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Charcoal Soap,and other soaps by LPN12345 ..... Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) Forum

Date:   11/28/2010 6:20:34 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hello curezone:

I'm hoping you guys are enjoying your holidays and like me, am looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Things have been better for me, for my tooth probem I did take some echinea which took away the bacterial infection in my mouth, and the odor in my mouth too. It also helped my stomach too because I was having issues there. It's suppose to help the immune system and help fungal infections where antibiotics may help for a while, but do your own research.
Although there are people giving good advice about products you can take internally, there is something I've tried that has been very benefical for me and I just wanted to share it.

I've been using charcoal soap because I'd been breaking out in the past with acne on my legs and other parts of my body, And with the water being so hard where I live it wasn't doing much for me but making it worse. Anyway this soap detoxes the skin and removes many,many impurities. and toxins from the skin.
It's good for acne,exzema,psoriasis, and it's good for bo problems too. Now I don't know about fecal smells though. If you use it, it's good to use it before going to bed or mostly when you are at home, because mixing it with other soaps may cause a funny smell because of the impurities being pulled from the body.

If you are going to work or other places I would recommend using regular soap like dove body wash (ladies the Cherry Blossum is wonderful.) or another brand of soap.There is a coconut soap which is also good for the skin too but Dove does not make it. Extra-virgin coconut oil is good also for the skin too.

I'm not trying to promote any products believe me I do online classes and I don't have the time. But after using it (the charcoal soap) for 3-4 weeks your skin feels clean and you smell good, but it does lighten the skin alittle though. I have gotten it at
and when you go there look under bath and body or under the soaps and you will see what I'm talking about. They deliver quickly and they are not expensive, I believe the ph balance in these soaps are pretty good too. Of course there are other places. Like others I have spent lots of money on products that didn't work in the past, so at least you can save a lot of money here. I'm not a sponsor I just know they seem to be a pretty good company.

I figure while we work on our insides it's good to work on the outsides of our bodies too because impurities and toxins do get in the skin.
On the iHerb site they also have a charcoal body wash and lotion which is a 3 step skin detoxing program. But like I said you may want to use it only while at home, but when going out use your regular soap because when the body is being detoxed you will have some sort of funny odor in the skin, but whether you just get the bar soap by itself is very helpful and it's very affordable.

This is good to use for any one taking Chlorella ,Chlorphyll, or Dandelion or any type of detox or cleansing program. So while we work on our diets and take our supplements,vitamins, and do our cleanses,  just know that working on our skin's impurities is just as important as we sweat these toxins ot of our bodies. They have all kinds of soaps, they even have a bakingsoda soap but I have not tried that one. But the charcoal soap, I'm telling you it does work. Everyone; please be encouraged, and know that God has not forgotten us, there is hope and things we can do to help ourselves, those of us that are going through with  this problem, God bless!


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