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Re: Can't take life anymore by #116323 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/22/2010 6:25:54 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi I'm very sorry to hear about the emotional pain your bo is causing. I can understand how frustrating it can be. I've been there and still am. Ugh it is so hard people are so ignorant and uneducated when it comes to bo issues. I quit working at a job because when my bo first started employees were being very rude one even went as far to put a picture of a perfume that came out of a magazine by my computer I was so pissed. Employees were sitting far away from me and if I sat by a employee that was bothered by my bo sometimes they would go ask a supervisor or manager if they could switch seats it was so embarassing. Trying my best to keep my composure and do a good job I had to listen to insults and would see people giving me dirty looks like I was purposely stinking. Then there was the occasional group of people who would make jokes about me and laugh very loudly to make sure they got my attention. I just could not believe how rude people were being it was almost surreal like I was in a horror movie and could not get out but unfortunately it was reality. My family does not understand either my aunt thinks I'm purposely not working and I just want to yell at her you have no idea what it is like to be in my shoes I suffer alot emotionally because of this damn bo. My friend tells me I need to be strong and go get a job and I'm thinking to myself do you want to go with me on the bus and see what I have to deal with. I hate it when people don't understand. I told my friend you don't have a bo so you can't understand where I am coming from. It is very easy to judge someone when you have never had a bo try living in our shoes one day then they will change the way they think very quickly. Although I must admit quitting my job was a mistake, and I am planning on getting another job possibly. I am currently planning on seeing a psychologist because I barely ever leave the house, this bo has tooken a toll on my mental well being. I don't suggest anyone be like me if you are stronger emotionally then me and can leave the house and don't care what people think go for it that's the way it should be, but unfortunately I'm a little weaker then some when it comes to this bo. When I first noticed this bo I use to cry alot and think life is so unfair but now I'm a little stronger I don't cry anymore about it and I try my best to shrugg off peoples' rude reactions to me most of the time I don't let people get to me about my bo. I think it is very hard though like when I go somewhere with a friend who smells normal and does not have a bo and people start reacting negatively to my bo I catch myself envying others in those moments and I hate it I don't want to envy others but think to myself I just want to smell normal and be treated like a person not a thing when I'm out in public. I'm telling you people sometimes can be so evil and will purposely try to get to you about your bo. I honestly think alot of those people who treat us like that are very insecure and know what our weaknesses are so they pick on them to make themselves feel better about their lives. Believe it or not alot of those people who purposely are rude to you about your bo have worse problems then you. The way I look at it life could always be way worse. I may smell but I'm very Blessed in many ways. I pray to God alot and he has helped me become stronger emotionally and I pray that he help me find a solution soon or someday so I can live a normal life again.I also had a bad expirience on the bus one time a lady goes oh my gosh that girl smells like cat pee and she was pointing at me and once I got off people were saying something to the effect like I'm glad she is off the bus. It'a like hello I'm a human being not a thing. The way I look at it what goes around comes around so those that think they can make fun of me and get away with it got something coming their way it is only a matter of time and then I will have the last laugh.Don't let those idiots get to you hold your head up high when people are rude to you and just pray to God to give you the emotional strength to deal with the negativity and to help you find a solution for your bo. Believe me if you show those people they are getting to you they will do it even more I know because I have been there and still am. I hope and pray life gets better for you and just remember when it gets very tough that there are others out there like me going through the same thing. Everyone has burdens in life and bo happens to be one of ours. Take care:)

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