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Reveation about BOand Mouth odor by LPN12345 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/12/2010 8:50:22 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hi curezone;

Some of you are probably tired of me and my post ( I can't blame some of you but I really feel I need to share this information with you all, in doing so I believe It may hep someone in this forum. If it helps one then I know my labor is not in vain.

To make a long story short I had a porcelain filling in my tooth that had fell out some months ago. I did not have it replace yet because I didn't have dental insurance. (talk about neglecting yourself) Well recently I have been having pain in the area. So I started using peroxide and water. I took a small piiece of papertowel and put it in the area. I took it out later and it was covered with blood but the smell was something horrible. I mean it smelled like something that had actually died in my mouth!  When  the filling  came out my  mouth didn't bleed.  The smell was very noticeable when it was a windy day, because the air would hit it.
For several days I have been gargling with peroxide and water,and even rinsing after meals with mouthwash mixed with peroxide. (I had actually lost my Xyitol toothpaste last month because I took it on an airplane and didn't put it in my luggage.) Since I've noticed the smell in the area with the filling came out I have been garling daily, and the odor is getting less and less!

When the young lady wrote in the forum about having the mouth odor recently most of us wrote about digestion. I found out in my class that you can actually have problems in your mouth and it dosen't have to be related to your digestive system all the time. So to all that may have read my post regarding this fact I apologize for what I said and I take it back,but some odors may be related to digestion just not all of them.

We all earn something new everyday. But if some of us are taking all these probiotics and other things and nothing's happening then it's time to look into something else. Thank God for some of the people in this forum for sharing. I tell you ignorance is something especially when it's happening right under your nose.

So for those who may be smelling this odor in your nose I hate to say, like me, it 's possible it could be operating in the mouth or sinuses. I'm not saying everyone with fillings have this problem but it's just good to take care of our mouths.

Some of these dentist put in fillings but don't tell us how to take care of them and, and when they pull our teeth a lot of us don't get treated for anything.  And f some us have  have fillings then we may need to take extra care. All I can say is this, what goes in our mouths plays a very important part with our bodies. Sometimes scraping the tongue and brushing is not enough, God bless. 



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