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Re: What conditions will Oleander help? by LuellaMay ..... Oleander Support Forum

Date:   11/15/2010 11:13:57 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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You are most welcome and you are just too sweet!

Okay.........  20 ppm is the best particle size in colloidal silver.  And for the mechanics of this, I will refer the explanation to Tony (dquixote).

I used and still do, the Advanced Colloidal Silver from Utopia Silver.  But for your conditions, you have to start with a lot.  At least two ounces a day.  Then, as you get better reduce the amount to one tablespoon a day.  Keep in mind, you can drink as much colloidal silver as needed.  With true high quality colloidal silver you cannot overdose and there are no side effects.  No danger of turning blue.  Heavens, if that was the case I would be a smurf by now.

Now.........  With me, at the time I was a junk food junkie.  Gosh, I look back and I can just not believe it.  But these foods were actually feeding my conditions.  Now, I didn't have parasites, but let's just say I was unhealthy and a mess.  So I cold turkey switched my diet to mostly raw. By the way, if you eat salad, store bought dressings are also very unyhealthy.  Olive oil and and a little bit of raw apple cider vinegar are great on salads.  What I did was switch to 80% raw and 20% cooked consisting of chicken, turkey, and fresh water fish.  But make sure that your fish comes from nowhere near the Gulf of Mexico.

Realistically speaking, I followed this regimen religiously.  I did not waver once.  In six months' time it dawned on me that I was feeling quite a bit better.  Keep in mind I had pain, I was lethargic, I had depression, insomnia, all these.  And in six months time I realized that I was not caving in in the middle of the day anymore and that the pain was much less.  In a year's time I was fine.  I had energy that I had not experienced in a couple of decades.  To this day I am fine.

I hope this helps you.  Keep in mind, for chronic conditions it is not an overnight cure, although some people experience results faster than I did.  It takes persistance.  But one thing, you have to love, care, and nurture yourself as you would your own child.  After all, you are worth it.

Many hugs to you,



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