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Re: New scam product from Jim Humble - "MMS2" by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   10/12/2010 3:31:06 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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 He's basically advising people to go out and buy calcium hypochlorite from a pool supplies store , ignore the warnings on the pack , stuff the powder into capsules and suck them down.

I am glad you posted this, people need to be warned.  The one thing he did get correct is that the body generates hypochlorous acid to help fight infections.  To be more specific the neutrophils do this.  Being produced in the body is a lot different though than ingesting it.  Ingesting hypochlorous acid will lead to the release of free chlorine when it contacts the stomach acid, which is very poisonous.  And this also means that it is not being absorbed in to the body as hypochlorous acid.  Also the neutrophils only generate hypochlorous acid is trace amounts.  Thinking more is better is often dangerous thinking.   The body also generates hydrogen peroxide to activate white blood cells among other things.  This does not mean you should drink a lot of hydrogen peroxide.  Drink an ounce of straight 35% peroxide and you will injure yourself severely if not kill yourself.

This leads to one of the biggest problems I have with his claims.  He claims that the hypochlorous acid is non-toxic and safe.  This can lead people in to falsely believing that the can ingest large amounts safely if they are seriously ill and desperate.

There are also different forms of pool shock including lithium hypochlorite and potassium monopersulfate.  Both can pose even more serious risks if ingested and people do not always read labels.  We know there are some people that will read his article and just go buy something that says "pool shock" without looking at the ingredients.


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