:13 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi James,
A few questions for you.

About a month ago, my horomones seemed to have balanced out, and then quickly became unbalanced again. I tried adding in anything I was taking at the time and found out that xylitol really improves my pms. I take a tsp every morning now. I'm curious if there are any long term effects that you know of. So far, it's not enough to cause any gastrointestinal problems, so that's good. Also, I've read that long term use can weaken the effects. Do you know if this is true?

If I take chickweed or any of the other lymph cleansers you mentioned is taking 1 herb, 3x daily (1/2 tsp) sufficient or should I combine/increase dose?

I am constantly hungry, and can't figure out the source. I used to think it was my hypoglycemia, but that has improved completely, yet I'm still hungry every 1-2 hours. So much so, that if I don't eat I have mood swings, faintness, weakness, etc. What are generally the causes for hunger? (As a reminder, I have Hashimoto's, adrenal disfunction, candida, and infections).

I received the adrenal and thyroid mixes from you , thanks for sending them so fast! I took a 1/2 tsp of each and felt very wired after. I'm thinking it may be the thyroid mix, as my antibodies are 3000+ and my thyroid ranges from hypo to hyper. Any suggestions? I plan to take the adrenal mix alone and add in the thryoid a few weeks later. Could it be the tyrosine affecting me?

Thanks for your time!

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