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Certain guy can cause BV? by Champion77 ..... Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Date:   11/24/2010 10:02:21 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Ok I had to share this with those of you out there that suffer from chronic BV as well because it completely goes against what all the Dr's say about not getting it from your partner.

So this goes back about 10 years when I first started a relationship with this particular guy. It was a long distance relationship so I knew it was not exclusive but never had any problems until about year 2 when all of a sudden a few days after sex I noticed the symptoms..discharge etc. So I was thinking the worst...STD. Went to get it checked out and gyno says it's BV, I do the usual round of Flagyl and it goes away. 2 months later I fly down to see my bf and come back home with the same problem! This pattern continues for another 2 years...only after having sex with him do I get BV.

I meet someone else and stop seeing this guy and I have no problems after sex with the latest boyfriend ever. This relationship ends and I start talking to the original guy again and go to see him, we have sex and lo and behold...BV AGAIN!!! After 4 years! The strange thing is he had a long term live in girlfriend up until recently and she didn't have any problems with BV and he went and got tested last week and got a clean bill of health, so how is it possible that only after sex with this ONE person I get BV but it doesn't seem to affect anyone else he has sex with????

Sorry so long but this is one strange scenario.

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