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Re: a few more thoughts ... by InnerCalm ..... Abortion Debate Forum

Date:   11/17/2010 10:59:36 AM ( 7years ago)
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That kind of censorship is going to limit extremely the examination of information. That is in the same ball park as though police ala Brave New World.
If we can not examine groups or ideas there is no fuel for debate and this becomes a forum that fuels a type of hidden agenda where everyone must only post information that adheres to a love and light template.

In the "Men" case that is bordering on cartoonish in its scope of censorship. With that kind of filtering I would guestimate that 80% of all posts will be gone and then this will be exactly like the support side and negated its function. The button will be hit for anything that "offends" another poster and then used to stifle debate. Instead of personal attacks being used as a weapon to alter information sharing due to thread derailment, an abuse of political correctness becomes the new tool. We are entering into the land of the absurd when a post like spuds gets altered. Cartoonish really. What will happen is that good intelligent posters will just refrain from posting altogether because the field of exploration becomes rediculously narrow. Again ala Brave New World.

This literally cripples a proper examination of information. There is a huge difference in what Spud said vs someone saying all whites are stupid, blah blah blah. One is examining truisms while another is just pot shotting at a minority.

But beyond this there was a call for stopping personal attacks, not stopping or greatly watering down debate material.

I hope that we don't see serious personal "love and light" agendas come to play from moderation in a debate forum designed to widely explore ideas, information and opinions.

We are seeing this same kind of sensibility being used on the world to shut down critiques of people in power where political correctness becomes a way to stop dissent.


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