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Re: Moderator abuse by Hveragerthi ..... Webmaster Debate & Suggestions

Date:   10/8/2010 5:19:32 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 Hey Grz - Certainly good to see some words of wisdom here in the ole trashcan. I like both Tony and Hv. Tony I have known now for years. Hv only for a short while. But he does provide a different take on things that I think is very worthwhile.

This is also the basis of the problem.  I have challenged the belief systems of so many people here by exposing quackery within the alternative field as well.  And this has made me public enemy number 1 in many people's eyes here.  So they attack my character with lies and distortions in an attempt to discredit me since they have no evidence to back their claims.  This leaves their only option to be attacking me.

And in terms of health info he is one of the 10 or so people that I take seriously here.

But HV. You have your own forum. And many people view it. Including some of the people you are battling here. When you venture out of your forum you need to realize that you are a guest.

First of all most of these forums are public.  Does everyone posting on these public forums need to be an "invited guest"? If so then we need to reword these forums as private forums by invitation only and only for those that fit in to each forum clique.  Secondly I thought the idea of these boards is to help people.  If I see someone that I have information that can help them I am not supposed to offer help?  For example someone I see on another forum has advanced liver cancer and I know what can help them I am just supposed to keep it to myself since I am apparently not viewed as part of the general public and so should not be posting on what is supposed to a public forum? My information is somehow inferior to the information being presented by someone that has not been researching cancer for nearly 3 decades?  So tell me what specifically are the qualifications that someone must have in order to post on the "public" forums here? And while on the topic I heard someone mention that DQ also has his own forum.  If this is the case then why is nothing being said about his posting on other forums?  DQ seems to be like a teflon coated God here.  It does not matter what he does including REPEATEDLY violating TOS, nothing gets done said to him, while I am like the velcro attracting everyone's crap.

And you have to act accordingly. And quit getting into these battles. I haven't followed all of this, but you could have easily said "Tony, that is an interesting take on things, but here is what I believe".

An example of my point above.  This all started with Tony's (DQ's) personal insult he directed at me.  So again why is nothing being said about Tony's actions when TONY started the battle?

And posted whatever it is you posted. No need for people to end up here in the trashcan. Hv. You are a valued member of curezone. But you need to realize that curezone is a big tent with a lot of different approaches and views on health and treatments. And you need to have respect for that.

I have respect for things that have not been proven to be bogus.  On the other hand what makes someone else's views any more important here than mine?  Again things go both ways, but the people coming after me are only presenting an extremely biased one-sided view without reviewing all the facts first.

And here's hoping your forum stays as successful as it's been............


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